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Originally Posted by Electric Blue Eye View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Male Slakoth to Treep. for his 2 candies, Mug of Fierybrew Beer, Rose Incense, Icicle Plate, 5 Casteliacones and 3 Lum Berries.

Thank you and enjoy!

--Trade Started--

A day before Ethan traveled to Cascadia he carefully thought over who he'd like to bring. Obviously at the time he didn't know what Gym Leader would be there as they worked on a different system, so completely countering them would be out of the before he needed to leave for the ferryboat he made a few of his last minute stops he needed to make before he headed out...

Walking inside the Cable Club where he met so many of his friends, the young man headed toward a familiar face with his Eevee at his side and a flying bird on the other as they circled him causing Ethan to stop on a occasion as to not trampleover them as they played tag. With the Taillow having a bigger advantage flying lower so the little fox got a chance to tag him.

He presented himself with a handshake to the veteran trainer and said "Thank you for meeting me again, I've no doubt you'll treat this little one well and thank you for helping me in such a bind." he chuckled.

Starting the trade the boy placed the red and white sphere into the machine and on his side received a handsome sum of items he would be putting to good use.

He soon collected his loot, waved a good bye and head out the door with his Pokemon closely behind.

Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. Beep beep beep. Pokémon trainer Matthew Brown's spy on the inside was texting him, the golden Pokédex buzzing with excitement on a nightstand. Reaching over lazily, his eyes still kept focused on the TV playing the Indigo League final 2009-2010 rerun in front of him he glanced down. Immediate reaction. Matthew jumped from the blue sofa, sending a ripple down the to the Zigzagoon sleeping on the other side, startling it awake. Matthew ran out the door, quickly grabbing the coat hanging up in the corner of the room as Zigzagoon snaked up his back and onto his shoulders. He grabbed a Pokéball from the shelf-unit and whistled. A roar, then a rustle from the trees above signaled Aerodactyl's presence; the rock type circling down with pristine grace before landing and offering a shoulder, bowing to let the trainer on.

“To the Cable Club. And hurry!” he shouted as the Aerodactyl kicked off. Matthew continued to stare at the Pokédex, holding on with one hand as he re-read the text, his “spy” being a worker in the Fizzy Bubbles Egg House he had befriended and asked to send him information about certain hatchlings for a sizable Christmas card.

“Male Slakoth hatched to a trainer named Ethan. Said he was going on an adventure to Cascedia and was looking to stock up before he did I didn't get the feeling he was too attached” the message read

Matthew was in luck. Ethan was a trainer he had dealt with in the past, having traded his Eevee away for a Nidoran he knew both parties were reasonable negotiators. Knowing there was another who wanted the Pokémon, Matthew kicked Aerodactyl into hyperspeed and held on for dear life.


Aerdactyl came in hot, fast, and low as Matthew jumped from the speeding creature, rolling as he hit the ground before skidding to a halt, withdrawing the Aerodactyl into its Pokéball mid-action for a cinematic entrance. It was something they had practiced at his base, but the non-soft snowy canvas threw the trainer off a little, recoiling in pain as he held his ribs upon impact. A lesson learnt?

“Worth it.” he groaned

Probably not. Zigzagoon had done a similar stunt, using its speed to match the flight in order to keep on running, reducing the jump to a mere sprint-to-job combo that didn't seem entirely plausible to its Pokémon trainer. He let it go, in a world where animals could destroy buildings with one hyper-powerful Hyper Beam attack but have to use 4 to knock another out, anything was plausible.

His belt vibrated as a Pokéball burst with red energy, a Nidoran popping out to join the party. It sniffed the air with a curiosity before standing in a pose with Matthew, who stood from his knelt position.

“We're looking for Ethan” he said, addressing his Pokémon. “Fan out and find him”

The party broke into thirds as they began searching the town center passing shops, alleyways, vehicles and other potential hiding places for a trainer to be. Matthew hoped he had not missed him, by any account getting to Cascedia would be a challenge; but to arrive at the same time as Ethan? Next to impossible. He couldn't know the plane or ferry he was, or had, taken nor the Pokémon he had at his disposal and flying there on Aerodactyl could get him there faster, meaning a long-period of waiting at a stop he might not have taken.

“Nido. Nido. Ran!” A cry came from the left quadrant as Matthew turned to look. He saw nothing through the densely populated crowds, each seemingly enjoying the weekend and their time off, but Matthew knew it signaled something.

He begun sprinting towards the last known location, vaulting over a park bench as Zigzagoon caught up to him, the Pokémon moving in a zag to be beside him. A quick sprint and the two stopped, looking around they found themselves in a market area. Of course, his insider had said Ethan was looking for supplies so this would be the place to find them at a massively discounted price. He looked around for the purple quadruped, before spotting a flash of its ears as it rounded the corner. Following with haste, Matthew found himself at one end of the market stalls, his potential trading partner at the other.

Straightening himself up and getting his breath back, Matthew calmly strolled down the aisle, pretending to be shopping for items as he engaged in the salesmen tactics only to walk away before committing. About half-way down Matthew found Ethan as Eevee and Nidoran ran next each other and begun playing, continuing a seemingly already-established game of tag with a taillow above, Matthew stooping down to tickle the underbelly of the little brown fox.

“How close I was to keeping you” he said aloud before greeting its new trainer with a handshake, reveling in idle chit-chat before asking if he was doing anything interesting or had any new acquisitions.

He knew Ethan had, but for negotiations it worked better if the opposite party didn't know just how much you're prepared to offer. Playing it cool meant he kept the maximum candies in his pocket. He wanted to do right by the trader, of course, he had felt the sting of giving away Pokémon for cheap, but he didn't want to over-pay either, and getting an exclusive deal before the Pokémon went on the market is sometimes the best strategy for doing so; the heat of the bid can drive up the prices like crazy.

After a few moments bargaining, Matthew and Ethan found themselves at a resolution; Matthew would trade over some candies, hold items and minor healing items for the Slakoth. He was happy with the result, he might have got more if the Slakoth had drummed up no interest on the market, but the items he was trading away he had been holding onto for so long, it felt good to finally give them to someone who was going to use them. Such is the life of a rare-item finder. The Indiana Jones of the Fizzy Bubbles world.

Trading his items across, Matthew found himself in possession of a red and white Pokéball, the figure of a brown sloth contained within. He knew had previously owned a Vigoroth, the evolved form of the slacker Pokémon before him, but that was so long ago it seemed like another life. He smiled as he fondly looked back on his first adventure; Vigoroth was the highest leveled Pokémon he had on his team at level 30, his starter barely reaching double digits, and even that couldn't save the two from the treasure trap of the reigning king Luxury. A sellers remorse separated the two, Matthew giving back his old-friend his Pokémon and both Pokémon had since grown, RhyperBeam the Rhyhorn now a Rhyperior and Bubbles the Vigoroth now a Slaking.

It was time to form his own adventure with the member of the monkey family, however, and Matthew released him and Aerodactyl on the edge of the market, introducing him to them before taking to the skies once more, forever seeking adventure and companionship …

OoC: Trading 2 candies, an Icicle Plate, a Rose Incense, a Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer, 5 Casteliacones and 3 Lum Berries (1 + 1 + 1) to Electric Blue Eye for his Level 1 Male Slakoth
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