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Originally Posted by OkikuMew View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Female Dunsparce for Missingno. Master's 5 candies.

**Trade Started!**

Take good care of her ^^
It was a seemingly ordinary afternoon in Fizzytopia's main Cable Club. And of course, as usual, great emphasis on "seemingly". Sure enough, the air near one of the trading machines shimmered, and then, in a flash of light, a man appeared out of nowhere. He had a Meowth sitting on his shoulder, and was carefully holding a Qwilfish in his left hand. Grinning happily, Keith placed the Qwilfish down on a nearby table.

"Thanks, Hebenon," Keith stated.

"Qwilfish qwil," replied the Water/Poison-type.

"Been a while since youse had Hebenon Teleport youse here," Meowth remarked as Keith returned the Qwilfish to his Poké Ball. "Usually when youse wants ta give Salazar a break, ya just ride on Vernon instead."

"I know, yeah," nodded Keith, "but this one just could not wait." With that, he grabbed a handful of Rare Candies out of his backpack and placed them on the trade machine.

"Wat?!" Meowth exclaimed. "Five?! Dat's nearly yer entire stash!"

"Trust me, Meowth, this is worth it," Keith said firmly, as he pulled the switch. In a dramatic flash of electrical light, the confectionary currency was transported through the machine to the other side, whereas a Poké Ball from the other side appeared on Keith's end. The 23-year-old Poison-type Trainer scooped up the ball with a grin on his face.

"Alright, I'll bite- wat's in dere?" asked Meowth.

"Meowth, I am so glad you asked," replied Keith, before throwing the ball into the air. "Let's go, Dunsparce!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, a large, yellow creature materialized. It was flat, almost snakelike in shape, but decidedly wider than the average snake. About five feet in length, it sported a white and blue stripe pattern on its back, along with a pair of white wings. Its tail ended in a curious drill-shaped protrusion. The Dunsparce looked up at Keith and Meowth, then seemed to be trying to shrink away, pulling herself into a Defense Curl.

Keith knelt down next to the seemingly shy snake. "Hey there, Dunsparce," he said softly. "My name's Keith. I'm your Trainer.

Ever so slightly, the Dunsparce's head pulled out of the Defense Curl. "Sparce?" she chirped quietly.

"That's right," Keith nodded encouragingly. "It's OK, there's nothing to be scared of. This here is Meowth," he added, gesturing to the Scratch Cat Pokémon on his shoulder, who waved at the Dunsparce.

Dunsparce looked at the two of them for a moment, before finally pulling out of the Defense Curl completely. She still didn't look completely at ease, though, and was still looking up shyly at her new Trainer and teammate.

"Hey," Meowth began as he jumped down off of Keith's shoulder, but before he could continue, the action had startled Dunsparce into using Defense Curl again. "...Er," Meowth stammered. "Sorry 'bout dat."

"Dunsparce, come on, it's OK," Keith said. After a moment or two, Dunsparce slowly uncurled her body, and was now blushing, apparently embarrassed by her overreaction. Keith started stroking Dunsparce's head, which seemed to put her at ease a little bit. She gave a small contented sigh and inched a little closer to Keith.

"Sorry 'bout dat," Meowth repeated. "Just wanted ta say hi," he said.

"...Dunsparce," the Normal-type replied quietly, after a short pause. "D-D-Dunsparce sparce?"

Meowth nodded. "Yeah, he's a great Trainer," he replied. "What is youse so worried about, anyways?" he added.

Dunsparce blushed again before quietly stammering, "D-D-Dunsparce, Dunsparce sp-sparce, Dunsparce sparce. Sparce Dunsparce, D-Dunsparce sparce."

"What's she say, Meowth?" asked Keith.

"Apparently, she was supposed ta go ta another Trainer, but he backed out fer some reason," Meowth explained. "She's worried about dat happenin' wit youse."

"Aw, Dunsparce," Keith said, stroking the Land Snake Pokémon's head again. "That's not gonna happen. You have no idea how much I've wanted a Dunsparce. I actually used to own one before, but I had to give her up," he sighed. "It was a really rough decision and I never stopped regretting it," he said quietly. "It's a mistake I know I'm never gonna make again," Keith finished, smiling at his new Dunsparce.

"Sparce..." Dunsparce murmured uncertainly. Still, judging by the look in her eyes, she appeared to be warming up to her new Trainer somewhat.

"OK, you know what'll really make you feel welcome on this team?" grinned Keith. "You need a nickname is what you need. How does Violet sound?"

Dunsparce did not respond right away, but after a few seconds, looked up at Keith. "Sparce Dunsparce," she said, seeming to smile a bit.

"She likes it," translated Meowth.

"All right," smiled Keith. "Welcome to the team, Violet. OK, so, have you ever flown with those wings yet? I'd like to see how well you can fly thus far."

Violet blushed again, but started flapping her wings. At first, nothing happened, but then she slowly started to rise into the air. Keith stood back up as the Dunsparce hovered in midair, level with his head.

"Hey, that's pretty good," grinned Keith. "Come on, Violet, I want you to meet the rest of your teammates."

"S-S-Sparce, sparce Dunsparce," murmured Violet. She seemed ready to pull herself into a Defense Curl again, but remembered that she was flying at the moment.

"Oh, it'll be fine," Keith assured her. "I'm sure you'll like your new teammates, Violet, and I know they'll like you. You might want to steer clear of the Shadow Ledian, but aside from him, they're good Pokémon. Come on, let's go," he said, leading the way out of the Cable Club, with his new Dunsparce flying right behind him.

OOC: Trading 5 Rare Candies to Okiku for her level 1 female Dunsparce. Thanks so much! She's in good hands.

*Trade Closed*
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