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KamenAeons, Admiral of the Kamen Fleet, Lover of Fluffy Tails, Cracky Arena Designer, Former Grass Gym Trainer, Flying Gym Leader
l Wins (DQ): 27 (5) l Losses (DQ): 21 (0) l Draws: 3 (1) l
l TP: 211.5 l SP: 21.25 l KO: 90 l
TL5 | B Ranked Referee (5 SP discount for six-pack squad slots)

To next Trainer Level: 40 KOs (TL6), 15.25 SP (TL6), 88.5 TP (TL6)
Goals: Do Stuff
Loans: N/A
Debts: N/A

"FUWAFUWA FLUFFEH TAIL *snuggles in Tamamo's fluffy tails*"

SP tracker:
Spoiler: show

Debt: Mew the Gato - 10 SP (25/4/14)
Purchased Birdkeeper's Token (25/4/14)
Repaid Mew the Gato 10 SP (11/6/14)
Debt: Lanturn - 8.5 SP (20/6/14)
Purchased Harvester's Token (20/6/14)
Repaid Lanturn 8.5 SP (4/7/14)
Purchased Firebreather's Token (6/7/14)
Lent Lucario188 3 SP (10/7/14)
Purchased a Temporary Standard Battle Slot (26/7/14)
Lucario188 returned 3 SP (20/8/14)
Purchased a pack of six squad slots (22/8/14) (-45 SP)
Purchased a pack of six squad slots (17/10/14) (-25 SP)
Restored 48 Hour Bonus for this (25/10/14) (-1 SP)
Converted 40 TP into 10 SP, purchased Reaper's Token, purchased Nightstalker's Token (1/11/14) (-40 TP, -20 SP)
Lent Kindrindra 1 SP (9/11/14)
Used 1 SP to restore 48 HR reffing bonus for FW vs. Kush Gym Match
Used 1 SP to restore 48 HR reffing bonus for Connor vs. Kush Gym Scenario
Used 1 SP to restore 48 HR reffing bonus for Benny vs. Nikomajor Doubles
And used yet another 1 SP for this match bonus restoration.
Debt: Mew the Gato - 2 SP (27/12/14)
Purchased Candymaker's Token and six squad slots (-32.5 SP)

Debt: Connor - 2 SP (1/1/15)
Purchased Sculptor's Token (-10 SP)

Repaid Connor - 2 SP, MtG - 2 SP (2/1/15)
Loaned Celebii151 3.5 SP (9/1/15)
Restored 48 HR reffing bonus to Kin vs. Roto
Debt: DarkLucarioADV - 4.5 SP (17/2/15)
Conversion: 7 SP to 14 TP

Loan to Celebii151 cleared - +3.5 SP
Audinite purchased -10 SP
Repaid DLADV 4.5 SP
Sent 0.5 SP to Lanturn (5/4/15)
Loaned Celebii151 1 SP, Concept 7 SP, and purchased New Life Token (10 SP)

Gifted by Miror .5 SP
Returned 2 SP to Luka for contributions, converted 2 TP for 0.5 SP, spent 30 SP on Worker's Badge.
Concept repaid 7 SP
Celebii151 repaid 1 SP, returned 10 SP to Schadenfreude
Lent 5 SP to Schadenfreude
Schaden's debt repaid.
2 SP received from Miror for contributions.
For TL4: 2.5 SP from Sneaze for services
For TL4: 1 SP from Sneaze
For TL4: 1.5 SP from Sneaze
Spent 32.5 SP total on Bugcatcher's Token and 6 pack of squad slots. Traded 32 TP for 8 SP.
Spent 8 SP to restore bonuses to GL Emi vs. Roto.
Spent 20 SP on a TL4 Legend Challenge
Gifted HeroicRein 0.5 SP.

Spoiler: show

Spirit Badge - Attachable Badge - Attached to Wendy the Alakazam
This badge represents the discipline and training necessary to triumph over Apollo in combat. The burning heart symbolizes the passion with which a trainer must battle.
Badge Effect: Fighting Spirit
The wearer of this badge is exhilarated by the thrill of the fight and recovers mild energy every other time he or she deals damage with a physical attack. The wearer also receives a slight boost to physical attack and defense, as if permanently under the effects of Bulk Up.

Fleeting Badge - Attachable Badge - Attached to Carmilla the Gliscor
The Fleeting Badge is awarded to those who prove their mettle against KamenAeons in the Sky Garden Gym. The opal set in a whirlwind of colour represents the changeability of wind, and how easily the air of a battle can be turned away from a looming defeat to a close victory.
Badge Effect: Second Wind
The Pokemon attached with this badge will find themselves more alert and limber, their mind able to track distant prey and incoming danger with ease.*With a keen eye, they will find their attack accuracy significantly improved, able to hit their desired marks more often than not, even with impaired eyesight.*They will also become significantly more resistant to negative effects (status conditions, mental status, curses, debuffs etc.), any which take hold of the holder being less potent. The effects of Second Wind will, naturally, become stronger when the holder is trailing in health,*their mindset becoming pretty much unflappable in the face of bad odds.

Worker's Badge - This is a passive badge which triples the amount of TP which is earned by the holder in the battle it is used. It may be used in only one battle at a time.

Birdkeeper's Token - attached to Egusa the Mantine
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased
during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Harvester's Token - attached to Kasen the Tropius
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This item causes the move Fling to deal Grass type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Firebreather's Token - attached to Shelley the Torkoal
The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Reaper's Token - Attached to Gipsy Danger the Golurk
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type Pokémon. If the Pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected Pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This item causes the move Fling to deal Ghost type damage if it is thrown. This token is available only during the Halloween 2013 sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.

