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Norbert III

This was it. The big day was upon them. The previous few days had been marred by the need to make some very difficult decisions, which led to equally difficult trades, but today, today was going to be a good day; Ralph McPhione was en route to Keith's Secret Base, as today was the day the two rivals had scheduled their rematch. Keith was waiting outside his house, leaning against the ladder that led up to his Secret Base. Meowth was sitting on the wooden deck that went all the way around the house, and standing on the ground, all fired up and ready for action, was Norbert the Axew.

"Wat time did he say he'd be here?" Meowth asked Keith.

"10:00 AM," Keith replied. He checked the time on his Xtranceiver. "And, it's currently 10:30. So, if he's as punctual now as he was when we were in school, I'd say we got another fifteen minutes at least. Norbert, you ready for this?" he added, addressing his Axew who was currently punching at the air.

"Axew yew!!" Norbert replied enthusiastically. Keith smiled. He had never seen Norbert so fired up for battle before. Then again, this was Norbert's first major loss, and to another Dragon-type, to boot. The little Axew's pride as a Dragon Pokémon was on the line here, and Keith was determined to help him win.

And then, the flapping of wings could be heard from above. Keith looked up, and there, coming in for a landing, was a Flygon. No- not a Flygon; the Flygon. Sure enough, riding on this Flygon's back was the all-too-familiar face of Ralph McPhione. Keith scowled instinctively at the sight of him, as his Flygon landed on the ground and glanced down dismissively at Norbert.

"Hm, Masters, I'll admit, I didn't think you'd show," smirked Ralph.

"I told you to meet me at my house, McPhione," snapped Keith. "Does that sound like something I'd do if I wanted to duck out of this?"

"Oh, you'd have found a way to chicken out if you were smart," he said easily. "You probably tried to think of a way out of this, too. I mean, come on, you're really gonna subject that runty Axew to even more pain and humiliation?"

"The only pain that's gonna happen today is gonna happen to your Flygon," Keith stated firmly.

"Axew!" nodded Norbert in agreement.

"Heh," chuckled McPhione. "Once again, you talk a big game. But why don't we stop wasting time and see how well you can follow up on that, hmm?"

"Thought you'd never ask," Keith replied. With that, the Trainers took their positions on either end of the clearing in front of the base. Norbert stood in front of Keith, and Flygon stood in front of Ralph. This time, Meowth stood off to the side to act as referee, as the referee of their first match was no longer under Keith's ownership.

"Alright, here we go," Meowth announced. "Dis is a one-on-one Pokémon battle between Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town, and Ralph McPhione, also of Lavaridge Town. Keith will be usin' his Axew, and Ralph'll be usin' his Flygon. Begin!" he exclaimed.

"Norbert, go!" said Keith.

"Axew, Axew!" responded Norbert, plodding out onto the battlefield.

"Flygon, go!" sneered Ralph. Flygon gave a high screech as it gave a great flap of its wings and rose into the air.

"Dragon Dance!" Keith called out to Norbert.

"Dragon Breath!" ordered Ralph.

And the battle was on! Norbert roared loudly as a harsh red aura cloaked his entire body, and he jumped out of the way of the odd green blast that was Flygon's Dragon Breath attack. This time, thanks to Dragon Dance, Norbert's dodge was much quicker.

"Norbert, Dual Chop, let's go!" Keith commanded.

"Iron Tail!" called Ralph.

For a moment, it seemed as though history would repeat itself- Norbert jumped up, soaring right at Flygon with his tusks glowing pale blue, and Flygon's tail was glowing brightly, ready to be swung at the Axew at a moment's notice. But then-

"Now! Scary Face attack!" yelled Keith.

Norbert, tusks still aglow, made the most frightening face he could muster, causing Flygon to pause. Not long, but just long enough for the Axew to strike hard with both tusks. All he had needed was that small opening, that moment of hesitation Flygon ought to have been spending swinging its tail at the Axew, and he was able to get in and strike.

"Flygon, Headbutt!" Ralph commanded.

"Dragon Claw now!" Keith ordered.

