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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
The sun was just beginning to rise over Fizzytopia. A lovely sight for those who had a tendency to wake up early in the morning. Some people would wake up that early in the morning on a daily basis, and be rewarded with the wonderful sight of a beautiful sunrise. Keith Masters was not one of those people. No, Keith tended to wake up later in the mornings. If he had nothing to do that morning, he sometimes even slept until noon. Therefore, he found himself greatly annoyed to be woken up at 6:00 in the morning by the incessant ringing of his Xtranceiver.

"Mmph..." he grunted in a still half-asleep state as he rolled over in his bed. He groggily groped for the wristwatch/cell phone, which sat on a table beside his bed. As he finally found it, he hit the "answer" button. "What?" he asked. Normally he answered phone calls with a touch more politeness, but this early in the morning, politeness wasn't exactly a priority for him. "...Yeah, I know how many Pokémon I have- 61. Did you seriously just call me at six in the freaking morning to remind me how many Pokémon I-" At that moment, however, Keith's irritated question was cut off by more talking on the other end. He listened for about a minute, before his eyes bulged almost comically. Now completely wide awake, he sat bolt upright in his bed. "WHAT?!" he exclaimed.

*13 hours later...*

The doors to the Cable Club swung open, and Keith walked in, but with none of the usual cheeriness and familiar gleam in the eyes that Meowth had come to associate with getting a new teammate. Instead, he looked thoroughly downcast, as had been the case ever since he got what was perhaps one of the least welcome wake-up calls ever. The call he had gotten this morning was to inform him of a new law that was going into effect in July of this year- the Fizzytopian government was reinstating PC space restrictions. Thankfully, they weren't nearly as restrictive as the ones Keith had to deal with for years- it now allowed for 44 PC slots, plus one for every Pokémon a Trainer had raised to level 100. That plus the six allotted spaces one has for carrying Pokémon on hand, this meant that everyone was allowed a minimum of 50 Pokémon. In Keith's case, he would be allowed 55 once the law went into effect. Which would have been fine, except he had 61 Pokémon.

Disgruntled and downcast by this news though he was, Keith couldn't help but be thankful that he at least had until July to get things in order, because he knew he'd probably need time to make the difficult decisions he had thought would never need to be made again. He loved all his Pokémon, and detested the thought of getting rid of any of them, but alas, it was a much more feasible solution than getting five, six Pokémon up to level 100 in just a few short months. Fortunately, a number of Keith's friends were willing to help him out, some agreeing to take in some of his Pokémon and provide them with good, loving homes, some offering to trade him lots of Rare Candies for his items so he'd be able to level up his Pokémon faster, and he even got offers for people to essentially babysit his Pokémon if need be. That last one, Keith knew would be a last resort, as he had always felt a twinge of guilt whenever he had to resort to the official babysitting service the Adoption Center had to offer. Even though he knew he wasn't, he couldn't help but feel as though he was taking advantage of the system somehow, and he didn't want to feel as though he was taking advantage of others by clogging up their precious PC space. Still, he knew that if it came down to it, he'd probably need to take them up on such offers. But for now, he had a few trades to make... along with a few goodbyes.

Perched on Keith's shoulder (the one not already occupied by Meowth) was a Chatot, and in Keith's arms was a Paras, both looking just as downcast as their Trainer. And not without good reason, either, for both of them were about to be traded to new Trainers.

Keith arrived at the first of three trade machines. Lucas, a Trainer Keith had never actually met before, was on the other side. It was here that Keith gave a single, sad nod to the Music Note Pokémon perched on his shoulder. The Chatot flitted off his shoulder and onto the trade machine, where he looked sadly at his soon-to-be-former-Trainer.

"Well, Blackbeard," Keith sighed, "I guess this is goodbye."

"Awwk. Not happy. Not happy," cawed Blackbeard.

"Yeah, me either," Keith nodded. "I'm gonna miss you, buddy. Especially when sailing. The Banette's Revenge won't be the same without you. Now look, I want you to be good for your new Trainer, alright? I never actually met him, but Helena says she met his Ralts, who claims he's a good Trainer, and, well, what with the whole emotion-sensing deal, a Ralts would know, wouldn't it?"

"Awwk. Ralts would know. Ralts would know," Blackbeard agreed.

"Yeah, see?" Keith said, now cracking a small grin. "You'll be fine with this guy, Blackbeard, I know it. Take care, alright?" With that, Keith shifted the Paras into his left arm, and with his right arm, held up a Poké Ball.

"Hey, hold up a sec," Meowth said suddenly. Keith paused in the action of raising his arm to aim the ball at the Chatot, and looked questioningly at Meowth. "...Look, Blackbeard," Meowth said. "I mean, I ain't gonna miss da tauntin', and I ain't gonna miss dose insults, but... da shoulder's gonna be a bit lonely witout a next-door neighbor, y'know?"

Keith blinked in surprise. Considering how much Meowth and Blackbeard were at odds with each other, this was positively touching. Blackbeard glanced at Meowth, before cawing, "Awwk! Meowth's an idiot! Meowth's an idiot!"

"...aaaand, moment's over," sighed Keith.

"...Blackbeard gonna miss idiot. Awwk," the Chatot added quietly.

"...Oh, da hell wit it, I'll take it!" Meowth sniveled as he jumped off of Keith's shoulder and hugged the wisecracking parrot. Keith allowed the hug to go on for about half a minute before clearing his throat. Meowth jumped back onto Keith's shoulder, and Keith held up the Poké Ball.

"Blackbeard, return... and goodbye," he sighed as the red beam of light burst forth from the ball, withdrawing the Chatot to within. Keith looked sadly at the ball for a moment, before placing it on his end of the trade machine, and in an instant, it was replaced with a pair of Rare Candies. Barely looking at the confectionary currency, Keith scooped the candies up and threw them into his backpack.