Nightstalker's Token - Attached to Mystia the Honchkrow
The Nightstalker’s Token can be attached to Dark-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The wearer’s ability to trick the opponent is greatly increased, as is their ability to scare opposing Pokémon, regardless of intelligence or stature. In addition, the wearer’s curses are more difficult to remove and have more potent effects than they would usually. The wearer can use attacks like Sucker Punch up to twice on the same target, instead of the usual one use limit. This item causes the move Fling to deal Dark type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Halloween 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Candymaker's Token - Attached to Maikaze the Whimsicott
The Candymaker's Token drips with syrupy sweet sugar and hums with the pleasant aroma of fresh baked poffins. It can be attached to Fairy-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The bearer will become acutely attuned to almost any arena and use techniques which manipulate the environment for half the usual energy cost and with much greater effectiveness than usual. Techniques which aid an allied Pokémon are similarly diminished in cost and enhanced in effect. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fairy type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Sculptor's Token - Attached to Souryuu the Lapras
The Sculptor's Token symbolises one's skill in navigating and manipulating the beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland. It can be attached to Ice type pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The wearer becomes very sure footed and will maintain full mobility and stability regardless of the condition of the arena floor. Ice type moves which have a secondary effect such as freezing or stat drops are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. The token also provides fortitude and good cheer, rendering its wearer more resistant to moves which negatively affect its mental state such as Supersonic and Swagger. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

New Life Token - Attached to Rachel the Lampent
The New Life Token symbolizes the exhuberance of youth and the energy and joy that springs from new life. This token can only be attached to Pokémon that are not fully evolved (i.e. are able to evolve further but will never evolve) and will prevent their evolution. Pokémon holding this token will feel slightly more energetic than average, allowing them to go without a one-mover or rest for one round longer than average, akin to the Fighting-type's resistance to tiring. In addition, their tenacious nature will allow them to negate any evolutionary bonuses they find themselves faced with. This token may be purchased during the Easter 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Bugcatcher's Token - Attached to Re-kyuu the Scolipede
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Swampertite- Attached to Yuuki the Swampert
This item allows Swampert to Mega Evolve into Mega Swampert when held during battle.

Pidgeotite - Attached to Aya the Pidgeot
This item allows Pidgeot to Mega Evolve into Mega Pidgeot when held during battle.

Audinite - Attached to Akashi the Audino
This item allows Audino to Mega Evolve into Mega Audino when held during battle.

Matches (1/2 SPPf, 1/2 UPN, 0/1 Gym Challenge, 0/1 Exhibition Match Slot, 2/2 Gym Defenses):
Spoiler: show

Current battles:

UPN: vs. Connor 2

Gym Defenses: vs. Austo (GL Defense)
vs. Miror (GL Defense) vs. Connor (GL Defense)

W/L/D Record - 22(4)/21(0)/2(1)
PokeBowl Round 1: SPPf - Mon (Tourney Loss) 1 TP
SPPf - zerozoner 1(loss) 3 TP
SPPf - EmeraldGoblin (loss) 3 TP
SPPf - Akanjao (DQ win) 4 TP + 2 KOs
UPN - Celebii151 (loss) 2 TP
SPPf - SilverChiko (win) 12 TP + 6 KOs
UPN - CCW (DQ Win) 1 TP
SPPf - Lost (Loss) 3 TP
SPPf - Dr. Ciel (Win) 6 TP + 3 KOs
SPPf - Dream Breaker (Loss) 3 TP
SPPf - Nikomajor (Win) 6 TP + 3 KOs
SPPf - Mercutio (Loss) 2 TP
UPN - zerozoner 2(Loss) 2 TP
SPPf - Shadowshocker (Loss) 3 TP
UPN - dirkac (Win) 6 TP + 3 KOs
SPPf - SilentReaper (Win) 8 TP + 4 KOs
Water GL Challenge - UPN - Dream Breaker (Loss) 4 TP
UPN - Lucario188 (Loss) 4 TP
SPPf - MrRealGame10 (Win) 8 TP + 4 KOs
UPN - Mew The Gato (Loss) 4 TP
UPN - T-bolt (Win) 4 TP + 2 KOs
UPN - Trot Away (Win) 4 TP + 2 KOs
UPN - Sneezey12 (Loss) 3 TP
UPN - Machamp-X (Loss) 4 TP
Temporary Battle Slot - SPPf - DaveTheFishGuy (Loss) 4 TP
SPPf - SilverChiko 2 (DQ Win) 4 TP + 2 KOs
UPN - Connor (Loss) 2 TP
SPPf - FlashFusion 2 (Loss) 2 TP
UPN - Red Panda (Loss) 2 TP
UPN - Grand Melee III (KO on Milotic) 1 KO + 2 TP
UPN - Slash (Win) (4 KOs, 8 TP)
SPPf - Bakphoon (Win) (3 KOs, 6 TP)
Ghost GT Challenge: SPPf - Plight of Leon (Loss) (4 TP)
UaCC Round 1 - SPPf - Schaden (Win) 2 TP 1 KO
UPN - Son_of_Shadows (Loss) 2 TP
SPPf - B.L.A. (Win) 3 KOs, 6 TP
UaCC Round 2 - SPPf - Kotsy (Win) 2 TP, 1 KO
UPN - GM IV (Sableye and Honchkrow) 2 KOs, 4 TP
UPN - Equal-to-Heaven (Win) 18 TP 3 KOs
UPN - GM Championship S1 1 KO, 2 TP
Grass GT Defense - SPPf - Ethe (DQ Win) 1 KO, 2 TP
UaCC Semi Finals - SPPf - Miror (Tourney Loss) 2 TP
SPPf - Kindrindra (DQ Draw) 1.5 TP, 1 KO
UaCC Third Place Playoff - SPPf - Mew the Gato (Tourney Loss) 1 TP
Grass GT Defense - UPN - Ironthunder (Win) 4 KOs 8 TP
Grass GT Defense - SPPf - YoungGoose (Win) 6 KOs 12 TP
SPPf - DLADV (Win) 6 TP 3 KOs
UPN - TalkSick (Draw) 1 KO 1.5 TP
Fighting GL Challenge: UPN - GL Apollo77 (Win) 16 TP 4 KOs Spirit Badge
Exhibition Metro Doubles: SPPf - Son_of_Shadows (Loss) 3 TP
vs. Lanturn 1 (DQ Win) 3 KOs 6 TP
vs. Zelphon (DQ Win) 1 KO 2 TP
vs. Slash (Win) 2 KOs 4 TP
Exhibition STABmons: vs. Crys (DQ Draw) 1 KO 1.5 TP
vs. Ironthunder (Win) 3 KOs 6 TP
vs. SilverChiko (Win) 5 KOs 10 TP
vs. Trot Away 2 (Win) 2 KOs 4 TP
vs. DarkLucarioADV 2 (Draw) 3 KOs 4.5 TP
vs. Jack Spearow (Win) 3 KOs 6 TP
vs. MMS (Loss) 4 TP
vs. Machamp-X 2 4 TP