Flygon went to ram its head into Norbert, but the Axew met this with a ferocious swipe of its glowing claws, causing the Mystic Pokémon to screech in pain.

Ralph was looking annoyed by this point. "Shake that Axew off right now!" he ordered.

"Norbert, hang onto Flygon!" Keith shouted. "Close-range Dragon Pulse!"

"Axew!!!" Norbert exclaimed, firing a pale blue sphere of energy from his mouth, striking the writhing and struggling Flygon right in the head. This threw it for a loop, though it was able to regain its composure.

"All right, then, Dig!" called Ralph. "If that thing doesn't want to let go, we'll drag it through the ground!"

"Jump off, Norbert!" commanded Keith. The Axew jumped off of the Flygon just as it had dove right into the ground, tunneling in like it was diving into the water. Now the Axew was looking around warily.

"Heh, we got 'im now," smirked Ralph.

"Look out, Norbert," warned Keith. "We don't know where Flygon will- NORBERT, BEHIND YOU!!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, Flygon burst out of the ground directly behind Norbert, and slammed its tail into the Tusk Pokémon, sending him tumbling across the battlefield.

"Norbert!" Keith exclaimed.

"We got it! Hyper Beam!" Ralph shouted.

With a great flap of its wings, Flygon was in the air once more. It hovered above Norbert, grinning evilly, and unleashed a powerful beam of pure destructive force from its mouth. Norbert attempted to dodge, but couldn't get to his feet in time- he took the full force of the Hyper Beam. Keith could only look on in horror as the attack continued. And then, finally, Flygon stopped Hyper Beam. Norbert was lying on the ground, not moving.

"Norbert is unable ta- huh?" said Meowth, for at that moment, the Axew started moving. Saying nothing, Norbert slowly climbed to his feet. He stood on Keith's side of the battlefield and glared at his adversary. The battle had clearly taken its toll on Norbert, but he was not about to give up! He turned his head and looked back at Keith. The Poison-type Trainer could see the look in his Axew's eyes, he could see the fire, the burning desire to win. He smiled at Norbert and gave him an encouraging nod. Norbert grinned in response to this and turned back to face Flygon. Not only did he need to win this for his own pride, but as he had looked Keith in the eyes, it occurred to him that he had to win this battle for his Trainer as well. After all Keith had gone through in the previous couple of days, this was an opportunity for him to one-up a longtime rival of his. And with so much at stake here, Norbert absolutely refused to lose.

Taking a deep breath, Norbert bellowed, "AXEEEEEEEEEEEW!!!" at the top of his lungs. And then, as the shout echoed all around, Norbert's entire body began to glow a brilliant blue-white- Norbert was starting to evolve! Keith looked on, mouth agape, as the Dragon-type grew taller and his tusks grew longer. Ralph and Flygon registered identical looks of pure shock. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a in Norbert's place, but before Keith could react to this, much less even begin to reach for his Pokédex, his newly evolved Fraxure started to glow yet again! Meowth looked positively dumbfounded at this, and Flygon and Ralph were starting to look ever so slightly nervous. Norbert's tusks changed again, their shape now changing more drastically, he grew even more taller, and his tail grew much longer. The glow then faded, revealing a tall, imposing , with tusks like axe blades, extremely close to Keith's height.

"HAAAAXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!" roared Norbert, a thunderous, triumphant roar that echoed all around.

"Whoa! Haxorus!" Keith breathed, holding out his Pokédex.

"Haxorus, the Axe Jaw Pokémon, the evolved form of Fraxure, and the final evolved form of Axew," droned the device. "Haxorus is kind in nature, but can be relentless in battle. Its unbreakable tusks can slice through steel beams and still stay sharp. This specimen reached this stage faster than any previously discovered Pokémon of this variety."

"Norbert just evolved- twice!" Meowth exclaimed. "He weren't a Fraxure fer longer den two seconds!"

"Norbert, wow!" Keith grinned. "This is amazing! OK, ready to show them what you can do?"

"Haxor!!" Norbert replied eagerly.

"Flygon, Dragon Claw!" ordered Ralph.

