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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
It'a the time of the year again with love and babies with wings firing arrows...which FYI, babies should not be handling bow and arrows of any kind, it's dangerous. as well, always nice to have.

from me you'll be getting a

Gummi bag

which includes
- 3 Mysterious Gummi's
- 3 Pink Gummis's
- 3 Red Gummi's

Hope you have a good day
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Today we have some special treats for our very special trainers and their Pokémon.

x1 Super Pass ~ Gives two Monday candies, two free Egg/MT moves at the Move Tutor, 2 additional beauty points in the Salon, and double Daycare levels. Expires 17th February 2014.
x1 Passion Pokéblock ~ +20 Beauty & Cute Stats ~ Must be nature compatible. Expires 13th April 2014.

Hope all you lovebirds have a wonderful day!
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I hope your day is special no matter how you spend it!

You may choose one of the following bouquets:

*Bouquet of Purple Orchids – Its bold scent has special properties, when inhaled Ghost or Psychic Types gain 3 levels and learn 1 Move Tutor move for putting the moves on that special someone

A choice between either:
x1 Valentine Ball - This special Pokéball can only be used to hold a Pokémon who has a lifelong mate.

And the Pink Valentines coins case, containing 1,000 coins.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Otherwise known as Valentine's Day.

Here's a few gifts from me, I hope you all enjoy ^-^

5x Sweet Hearts (Restore's a Pokemon by 20 HP when consumed)
1x TM Attract
1x Heart Scale
1x Big Pearl

<3 Have a great day, Love and Laughter Forever <3
Ummed and ahhed about picking this lot up, but ultimatly it would be harming me more if I didn't.

Taking the stuff with me, and letting my level 24 Duskull sniff the bouquet, taking her to level 27 and teaching her the MT move Wonder Room.
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