Reffing Log:
Spoiler: show

E4 Jeri vs Snorby
Smart Contest: Toyo vs Extroph
Fairfax vs. Extroph
GT RealMrGame vs ROFLMAO
GT RealMrGame vs SilverChiko

Connor vs. Mew the Gato 4 SP
S_M vs. Slash 1 SP
Azerwrath vs. Captainmisato 1 SP
EmeraldGoblin vs. MedMana (3SP gained)
Cloneblazer vs. Anzzi (0.5SP gained)
SilverChiko vs. Machamp-X (2 SP gained)
Pink Hazard vs. SilverChiko (6 SP gained)
Sparkbeat vs. HeroicRein (6 SP gained)
Lucario188 vs. captainmisato (8 SP gained)
Mew The Gato vs. Dr Ciel (7 SP gained)
Astral Shadow vs. ROFLMAO (3 SP gained)
dirkac vs. Mew The Gato (5 SP gained)
Shadowshocker vs. Lucario188 (7 SP gained)
swampertforever vs. Machamp-X (9 SP gained)
Son_of_Shadows vs. Mew The Gato (4 SP gained)
DaveTheFishGuy vs. The Desert Spirit (4 SP gained)
Mercutio vs. Mew The Gato (4 SP gained)
Apollo77 vs. kingofthestone (2.5 SP gained)
Machamp-X vs. The Last Jedi (1 SP gained)
dirkac vs. ROFLMAO (2 SP gained)
Deh vs. Kyro12 (4 SP gained)
Ex-Admiral Insane vs. Copygoo (2 SP gained)
Quilavaflare vs. MedMana (8 SP gained)
Darth Takuya vs. Astral Shadow (12 SP gained)
Ex-Admiral Insane vs. ROFLMAO (4 SP gained)
Connor vs. Son_of_Shadows (4 SP gained)
Huhadude vs. Kyro12 (1 SP gained)
Jerichi vs. Lt. Bleu (4 SP gained)
Plight of Leon/BlazeVA vs. ROFLMAO (2 SP gained)
OtakuGamer vs. MrRealGame10 (6 SP gained)
Gym Match: Firewater defends against Rotomotorz (9 SP gained)
Trot Away vs. Sneasel12/Sneezey12 (7 SP gained)
Firewater vs. Mew The Gato (2 SP gained)
Astral Shadow vs. Edwardel (4 SP gained)
Volcer vs. The Desert Spirit (1.5 SP gained)
Lanturn vs. Blaze - Doubles (9 SP gained) + 1 SP because it's actually 10 SP
HeroicRein vs. The Desert Spirit (Note: Giving Red Panda 4 SP out of potential 6 SP) (2 SP gained)
Gym Scenario! Connor vs. Mercutio! (8 SP gained)
Benny-Lilia-Ash vs Nikomajor - Doubles (10 SP gained)
Trot Away vs. Mane (6 SP)
Schadenfreude vs. Lost (1 SP)
SoS vs. Quilavaflare Doubles (5 SP)
Blaze vs. Red Panda (DOUBLE SP) (2 SP)
Gym Match: Firewater defends against Mercutio (Note: Giving 2 SP out of potential 11.5 to Emi) (9.5 SP)
deh vs. Benny (1 SP)
GL Blaze vs. Red Panda (DOUBLE SP) (2 SP)
Trot Away vs. Pink Hazard (2 SP gained, note to Lanturn and Lt. Bleu to ask if they want their share of 0.5 SP)
Cracky Metrofesta: Lost vs. Spark (1 SP, 3.5 SP to Lanturn)
Crys vs. KingTorterraXIV 3 SP
Reverse RNG Rave: Slash vs. Firewater 1 SP
GL Slash vs. Kots! 2.25 SP
Shadowshocker vs Shayminslicker 6 SP (2 to Lucario188)
YASEN: Concept vs. Apollo! 1 SP
Connor vs. Concept 2 SP
Lucario188 vs. ROFLMAO Doubles 15 SP (10 to Schadenfreude)
Charminions vs KratosAurion (4 SP)
Exhibition: rotomotorz vs. Kindrindra - Abnormal World 4 SP
Whimsy vs. Kyro (2 SP)
Danger on the High Seas: Machamp-X vs. Benny (2 SP)
Towards TL4 - Whimsy vs. Jeri (2 SP)
Towards TL4 - Connor vs. Lucario188 (2 SP)
Towards TL4 - Prince vs. Kaylaf0x (2 SP)
Towards TL4 - Emi vs. Celebii151 (1 SP)
Towards TL4 - TheKnightsFury vs. ShuckTsubo (7 SP - 4 to Connor if he wants it)
Zelphon vs. Inkabyss
Towards TL5 - SoS vs. Slash (1 SP)
Towards TL5 - Fluffy Chaos: Spark vs. Lanturn 1 SP
Towards TL5 - AJ- vs. TalkSick 1 SP
Towards TL5 - GL Blaze vs. Rotomotorz (DOUBLE SP) 18 SP
Towards TL6 - Lucario188 vs. Sneaze 1 SP
GL Spark vs. Emi[/URL] 2.75 SP
Towards TL6 - Miror vs. TheKnightsFury 2 SP
Towards TL6 - Misc Match Cancels 3 SP. Towards TL6 - 2 SP from coaching