Trading my level 1 male Chatot with Defog to Ex-Admiral Insane for 2 Rare Candies. Take good care of him.

Spoiler: show
Species: Chatot ()
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Type: Normal/Flying
Attacks: Fly, Peck, Defog.
Next attack learned: Growl (lv. 5)
Nature: Impish
Ability: Keen Eye
Beauty Points: 0
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
IQ: 0
Obtained: Cable Club
Birthday: September 19th
James, a Trainer Keith had traded with several times in the past, had advertised a number of his Pokémon for trade, among them a Chatot. Having always kinda liked the species, Keith decided to make an offer for it. Though it was a bit of a wait until he heard back, it turned out that nobody else had shown any interest, and so Keith made the trade.

Blackbeard is, as one would expect a Chatot to be, rather talkative. Though he seems to primarily mimic the speech of others, he is in fact intelligent enough to actually converse in human language, rather than merely mimicking it. He's still in the process of learning, however, hence why it usually sounds a lot like mimicry. Having taken a liking to Blackbeard, Keith allows the Chatot to perch on his shoulder, which usually gets on Meowth's nerves, as he's the one always occupying the other shoulder. Moreover, Blackbeard has a tendency to torment Meowth whenever he can. Nothing major, mostly in fun, but it happens nonetheless. Even Hedwig doesn't mind Blackbeard's presence on the team, as Keith had the good sense to have a talk with her before making the trade, explaining that Chatot were not exactly the best choice for aerial transportation, and thus, this one would pose no threat in the way of replacing her.

As far as the rest of the team goes, Blackbeard gets along fairly well with most of his teammates. Despite his frequent snide remarks to Meowth, the Chatot is friendly to most. Marvolo thinks of him as way too talkative, however, and will frequently attempt to eat him, which invariably results in Blackbeard somehow managing to tie the Seviper in a knot.

High among Blackbeard's likes? The sea. Of course, this is somewhat to be expected from a parrot Pokémon who chose his own name, and chose to be named after the most infamous pirate ever to set sail. He delights in talking like a pirate whenever the notion of sailing comes up, and he loves nothing more than to accompany his Trainer when he sets sail on his boat, the Banette's Revenge.

*Trade Commenced*

“You know you didn’t have to tag along?” Lucas directed his question at his partner Pokémon beside him, Rags. For some reason when Lucas had mentioned his upcoming trade for a Chatot, Rags responded as usual when he got to hear that a new Pokémon was going to be introduced to the team. But when Lucas mentioned the name Keith, he perked up and was eager to join Lucas to the Cable Club. His trainer couldn’t understand why though but it was because, despite the fact that the two trainers had never met before, Rags was acquainted with Helena, one of Keith’s Pokémon. Their meeting was somewhat brief but Rags remembered it well since she was one of the first trainer Pokémon he met.

“Well, we’re here,” Lucas said casually. After having gone through the doorway, he saw the trainer Keith standing on the other side of the machine. He was making his last goodbyes to his Chatot, something that wasn’t easy for him. As Lucas had understood from recent events, the trainer had to cut down his party size due to new PC restrictions. It was evident from his goodbye that this was not something he was looking forward to. It was for this reason that Lucas decided to stay on his side instead of greeting each other. The absence of Helena discouraged Rags from going up to him as well.

After placing two candies on the machine pad, it took a mere few minutes before the Chatot was returned to his Pokéball and placed on the other side. In one flash, the two candies had replaced themselves for a Pokéball. On the other side of the room, the trainer Keith said nothing and merely moved on to the next machine, clutching the Paras between his arms.

“Well I guess we might as well say hello.” Lucas’ enthusiasm was lacking, Keith’s misfortune taking an impact on his behaviour. Tossing the Pokéball up into the air, it popped to release the newly obtained Chatot.

“Awwk! Pleased to meet ya!” the Chatot squawked. He appeared strangely unfazed by the trade, having barely recognised that he had obtained a new trainer.

“Hmm. Clever. Can you say your name?” Lucas asked.

“Awwk! Blackbeard! Blackbeard!”

Lucas lit up at hearing the Chatot talk. "So Blackbeard's your name huh?" Rags though walked up to it to ask how Keith and Helena were doing.

"Awwk. Ralts would know. Ralts would know," he replied. The Gallade was a bit taken back by the answer, not knowing how to respond to it. The reply itself sounded more like a recording it had made than an actual response.

“Let it go Rags. I don’t think it can fully communicate in English yet. I’m not even sure it knows what it’s saying.” Lucas turned to head out the Cable Club.

"Awwk! You're an idiot!" the Chatot cawed.

Lucas raised an eyebrow at the Chatot. “Did you just-“

"Awwk! Get along fine! Get along fine!" it interrupted. The Chatot’s squawks sounded more like recordings than actual speech but still, something felt off.

Lucas merely shrugged his shoulders and headed to the doors once again. He started second-guessing his Chatot’s capability of understanding human speech. But it did just apologise, didn't it?

"Awwk! Calling you an idiot! Calling you an idiot!" the Chatot continued.

Lucas stopped dead in his tracks again. I can understand that everyone has a different way of dealing with loss, he thought to himself. but... “...but I’ll be damned if I’m going to let someone insult me and get away with it!”

“Awwk, Suck it up, furball!" the Chatot continued teasing.

“What?!" he sounded surprised. "That does it. Come here!” Rags quickly stepped in to withhold Lucas from hitting the Music Note Pokémon.

The Chatot let out a squawking laugh as it flew high out of range. "Awwk! I think I'm gonna like it on this team!"

Trading 2 Rare Candies for MM’s Level 1, Male Chatot.
Hope I did this RP-thing right.

*Trade Closed*
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