"We'll use Dragon Claw, too, Norbert!" Keith grinned.

With thunderous footsteps, Norbert charged forward for the first time in his evolved state. The two Dragon-types lunged at each other, each taking a ferocious swipe at the other with glowing claws, but this time, Norbert proved to be much stronger, and send Flygon tumbling to the ground.

"Norbert, now use Outrage!" Keith exclaimed.

A red glow came over the Haxorus's eyes, and Norbert lunged. Before Flygon could react, it was being punched, kicked, scratched, headbutted, and slashed by the enraged Axe Jaw Pokémon. Flygon's Headbutt wasn't gonna get it out of it this time, and Ralph knew it, too. "Flygon, use Fly! Now!" he ordered.

With a flap of its wings and a high-pitched screech, Flygon flapped out of the way of Norbert's attack, and flew up high into the air. Norbert roared loudly, thrashing about as the confusion from Outrage started to set in.

"Come on, Norbert, get ahold of yourself!" Keith called.

"Do it, Flygon, while it's confused!" yelled Ralph. "Attack now!!"

"Intercept with Slash, Norbert!" ordered Keith.

As Flygon streaked down towards the Haxorus, he shook his head vigorously. The red glow faded from his eyes as he did this. Keith grinned- Norbert had shaken off the confusion, and as Flygon came in close, the Haxorus took a great swipe at it with one of its axe blade-like tusks, sending it tumbling backwards.

Keith turned his hat backwards, a gleam in his eyes. "Finish it, Norbert!" he exclaimed. "Draco Meteor right now!"

"Haxoooooooooor!" bellowed Norbert as he leaned back, facing the sky, a massive glowing orb forming in his mouth. As Flygon struggled to get up, the orb grew bigger and bigger, until the Haxorus shot it straight up into the air... where in a brilliant explosion, it split into dozens of smaller shards of pure energy, all of them raining down upon Flygon. Ralph's hurried commands for Flygon to dodge it were no good- the Draco Meteor hit its target. Flygon screeched in agony as the super effective move rained down on its body, and when the attack ceased, so did Flygon's movement.

"Flygon is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Da winners is Keith and Norbert da Axew- er, Haxorus!"

"SWEET!" Keith exclaimed as Ralph returned Flygon to its Ultra Ball. "So, Ralph," he added, grinning as he walked over to where his Haxorus was standing. "What was that you were saying about my handling of Dragon-types, hmm?" Now it was Keith's turn to look smug in the aftermath of the battle, as he put an arm around his Haxorus, who was looking just as smug and proud as his Trainer.

For a moment, Ralph said nothing in response, glaring back at Keith and Norbert. "This doesn't mean you're the better Trainer, you know," he snapped. "You lucked out because your Axew evolved at just the right time."

"Oh, really?" Keith asked. "Lemme ask you this- how many times has a Pokémon evolved twice in the span of roughly a minute from sheer luck?"

"Oh, like I got any examples off the top of my head," snapped Ralph. "Point is, it was pure luck that you won, see?"

"Ehh, get over yerself," Meowth said, frowning up at Ralph. "Just face da facts and admit dat Keith here's a better Trainer den youse."

"When the Distortion World freezes over," Ralph retorted. "I'm outta here, I got things I want to do today, and hanging around this stink hole any longer than I have to ain't one of them!" With that, he wheeled around and stormed away.

"Oh, yeah, you're one to talk about bad smells," Keith called after him. "Seriously, man, bottle that hair grease and sell it as Repel!"

"Wat a sore loser!" Meowth exclaimed once Ralph was out of earshot. "Da guy lost fair and square, da least he could do is admit it!"

"Ehh, I don't care," grinned Keith. "We beat him with skill alone, I know that for a fact, and that's all that matters. Ain't that right, Norbert?" he added, grinning at the Dragon-type.

"Haxor!" exclaimed Norbert, nodding happily.

What?  Axew is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Axew evolved into Fraxure!
What?  Fraxure is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Fraxure evolved into Haxorus!

*Norbert learned Surf!*

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