The Kamen Troupe (51/51, +50 TP slots: 4/4, Gym Trainer slots: 3/3):
Spoiler: show

Yuuki: Male Swampert [Level 5]
Swampert (Water/Ground): Being a wet and slimy Pokémon, attacks involving grabs or holds are difficult to execute and prevents them from being affected by Electric attacks when wet. They may also use their fins to detect things happening in the arena, allowing a better idea of where foes are even when disguised. Their mud based attacks are more effective than normal. As starter Pokémon, their Water-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. In its Mega Forme, Swampert has turned into a very powerful, muscular brawler. Its increased upper body strength allows fro more powerful grapples and punches, increasing the power of melee moves by x1.2. They have also become extremely powerful swimmers, able to outspeed and outmaneuver the average bipedal swimmer in the water.
Bio: "I've seen things you won't believe, the birth of the universe, its dying breaths."
His training under the guidance of Fukurokuju and Juroujin completed, Yuuki found that his best efforts were insufficient in keeping him conscious for long enough in battle, being felled by Grass types before his training could help him. Turns out there was another Juroujin in the realm of Yupien itself, the one known as Mozz, leader of the Tensai Gym that was lost to the ages and the long-standing Champion of the realm. Despite his odd quirks, Mozz's teachings about the Psychic type's innate ability to resist attacks on their minds stuck fast with Yuuki. With this knowledge in hand, Yuuki honed his focusing capabilities to the point where he too could control his emotions.
Special Training: Stagnate Spirit
Yuuki can now use Focus Energy and Zen Headbutt, with the type energy to use Zen Headbutt twice. Yuuki is not deterred by environmental factors, and as such is no longer uncomfortable with intense heat or cold. His techniques are no longer affected by the weather, but this means that while his Water and Ice moves aren't debilitated in hot places, those moves aren't boosted by rain or hail. Yuuki has lost the ability to use Hydro Pump, Mirror Coat and Blizzard, restraining himself from learning Hammer Arm upon evolution. His Water-type attacks are no longer boosted when below 1/4 health.
Hidden Power: Bug
Attachable Item: Swampertite

Houshou: Female Lilligant [Level 5]
Lilligant (Grass): Lilligant emanate a soothing scent constantly that acts much the same way as Sweet Scent. Their effects are potent in close quarters, but quickly lose strength outside of three feet from them. Inorganic Pokémon and members of the Petilil line are unaffected but Pokémon with sensitive smell will be more heavily affected. Lilligant's dancing moves are more effective than normal and are immune to the disorientating effects of Petal Dance. In bright sunlight, Lilligant are more enthusiastic and energetic than usual.
Bio: "I'd like to open up a little restaurant someday… Maybe one that serves green tea!"
Houshou has been the pride of the Kamen Fleet since day one of his tenure as a trainer, back when it was just a small troupe of fifteen. Now it's grown to triple that size, with everyone growing every step of the way. However, Houshou has simply been helping raise her teammates, not taking part in battle as much as others like Naka and Aomori. Wanting to protect her friends, and keep the fleet safe, she sought the assistance of Okashi and Kaga to help her perfect her techniques. Using the clustering properties of her spores, she managed to refine her powders into deadly arrows which always struck true. Somehow nostalgic though.
Signature Move: Dancing Arrows (Rock / Ground)
Drawing a bow of bark, Houshou performs an intricate dance while firing a myriad torrent of homing arrows chase after the foe, piercing them repeatedly. Dancing Arrows costs considerable energy of either Rock or Ground, dealing considerable damage of the type energy used. They will also inflict a random status condition (Severe localised paralysis of limbs struck, confusion, toxic poisoning that begins on the round of infliction, moderate burns on limbs struck) as the energy is injected into the opponent. Houshou has the energy to use each variant of Dancing Arrows thrice, but she cannot use Dancing Arrows more than thrice on a single opponent. Dancing Arrows cannot inflict multiple status conditions within a single round.
Hidden Power: Fire AKA Maximum Drive

Aomori: Male Shiny Sceptile [Level 5]
Sceptile (Grass): Thanks to the small hooks on their feet, Sceptile are able to scale most vertical surfaces. Sceptile cannot be intimidated easily, and are therefore more resistant to fear-inducing attacks. Their slashing attacks are 1.2x more powerful. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. In its Mega Forme, it becomes Grass/Dragon type and adopts a number of new traits. Firstly, it may use its tail as a missile of sorts, firing it at foes in order to use physical Grass moves at a distance, or to augment moves such as Leaf Storm. Firing moves this way increases their power by x1.2. Mega Sceptile must wait one round to regenerate its tail before it can perform moves this way again. Mega Sceptile's anatomy also becomes somewhat conductive to electricity, drawing in Electric attacks.

