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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Confirmed for Single Level pickup on Monday, January 19, 2009.
Shadowshocker: Lv.31 Umbreon and Lv.65 Dusknoir

Each of your Pokémon will have gained one level at the end of the week.
Please remember to pick up and drop off at the proper time.
Picking up Factor the Lv.32 Umbreon and Grim the Lv.66 Dusknoir.
From the Hero of Legend Campaign, Mango the Quagsire is raised from Lv.52 to Lv.53, and Grim the Dusknoir is raised from Lv.66 to Lv.68.
Feeding Grim 32 Candies to raise him from Lv.68 to Lv.100, unlocking an Elite Slot.
Dropping off Factor the Lv.32 Umbreon and Ephidel the Lv.54 Crobat.
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