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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Trading Lv. 1 male Absol to Ex-Admiral Insane for 5 candies and 3 Big Pearls.

*Trade Started!*

Better late than never!
I'm so sorry it took so long.

Lucas had been eagerly anticipating this trade ever since he saw the ad. The Pokémon he was about to receive, Absol, was one that could strike fear in people’s hearts. It was known for bringing disaster with him wherever it went and Lucas didn’t want to pass up owning such an intimidating Pokémon. “I can’t wait,” he said with clear enthusiasm. His other five Pokémon toddled into the Cable Club right behind him, unsure of what to think of having such a party member amongst them. The girl Lucas was supposed to trade with drove a hard bargain and asked for some additional payment. Some pearls Lucas owned were enough, not like he had any use for those trinkets. They didn’t hold any special power nor did he know what to do with them. On the other end of the Cable Club stood the girl, Noriko. She signaled for the start of the trade after which the items and Pokéball were placed in the machine that would officially switch ownership.

After some short buzzing from the machine, a Pokéball emerged on Lucas’ side that would contain the Absol. “Succes!” he yelled out and grabbed the Pokéball. “Come on out Doom,” the new nickname he had given to the Disaster Pokémon. Unimaginative but one wouldn’t exactly say Lucas was known for the most interesting of names. The five Pokémon behind him were after all, Rags the Gallade, Watt the Magnemite, Kong the Vigoroth and Star the Ponyta. The last one Faust merely had a unique name due to its previous trainer.

A white glow emerged from the Pokéball and a shining shape formed right in front of the group. The glow faded and revealed an Absol as expected though there were clearly a few things different about it when compared to the Pokédex entries and books written about it. The creature that stood in front of him had a mere height of 30cm (yes I’m using metric here!) with its head accounting for a fourth of its size. It was a newborn. Definitely not fit for battling just yet and most likely unable to scare anyone if it tried. The Absol looked up to his new trainer with a puzzled face, his head turned to the side as if waiting for something. It took a step forward to approach but quickly fell over. “It can’t even walk yet.” Lucas nearly cried to himself. Instead of getting up, the Absol turned on his back and started pawing the air, begging to be picked up by his new trainer. “What am I supposed to do with you? I don’t know how to take care of infants.” The baby ABsol still laid there, begging to be picked up. Eventually, Rags stepped forward and picked him up, holding him in front of his face to take a good look. The Absol smiled and let out a cute yelp upon seeing Rags, his tail wagging. Kong leapt next to them. “VIG-VIGOROTH!” His hyper demeanor displaying clear enthusiasm for their new member. The Absol kindly replied the Vigoroth’s excitement with his own yelping. Star and Watt then moved forward as well to surround the newborn. Faust slowly hovered right behind them to join in. As much as the group had feared the newcomer, they had all quickly accepted the Absol into their group. Only their trainer stood behind thinking to himself in despair. How can I be a cool, intimidating trainer with a baby? The party of Pokémon all greeted their new arrival, the little Absol happily replying to each of them with an excited bark.

Welcome to the team, Doom!


Trading 5 Candies and 3 Big Pearls [1] [2] to Kaisap for a Level 1 Male Absol

*Trade Closed*

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