Bio: "I… really like eating apples. *hides mountain of apple cores*"
After learning Psycho Cut as the result of his training many months ago, Aomori felt that he needed something new. Something sugary. After eating a lot more apples, I think Aomori's little sugar rush gave him the idea of expressing his love of apples in the form of a Psycho Cut. And ended up using Yuuki as a test target, much to his surprise. After being chased around the base for many hours, attempting to dodge a manic Grovyle's sugar-fuelled assault, the Marshtomp didn't want anything sweet for weeks. Akashi had her hands full with making sure Aomori didn't go into a permanent sugar crash.
Signature Move: Bad Apple Blades (PSYCHIC)
Projecting his love of apples into his arm blades, Aomori creates sharpened apple cores made from significant Psychic energy. Leaping towards his opponent, he delivers an overhead slash onto his opponent, delivering a concentrated burst of sugar into their system with the strike. Bad Apple Blades targets energy instead of health, causing the opponent to undergo a sugar crash which reduces the target's physical defense by 10% for three rounds. They also lose significant overall energy, feeling drained, this being the "damage" that would usually occur. It is not affected by Taunt or other moves that force offensive moves due to damaging energy supplies rather than health. Therefore, a Fighting type will lose more energy than a Normal type, feeling more exhausted as a result of this. Aomori has the Psychic energy to use Bad Apple Blades twice.
Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Token: Harvester's Token

Rachel: Female Lampent [Level 5]
Lampent (Ghost/Fire): Lampent's flame is made from a ghostly fire which only sheds light when it desires. Though this light can be used to illuminate dark spaces for long periods of time, it can also be turned off so that, despite still burning, they do not illuminate anything. Lampent can levitate. Their arms, despite seeming solid, are actually relatively moveable and prehensile. Lampent are generally solid, with the exception of their flame which counts as ethereal. They can phase temporarily into the ethereal state to lessen damage from moves. They cannot be poisoned.
Bio: "Ehehe... Are you afraid of the dark? Or of the blinding light?"
Despite her pranking shenanigans, Rachel is sorely aware of the fickleness of fate. One day, you're as fit as a fiddle, the next, you're crippled. Sadly, Rachel's species are forever crippled with their restricted skill set, left simply to light the way for the victory of others. However, Rachel won't stand for that, and nuking everything with light is just her style!
Signature Move: Glimmer of Hope (Fairy)
Using heavy Fairy energy, Rachel plunges the arena into darkness (akin to a Magic Room, although the main difference being that it only changes the amount of light in the arena, it doesn't really restrict moving in or out of the area) scattering unlit lanterns around the arena. These lanterns glow brighter with every super effective move that is used, and upon the usage of the third super effective move used by either Pokemon, these lanterns will douse the field with blinding light and energy, disrupting the concentration of most Pokemon and dealing major Fairy damage to all Pokemon in the area except Rachel. When this activates, Rachel loses an additional moderate amount of Ghost energy, not contributing to exhaustion. Pokemon struck by Glimmer of Hope may find themselves unable to see clearly for a round, although Rachel will not be affected by this. Rachel has the Fairy energy to use this thrice. Rachel has also learnt Moonblast because by the power of the moon, she wants to smite stuff!
Hidden Power: Water
Attached Token: New Life Token

Maikaze: Female Whimsicott [Level 5]
Whimsicott (Grass/Fairy): Whimsicott use their cottony head to ride whirlwinds and currents. Although, like Jumpluff, they cannot explicitly fly, they can generate winds or ride currents allowing them to float with some level of control. When attacked, they release a light puff of cotton, which may cause light symptoms similar to the effects of Cotton Spore. Natural pranksters, they use non damaging moves that target the foe faster than usual. Their Cotton Spore and Cotton Guard attacks are significantly more effective than normal.
Bio: "Wheee!!!!! Ride the winds with me! XD"
Maikaze loves the wind, using it as a way to enjoy her life as a Cottonee. Before she joined the Troupe, Maikaze drifted on the sea winds, far from her homeland of Unova.
During her travels, she frequently encountered a boy clad in green on a crimson sailboat, a dragon's head as the figurehead. A song on the wind was always heard as she passed them by, the boy daintily waving his baton as if leading an orchestra. Several weeks passed as she drifted from island to island, learning of the boy's prowess with commanding the winds and his role in awakening the sages of the flooded realm, eventually being titled the Hero of Wind. Maikaze finally met the young Hero again in a new land, far up north from where she once drifted on its tradewinds, and worked up the courage to the boy's apprentice in being a Wind Waker.
Song after song, Maikaze learned how to stir the winds, how to infuse it with the powers of the spirit realm and the elements of the arrows bestowed upon the hero. With these teachings, she left the lands that the Hero of Wind now called his home in search of her own land.

Special Training: The Wind Waker's Apprentice
Maikaze has learnt how to use Icy Wind, Heat Wave, Ominous Wind. She has enough type energy to use Icy Wind and Ominous Wind twice and Heat Wave once. All of Maikaze's wind-based moves (Fairy Wind, Tailwind, Icy Wind, Ominous Wind and Heat Wave as a Cottonee, Gust and Hurricane being added as a Whimsicott) have become more energy efficient, costing a minor amount of energy less to use without impacting on damage output. In exchange for having learnt this, Maikaze cannot use Solar Beam, Flash and Sunny Day because she can only manipulate light to a decent degree, and she will never use Leech Seed, Dream Eater or Double Team.
Hidden Power: Psychic
Attached Token: Candymaker's Token

Kokoro: Female Marowak [Level 5]
Marowak (Ground): A Marowak's face is covered by a skull, which it will not remove willingly. Marowak may not use its respective bone attacks if it is not holding its bone but to compensate attack using their bone will deal x1.2 damage due to the hardness of the weapon. Marowak are skilled and aggressive combatants, and will tire slightly slower than other Pokemon as a consequence. Its Skull Bash attack takes slightly less energy than normal to use. Marowak can see in the dark.
Bio: "In place of my lost Mask of Hope, I shall have you return the hope of all!"
Having seen the madness Kamen found himself in with all the gacha games he played, Kokoro wanted to find an artefact that would embody his joy, his rage, and his sorrow. A shady looking, shining icosahedron proved to be the best catalyst for summoning the destroyer of sanity, but Kokoro decided to keep that thing locked up. Probably for the best that she keeps it sealed.
Special Technique: Screwed by the Gacha (TYPELESS)
Crafting a large 20-sided die from considerable energy and light health, Kokoro rolls it along the ground towards the foe, causing the foe to interrupt their current action and observe it. Depending on the die roll, things will happen.

