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Out of the Village and into the Swamps of Pallet.

Down this road, around the bend at the next intersection, and straight ahead. The directions to Viridian Village's Pokemon Center were etched in his mind. Those seven years spent in the forest nearby hadn't made him ever forget that pathway. That experience of living independently opened Cameron's eyes to the world. Not only did he know where to find the best berry shrubs and trees, he now knew how to traverse the forest's labyrinth-like paths, how to find the exits, and how to guide lost travellers to the Viridian Village for medical attention, if he wasn't able to assist there and then.

Footstep after footstep, Cameron's destination drew closer. Every step of the way, the sound of claws against the dirt alternated between a frantic sprint and a relaxed pace. Cameron turned around, the wind blowing his Beedrill mask against the right side of his face.

"Mystia, come on, keep up."

The Doduo looked at him in amusement... at least one of her heads did. The other head was busy being distracted by the flower garden they had just past, the one Cameron's mother looked after. It seemed that Mystia was looking for her. Much to her dismay though, she wasn't there, and so both heads turned their attention to Cameron and the building with the big red roof.

The pair (or is it a trio?) stepped into the Pokemon Center, Cameron ignoring the inquisitive looks of young children as they stared at the hulking figure ambling in with a two-headed flightless bird. Then, something caught the Doduo's eyes. With a squawk to catch his attention, Mystia dragged Cameron by the collar of his trenchcoat to a table covered with an assortment of Poke Balls and boxes of discs.

"Hmm? Oh, no people, that's good." He mumbled as he scanned the table for anything that could tell him the purpose of this display. His eyes fell upon a familiar leaflet, the one that convinced him to pay a visit today.

Step into the Wild Future! Prepare yourself for a journey beyond your wildest dreams! But before you leave, feel free to take a complimentary Poke Ball and TM of your choice from the range we have here! Thanks for visiting!
"Ah. Well then. This blue disc looks cool. And this Friend Ball looks pleasant."
Cameron flipped over the disc, seeing the label that read "Icy Wind".
"Tch, seems like you won't be using this any time soon, Cameron." he muttered to himself, slightly dismayed at the fact that Mystia wouldn't be able to learn the move at all.

"Speaking of which... Mystia, where'd you go?"
A duet of chirping noises resounded from outside. It seemed that Mystia got bored of being in the center and decided to wait outside. Seeing that he came here for not much else but the promotion, Cameron, with his presents in tow and now in his inventory, lumbered out of the Viridian Village's Pokemon Center to the two headed bird still peeking through the glass doors.

"Let's be on our way then, Mystia."

A squabble of cheerful squawks as the reply, the pair began making their way to the entrance of the large cabin on the outskirts of the village, the Viridian Village Gym...

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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