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Wendy continues to nap, in her clay tomb. PengWin, upset that she couldn't go over the tomb last round, decides to try going below it this time. She begins Digging the best she can, and does so with some success as the arena is made of clay and fairly soft. She burrows a hole under to where Wendy is sleeping and delivers the strike. Startled by the rude awakening, she readies her attack at point blank range, as both Pokemon are now inside the tomb. Wendy breaths out a stream of Dragonbreath, hurting PengWin quite a bit. Unfortunately, it does not paralyze PengWin, as she delivers her next attack, a Drill Peck. PengWin pecks at her foe, who after getting hit, is unable to battle any further.

Wendy is unable to battle. Treepandaone and PengWin are the winners.

Treepandaone gets 2 KOs and 4 TP
SP-Eevee gets 2 TP
I get 2 SP

Congratulations Treepandaone and sorry SP-Eevee, it was a good match.
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