1 - The opponent loses their sanity, becoming severely confused, burned, poisoned and paralysed with crippling fear.
2-5 - The opponent loses their mind, becoming moderately confused and paralysed with fear.
6-10 - The opponent takes moderate damage and becomes afflicted with either burns or poisoning, whichever one they are not immune to.
11-15 - All Pokemon in battle trip over and sustain typeless fall damage proportional to their weight (moderate damage minimum), similar to Low Kick and Grass Knot. Ethereal Pokemon will be forced solid temporarily, and airborne Pokemon will crash to the ground.
16-19 - All Pokemon in battle recover moderate energy.
20 - The opponent recovers considerable health and has all status ailments healed.

Kokoro can use this technique only once per opponent.

Ruka: Male Lucario [Level 5]
Lucario (Fighting/Steel): Lucario are very sensitive the aura of Pokémon. Using a move, Lucario can close their eyes and sense the location of a Pokémon. This can be sustained indefinitely as long as Lucario's eyes are closed. In its Mega Forme, their aura-based capabilities become extremely potent, giving it full aura-vision, allowing it to see and track a foe anywhere and in any state, seeing through illusions or invisibility. This does not require a move to activate. They also become a much more adept physical fighter, able to attack with more speed and combo attacks more successfully.
Bio: "My hand glows with the power of the Azure! Like that, Kamen?"
Finding that the aura of all living things is susceptible to corruption, Ruka took it upon himself to purify the corruption of the world. Tapping into the ether of the ethereal world, he opened the gates to a world of aura, a sea of blue and black flames that Ruka had to work through to cleanse.
Signature Move: Aura Force (Fighting)
Ruka quickly vanishes into the world of aura, leaving only an afterimage of himself behind where he disappeared. Tracking down his opponent by their aura, Ruka is able to identify his target under the same conditions Shadow Force does, only seeing them as their aura. Sending his aura towards the target from behind, Ruka forces their aura to explode before returning to the physical plane. This essentially a Fighting typed Shadow Force for all intents and purposes, only weaker. Aura Force deals major Fighting damage while using major Fighting energy. Ruka may use Aura Force once a match, but is no longer able to use Extremespeed and Quick Attack.
Hidden Power: Electric

Alto: Male Altaria [Level 5]
Altaria (Dragon/Flying): Altaria's song-based attacks are slightly more effective than normal. On a cloudy day, Altaria can be sightly difficult to see in the air. They are strong fliers and surprisingly fast. In its Mega Forme, Altaria becomes a beautiful fairy, now Dragon/Fairy type. Despite losing its Flying type, they are still strong fliers, but may now also float in addition to their flight capabilities, able to both levitate and fly. The large fluffy clouds surrounding its body give it a slight boost to its defenses. Using a move, it can coat its body in Fairy energy making any physical attacks listed as XX Fairy-typed for the duration of the battle.
Bio: "Is this the real life~? Is this just fantasy~? Caught in a lan- Ah, you were watching? *continues humming tune*"
When Rider took the Troupe to Kobe to visit Watatsumi Shrine and eat plenty of wonderfully marbled beef on New Year's Eve, the Seven Gods of Fortune paid them a visit. The goddess of knowledge, beauty and music, Benzaiten, was pleased with young Alto's songs, so she blessed him with the power to give his songs more emotional feeling. Lady Benzaiten also gave the Cotton Bird Pokemon a chance to work with her in creating a song about something dear to his heart. Alto's love of singing as well as his habit of fluffing up his naturally cloud-like wings led to him to creating a short ballad dedicated to his love of the trait common in his evolutionary line, aiming to share its comforts with his fellow teammates. This song, infused with Benzaiten's blessing, has been given a physical form through his passion for singing.
Signature Technique: Concerto of Comfy Cotton Clouds
Alto sings a short, melodious song, captivating his immediate opponents while summoning cloud-like energy constructs which cloak him in a Cotton Guard-like armour before the constructs dissipate into the heavens above. This armour, comprised of a mixture of cotton and clouds gives Alto a 10% boost to both defenses.
Subsequently, every time an allied Pokemon enters the field, these cloud constructs re-emerge to cloak them in this same armour before disappearing once more. This technique requires significant energy to use, does not deal damage and can be used once per battle. Standard boost stipulations apply. Alto cannot use Air Cutter, Heat Wave, Outrage. When Alto evolves into an Altaria, he will be unable to use Iron Tail, Outrage and Fire Blast instead.

Hidden Power: Ground

Biribiri: Male Galvantula [Level 5]
Galvantula (Bug/Electric): Galvantula are excellent climbers and can scale sheer surfaces. Much like Ariados, they are able to travel using their String Shot, which is slightly charged with electrical energy and can do slight electrical damage on contact, and will be more effective than usual.
Bio: "I'm Spider Jesus."
So, Biribiri decided to look around on the internet while I was making lunch, and he found the Old Spice ads. And then he decided to make use of the shenanigans in those ads to better his skills in battle. Biribiri also made his own variation of it, good grief.
So, he managed to actually infuse his webs with some form of diamond. Biribiri's still working on charging up those webs though.

