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Ponoma plans on dodging both of Leviathan's attacks while simultaneously charging and firing her own Venoshock. The Gyarados however isn't letting her any room to do so. While Ponoma does manage to dodge the first two beams with her rapid movement, Leviathan keeps charging Hyper Beams in quick succession. The power of the beams may be highly reduced due to the quick charging, it also ensures he doesn't get too worn out as would happen with a single fully charged beam. And thus, as Ponoma tries to fire her Venoshock she gets hit by a Hyperbeam, pushing her back somewhat and taking her aim slightly off too resulting a small part of the toxic liquid missing the hulking Water Serpent. What does hit still damage Leviathan enough though as he screams in pain as the poison from the Venoshock interacts with the poison from the Poison Powder than now has found it's way through the Gyarados' thick scales into it's bloodstream.

The two now stand in front of each other, only a few meters between them. Leviathan is panting, while not completely worn out the Hyper Beams did take their toll. The Gyarados is tiring rapidly and on top of that there is the poison. He looks at the Ivysaur in front of him. He's not sure how she feels now and decides to take it easy now so he can recover a bit, only using his energy reserves for a Blizzard when it is really needed.

Back inside the base Fae is feeling more and more tingly, her transformation process being almost completed. She smiles at Severus, "I knew you would understand my feelings, despite our difference now we share our base form and that makes us the same too. It's nice to have someone around who really understands how you feel."

Now Fae turns to Helena and Peeves, "You two really helped me too you know. Before I met you I was terrified of ghosts, and Myrtle didn't really help that at the beginning. But thanks to you I think I have come to understand your kind a bit too. And you're not scary, you're friends."

And as Fae realizes Ghost-types are not inherently bad and scary she starts to glow. The same bright white-blue light that engulfed her before covers her again. Her cocoon breaks open along the top and falls open giving place for the pair of wings that have developed inside it to open up. They break through the crack in the glowing cocoon making it fall apart and soon the silhouette of a Beautifly can be seen in the light. Majestic wings keeping a small a frail body up in the air, a big head with antennae and a curled proboscis. Then, as the glow fades away Fae's large blue eyes become visible again as well as a most happy expression on her face.

"I can fly! she says happily as she moves through the air somewhat awkward, "I can finally fly! Hihi, this is funny, a little awkward still but funny."

Rowan in the meantime has arrived back from the living room just in time to see the final moments of the evolution process and walks over to Fae.

"Congratulations Fae! You have evolved again! I knew it would go quick with your species but I never imagined I would have a Beautifly this early. But you look beautiful Fae, I knew you would become a Beautifly and look at you now." He smiles at her and picks her out of the air, carefully holdings his arms around her body, "I'm happy for you, but I think sitting on my shoulder will be a bit difficult now."

"Beautifly beau beautifly," Fae sounds a bit disappointed and suddenly flies away out of Rowans arms only lands on top of Rowan's head, "Beauti beautifly!" She smiles and sounds happy again.

"Well, that's a solution to that problem than don't you think?"


"Let's see what the dex has to say over you shall we? I'm certain it will be nicer about than it was about Leviathan." And so Rowan opens his Pokédex and aims it at the Beautifly on his head.

Originally Posted by Pokédex
Beautifly, the Butterfly Pokémon and the evolved form of Silcoon. Beautifly has a long mouth like a coiled needle, which is very convenient for collecting pollen from flowers. This Pokémon rides the spring winds as it flits around gathering pollen.
"It's always nice to learn something about a newly evolved Pokémon don't you think?" Rowan picks Fae from his head and lets her fly loose again, "Unfortunately I have to go for a moment, I have some business to attend to, so I will leave you to play with your friend again, okay Fae? I'll be back soon."


And with that Rowan smiles and says his goodbye as he makes his way to the exit, his phone already in his hand. Business just never stops and it will only get worse now the new mine has been opened.

Meanwhile in the Spirit World the battle between Rose and Chuck and Gluttony has really started. The two saved each other from some harm, but Chuck took a nasty blow from a Dark Pulse. Now after Chuck discussed his new battle plan it was time to get going. While Gluttony is almost finished charging his attack Rose starts her own. Toxic is a harmful move and one she has never used before so she isn't really sure how it works, but nonetheless she manages to summon some of her Poison energy. Gluttony however has already finished his attack and the Shadow Ball is flying towards her and Chuck. Luckily the confusion made it too hard to aim properly and the ball of Ghostly energy flies well past them. Rose then spits a thin stream of Toxic liquid towards Gluttony. The latter however has already come back to his senses and simply decides to go ethereal for a moment and lowers himself into the ground and the Toxic stream just passes over him without effect. The Dusclops then reappears and prepares for something. Rose looks at the Ghost, but has no clue what he is doing. Gluttony is just standing there, his eyes shining light-blue with a similar aura around his body. Chuck however is not letting this opportunity pass. His body starts sparkling with Electric energy and he swiftly sends a Thunderbolt towards Gluttony who is still just standing there. The Electric bolt hits him hard and the glow fades away too, but while the Thunderbolt has had it's effect, nothing else has happened.

Rose now looks at Chuck, they need a different plan and Rose knows how she wants to deal with this opponent. She wants Chuck to just attack, status moves are unreliable and Ghosts are difficult to keep under status. Chuck has much more battle experience while Rose is good at protecting. Chuck doesn't have to worry about tiring too quickly, she has her tricks to help him in that case and in every other case if need be. On top of that, this is their world. Rose isn't sure what it is but she can feel it all around her that they have something up their sleeves should she and Chuck ever be able to get close to going home. Stall is not an option, they have to be smart and they must try to get this done quickly. But without words, how is she going to make it clear? Gluttony is still just standing there, doing nothing, and Rose pulls Chuck on his detached hand to get his attention. Back to the old way of communications, back to hands and feet. Rose points at Chuck and then towards Gluttony, using her hands and feet to punch and kick the air. Then she points towards herself, hugs Chuck and uses a mini-Safeguard hoping to get the point across to him that he should do the offense and leave the defense up to her.

Meanwhile, Lust is looking at the scene below her. "How touching," she says with the sarcasm clearly audible in her voice, "Now Gluttony, get to it!" The angry shout from Lust gets Gluttony moving, well, it starts attacking again as it hasn't moved an inch since the start of battle. The bulky Ghost sends a big amount of energy into the ground causing it to shake violently as if a Bulldozer is driving by an inch away. Rose gets hurt by the shaking and finds it difficult to stay standing, Chuck however is completely unharmed by the attack as he floats and seeing his girlfriend in trouble he uses one free hand to pick her up and uses to other to charge another Shadow Punch while Gluttony is using his free hands Charge a Beam of energy between them.

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