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Pikachu Animé Evidence Thread (or "Muyo hates everything thread")

This thread serves as a repository of examples of where current ASB policy i.e. Attack Descriptions, Species Characteristics do not match with the animé and a place to discuss whether this should result in a policy change.

Due to the difficulties of accurately mimicking a children's cartoon, we cannot always guarantee that we are going to be able to do what the animé does. Sometimes, the animé is wildly inconsistent i.e. existence of Abilities, Palpitoad size. Sometimes, what the animé did in 1997* is not the same as what it does in 2014 i.e. Light Screen, Seismic Toss. Sometimes, what the animé does completely defies the laws of physics and/or is patently ridiculous i.e. levitating Chimchar, Thunder Armour**. Sometimes, we've deliberately written something which has no basis in the animé, perhaps using in-game evidence, in order to achieve an objective other than mimicking the animé perfectly i.e. improving less utilised pokémon, diversifying the potential battle strategies available to trainers.

Please use this thread to note instances where what we do in the ASB is either completely out of synch with the animé or would be better served by using a different animé interpretation to the one currently used.

In order for us to take your post under consideration for a policy change, you must fulfil the following criteria.

1) Provide links to a screen cap showing animé evidence and/or provide links to a video showing animé evidence (please provide us with a time stamp)
2) Provide links to the Bulbapedia article for the move, pokémon etc. in question
3) Explain the in game effect of the move in question
4) Briefly note the differences between what we do and what the animé does

If you do not fulfil these criteria your post will be ignored.

Before making a post, please consider the following questions:

a) Is the change I'm suggesting an isolated example i.e. Cilan's levitating Stunfisk?
b) Is the change I'm suggesting something which will cause a significant benefit to the league other than making us more consistent with the animé?
c) Does the discrepancy that I've noticed mean that we should have two different interpretations of something i.e. fiery and watery Dragon Rage or does it require that we choose one i.e. Treecko with or without Overgrow?

If you think that the answer to any of these questions is relevant, note it in your post.

We reserve the right to ignore the animé if we judge it to be to the benefit of the ASB.

Happy YouTubing!

** No
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