Special Training: The webs are now diamonds!
Biribiri's web-based moves are stronger and sturdier, being much more resistant to burning, slipping and tearing. They are also harder to struggle free from, even if the Pokemon is naturally slippery. For every round a Pokemon is wrapped in Biribiri's webbing, the Pokemon takes light damage from the sharp qualities of the webbing. Biribiri expends mild extra energy for his web-based moves (Electroweb, Spider Web, Sticky Web, String Shot).
Hidden Power: Ice

Mizuki: Male Quagsire [Level 5]
Quagsire (Water/Ground): Quagsire move at a decent clip on land and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. They are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab and prevents them from being affected by Electric attacks when wet.
Bio: Bio: "Can Pokemon fly using a plastic bottle rocket?!"
One of the many questions that echoes in the minds of all who cannot fly, Mizuki sought to answer this question for himself. How? By testing the limits of his research on Pokemon Jetpacks!
Signature Move: "TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH!" (FIRE)
When ordered to "Lift off", Mizuki wreathes his body in water and rockets off the ground at a speed equal to that of Extremespeed in an effort to evade an attack. He has some control over his flight path, but after travelling three metres, the water around him explodes violently into steam and Mizuki crashlands near the opponent. This technique deals severe burns and decent Fire damage to any Pokemon unfortunate enough to be near him when he crashlands. Mizuki, amusingly, does not take recoil from his crashlanding. In addition, he does not take damage sustained from being tripped over or falling from a height of less than three meters. This technique costs mild Water energy and decent Fire energy, for a total of considerable energy, and Mizuki has the Fire energy to use this twice. Mizuki loses Double Edge.
Hidden Power: Fire

Naka: Female Lombre [Level 5]
Lombre (Grass/Water): Though able to swim and stay underwater for a fair amount of time, Lombre are not the best swimmers and prefer to stay near the surface of the water. They benefit from rain much more than other Grass Pokémon and fight more enthusiastically in the rain.
Bio: "可愛いポケモンかと思った?正解!艦隊のアイドル・那珂ちゃんだよ~!~★"
Naka, the third sister of the Sendai-class light cruisers. Well, at least she claims to be the spiritual successor of the light cruiser that sank in 1944 to a torpedo and a bomb after withstanding two waves of airstrikes and torpedoes. Aside from that little tidbit, she really likes to sing. And she's pretty upbeat but obnoxious.
After having her previous song backfire on her because of someone's machinations, she was made to not sing that song any more. Realising her potential with the power of Rock music, I helped her practice with my Larvitar, Charles, to learn how to weaponise Rock music.

Signature Move: The Power of Rock (ROCK)
Infusing significant Rock energy into her voice, Naka shouts loudly. Moments before the shockwave from her shout hits, the energy will condense into a wave of solid rock, dealing significant Rock damage. The barrage of rocks may also leave the affected area weakened like that of Crush Claw's effects. Its strange characteristics allows it to break through Light Screen and Reflect. Naka has the Rock energy to use this move twice, and has forgotten Solar Beam.
Hidden Power: Electric

Shelley: Female Torkoal [Level 5]
Torkoal (Fire): A Torkoal's shell is tough and attacks which strike there will do reduced damage. Torkoal can retreat in to their shell using a move, protecting their body from harm. However, they are vulnerable if knocked on their backs. Smokescreens and similar moves produced by Torkoal are much more potent then normal. Torkoal are familiar with the Rock-type.
Bio: "Ah? You want to ride on my shell? Be careful, okay dear?"
Shelley is among the older folk of my Troupe, acting as a motherly figure for the young ones.
Having lived along the fringes of Mt. Chimney for most of her life, Shelley was excited to travel away from the Hoenn Region to Watatsumi Shrine in Kobe with the Troupe to pay respect to the Seven Gods of Fortune. Staying during the New Year's period, the gods aboard their Takarabune (宝船 "Treasure Ship") paid Rider and his friends a visit. To each member, they gave a marvellous gift, many of the young ones getting a small treasure, while the older members got a blessing from the god who was impressed by their virtues. As for Shelley, it was her kind-heartedness and generosity which pleased Bishamonten, Heavenly God of the North and chief of both the Heavenly Gods and the Seven Gods of Fortune. He bestowed upon her access to the treasures of his vaunted pagoda to give her a method that he was sure would improve her prowess in battle. This gave her the basis for a technique that combined offence with defence, befitting for one blessed by a god of warriors.

Signature Move: Bishamonten's Jewelled Pagoda (FIRE/ROCK)
Using major energy (half Fire, half Rock), Shelley retracts into her shell and spews a slew of gems around her while rotating at speeds equal to a Rapid Spin. This knocks away nearby Pokemon, dealing moderate Rock damage in the process, and forms a jewel-encrusted barrier in the shape of Bishamonten's Pagoda around Shelley. This will shatter into dust when it takes major damage and will allow for Shelley's attacks to pass through just fine, but not her opponents. The reflective properties of the pagoda allow it to reflect back light-based elements of attacks. The high-speed spin will clear gases and hazards that have been left by the opposing Pokemon.
Shelley can call upon Bishamonten's Jewelled Pagoda twice per match.

Hidden Power: Electric
Attached Token: Firebreather's Token

Ryokou: Male Dragonair [Level 5]
Dragonair (Dragon): Dragonair can levitate and have a higher flight ceiling than most Pokémon. They are more agile than they are fast. They can also move in the same way as Dratini and are excellent swimmers. Sunny Day or Rain Dance will last one round longer than normal if used by a Dragonair. They have decent vision in low light environments.
Bio: "Now, what should we watch today? Slice of Life? Action? Eh, I don't mind."
Ryokou's an anime and manga nut just like me, and enjoys putting things he sees in them into practice. Going through a backlog of my manga, he found someone who was able to push herself to move at Mach 2 speeds, even Mach 3 in times of desperation. She was only able to do so by essentially wearing away at her life force, but Ryokou was a Dratini.
He was a master of speed, he needed no sacrifice to boost himself! To reach the level of the Godspeed of the East, all he needed to do was perfect his craft, the art of Extremespeed and other speed based moves! These are the fruits of his training!

