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Originally Posted by Pest View Post
Trading my Lv.13 female Smeargle with the following stats to Missingno. Master for 3 Pink Gummis and 1 Never-Melt Ice. Take good care of her!

*Trade started*

The parting was brief, but awkward. Pest had never seen Vica Pota so furious before. That said, she hadn't seen the Smeargle much at all over the past year despite owning her for her entire life, which was kind of the point. She was doing her best to explain this, despite Vica Pota's insistence on not listening.

"I want you to be with someone who can help you go farther than I can help you," she said for the sixth time. "As it is right now, you're kind of just sitting around doing nothing, which isn't helping either of us. But I hear this trainer really has a way with Pokémon. I bet he can help you reach your dreams easily!"

Vica Pota stared at the Cable Club wall, exhaling deeply from her nose in an exaggerated huff. Twin streams of fire curled from her nostrils, nearly singeing her drooping ears, but she didn't seem to particularly care.

By Pest's side stood another Pokémon, though perhaps standing wasn't quite the right word. A swirling mass of ghostly matter tilted her eyes in the Smeargle's direction. "I miss you," the Spiritomb managed to say. Her English skills were limited, but she still managed to get the point across.

Vica Pota's eyes softened. Barely. She pulled away from Chaos' extended tendril and returned to her Poke Ball without another word.

Pest sighed, turning her gaze to the approaching trainer. "Vica Pota ... for what it's worth, I'm sorry."

Chaos leaned against Pest's leg and cried.
The doors to the Cable Club opened up. As was frequently the case, Keith Masters walked inside. Meowth was on his shoulder, as usual, but another Pokémon, a blue bipedal frog, was walking beside him. The Toxicroak was not here to be traded, however- no, he had insisted on coming along to help Keith identify the Trainer with whom he was about to trade. Keith had never met Tempest before, and thus was somewhat surprised to learn that Malfoy had. But sure enough, the Toxicroak pointed in the direction of a Trainer who had just returned a Pokémon to its Poké Ball. A sobbing Spiritomb was leaning against her leg.

"Thanks for the help, Malfoy," Keith said as he approached his end of the trade machine. On the indentation on his end meant to hold a Poké Ball, he placed a chunk of Never-Melt Ice and three Pink Gummis. Then, the switch was thrown, and the seemingly randomly chosen items were swiftly replaced by a Poké Ball.

"Alright, wat didja trade fer dis time?" demanded Meowth.

"Let me show you," responded Keith. He picked up the ball, looked at it for a second, then tossed it into the air. "Go, Smeargle!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, a very light beige doglike Pokémon materialized, with dark brown floppy ears. The top of its head made it look as though it was wearing a beret, and it clutched its tail in its front right paw, the tip of which looked like a paintbrush dipped in green paint. A green paw print was visible on its back. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at his newest Pokémon.

"Smeargle, the Painter Pokémon," droned the device. "Smeargle's tail oozes a paintlike substance, which it uses to mark its territory. It can change the color of this substance, and has been known to paint works of art with it. Smeargle's special attack is Sketch."

"So, Smeargle," Keith said, crouching down so he was more level with the Smeargle. "Welcome to the team. I'm Keith, I'm your new Trainer. And this is Meowth."

"Hey," Meowth added.

Smeargle gave a small sigh, and after a few seconds of not responding, finally turned her head to look at Keith. "Smeargle eargle," she said in a distinctly disinterested tone.

"She said hello, but she didn't sound too pleased ta meet ya," Meowth translated.

"Lemme guess- not all that pleased about being traded?" Keith asked. "I can understand that. It's easier on newborn Pokémon because they haven't had a chance to get too used to their original Trainer, and my Totodile's really easygoing, so he had no real problems, but you've probably been with your Trainer for a while now, right?" he asked.

After a few seconds, the Smeargle gave a nod.

"How'd ya know dat?" Meowth asked, impressed.

"Took a shot in the dark," replied Keith. Meowth facepalmed. "So, Smeargle," he added, turning back to his new Normal-type, "I realize it can't be easy, but I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself on my team. You any good at painting?"

At this, the Smeargle's demeanor seemed to change completely. "Smear Smeargle," she replied proudly. Then, she knelt down, and started painting on the floor with her tail. She worked quickly, her tail becoming a mere blur at some points, but about five minutes later, she stood back up and proudly gestured to the floor, where she had painted... a small self-portrait. Keith resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his Smeargle's apparently high opinion of herself, mainly because it was actually a pretty good likeness.

"Huh," Keith remarked. "I'm gonna take that as a yes, then- that's pretty good."

"Smeeear," replied Smeargle, looking very pleased with herself.

"You know something?" grinned Keith. "With artistic talent like that, I think I'm gonna like having you around. Now all we need is a new nickname for you... How does Chromium sound?"

"Chromium?" Meowth repeated.

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "It's a highly toxic component of some kinds of paint. Fitting, considering what she does and who she just got traded to, don't you think?"

"...How do youse do dat?" Meowth asked.

"It's a gift," shrugged Keith. "So, how does that name sound?" he asked the Smeargle.

Smeargle did not respond right away, apparently thinking it over. Then, she looked up at Keith. "Smeargle Smeargle, Smeargle eargle Smeargle," she stated.

"Smeargle says dat if youse promises ta help her Sketch a Poison-type move, den youse gots a deal," Meowth translated.

"Heh, believe me, I'm all for that," grinned Keith. "Welcome aboard, Chromium." With that, the three of them headed over toward the doors, but once Keith and Meowth had exited, Chromium paused for a second. She turned back and waved goodbye to Pest and Chaos, then followed Keith and Meowth.

OOC: Trading 1 Never-Melt Ice and 3 Pink Gummis to Pest for her level 13 female Smeargle. Don't worry, she's in good hands.
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