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The Overture of Adventure

As the sun rose in the distance, Figaro and Amy the Oshawott prepared to head into the Viridian Forest. Both have a surge of excitement ready to see what this forest will reveal to them and the journey they will encounter. The only time Figaro ever journeyed beyond the Viridian Forest was the few times as a child when he mother took him to Celedon City for shopping trips. He had some memories of the forest and had a surge of nostalgia returning to this place. He had always dreamed of entering the forest with a Pokemon by his side beginning his journey.

"This will be a great venture Amy!" Figaro said with enthusiasm. "Here is the forest in which our ballad truly begins! The mystery will unfold itself unto us and we shall see into the path that we trek on our own."

"Oshawott!" Amy replied as she jumped up in excitement.

Figaro grabbed his guitar and started to strum, "Amy and Figaro came to the forest, adventure before them... something, something, ending with -est!"

Amy rose her eyebrow and merely said, "Wott?"

"Its hard to start making a ballad on the spot." He put his guitar back on his back and said, "Surely after we finish here we will have a ballad worth singing!"

"Osha, Oshawott." Amy replied understanding as the two continued forward into the forest with their eyes set on adventure.
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