Special Training: Tenryuu no Shinsoku
Ryokou has excellent control in his movements, having mastered the use of Extremespeed, Aqua Jet and Agility. He now spends a minor amount of energy less in performing these moves without impacting on the original strength of the attack. In addition, Ryokou does not consume extra energy when attacking or moving while Dragon Dance is in effect due to his mastery over speed based techniques. Ryokou can now cover greater distances with his speed-based attacks, not losing speed as quickly as a normal user of those attacks would after striking. He cannot use Curse, Outrage or Fire Blast as a result of his training, and will never learn Focus Punch as a Dragonite.
Hidden Power: Fairy

Gipsy Danger: Genderless Golurk [Level 5]
Golurk (Ground/Ghost): Golurk are inorganic. Though slow and robotic, they are quite heavy and bulky for their size, allowing them to deal slightly more damage from physical attacks. Despite being very large and extremely heavy, Golurk have the astounding and mysterious ability to fly at high speeds through the air, though this can burn energy very swiftly. They are more or less permanently solid and cannot change into the other states for extended periods, though they can become ethereal for a few seconds to lessen damage from attacks. Their invisible state is not true invisibility, but they can use Ghost energy to make themselves less visible for a short period of time for light energy. They cannot be poisoned.
Bio: "ELBOW ROCKET! *smashes stuff*"
Uncovering the ruins of a giant mecha during an expedition through a cavern that collapsed months ago, Gespenst took a look at the databanks that were salvaged from the decommissioned robot to find that it was from an alternate dimension. One where humanity was at the brink of annihilation... This particular mecha ended up falling through a dimensional fissure and ended up here after fighting the monsters that had wiped out massive proportions of humanity. The combat data was a wealth of information for Gespenst though, who adopted the name of the fallen mecha to honour its legacy, learning how to optimise its own punches by making them hit like a 747 to the face.
Signature Attack: Elbow Rocket (GHOST)
Gipsy Danger pulls back its fist, charging major Ghost energy into it and drawing the opponent's attention. With a burst of massive speed, Gipsy Danger sends its fist crashing into the foe for major Ghost-typed damage and interrupts their move if they were about to use one. In realistic, this can cause severe bruising, even broken bones from the sheer speed of the attack. It can also leave the foe to be somewhat disoriented from the impact, but Gipsy Danger will have a 10% speed reduction for the following round to recover from the attack.
Hidden Power: Flying
Attached Token: Reaper's Token

Tofukuji: Male Shiny Trevenant [Level 5]
Trevenant (Grass/Ghost): Trevanant have a strange ability to control trees and other plants. Using a move, they can pump good Grass energy into the ground, using it to cause any trees or plants around to spontaneously grow to snag or tie up a foe similar to Grass Knot. Being protectors of the forest, their Forest's Curse is significantly more potent. Their bodies are entirely solid. Their Ingrain technique heals more health than usual. In addition, the vines they create using Leech Seed are made of petrified wood, making them much more sturdy than normal, and they are able to control the roots of trees with Grass Knot. They can be poisoned.
Bio: "Behold the splendour of the autumn colours!"
Tofukuji is always amazed by the beauty of autumn, the warm highlights being a similar shade to the few leaves he has on himself. For centuries, Tofukuji has drifted from temples and shrines, across bridges and valleys, past rivers and forests, all to see these vibrant, beautiful sights. Taking these images to heart, Tofukuji crafted a technique to show his opponents how breathtaking these sights are, captivating them so that they'll never want to leave.
Special Technique: Gate of Miyajima
Sending heavy Grass energy into the earth, Tofukuji causes a majestic torii gate to rise up. As the gate towers over the opposing Pokemon, they are momentarily thrown into a landscape of a valley filled with trees in autumn, a vibrant fusion of orange and green leaves before appearing back to where they originally were. As the torii collapses shortly after they return, it forms a seal that causes the opposing Pokemon to lose decent energy upon using switching mechanisms like Volt Switch, U-Turn and Baton Pass, as well as conventional switching. The seal will also prevent the opposing Pokemon from switching out as a result of these moves. This is essentially an exit hazard that traps the opposing Pokemon, has them lose energy in trying to flee and can be removed only by Rapid Spin.
Hidden Power: Ice

Mystia: Female Honchkrow [Level 5]
Honchkrow (Dark/Flying): Honchkrow are symbols of woe amongst Pokémon and people, particularly when seen at night, so they may make opponents feel uneasy. Honchkrow have influence over Murkrow. If a Honchkrow is fighting a Murkrow, the Murkrow will be more reluctant to damage it. Honchkrow are quiet fliers and can easily evade detection.
Bio: "さくら~、さくら~♪ じんじゃもつかもみわたすかぎり~♪"
So, some silly shenanigans happened when a crow tengu became a falcon, and Mystia fell into the same predicament. Rather than become a Spearow, she ended up being a Murkrow. Then again, she can be rather grim whenever she isn't singing. During one of her songs, I found myself unable to see, and it seems the rest of my squad couldn't see either. After asking Mystia to stop her recital, I found those who were listening more carefully to her song had fallen ill as well. Thankfully, with Houshou's Aromatherapy and a few grilled lamprey for everyone, the incident passed. Still, I thought it would have been nice to work on this a bit more, having learnt that the myth of hearing a night sparrow's song was a lot more than he expected.
Special Training: Midnight Chorus Master
Mystia has learnt Sing and Heal Bell. In addition, her sound-based attacks (with the exception of Heal Bell) are 15% more effective and have a 20% chance to cause complete blindness for one round, which slowly fades the round after. The opponent will also have difficulty focusing as Mystia's songs linger in their mind for a round after she sings. However, Mystia has a 10% chance to blind herself when she sings due to being rather birdbrained and accidentally allowing herself to get carried away with her songs. She uses 1.2x the usual energy cost of her sound based moves (with the exception of Heal Bell) as a result of this training.
Hidden Power: Steel
Attached Token: Nightstalker's Token

Mikazuki: Male Bisharp [Level 5]
Bisharp (Dark/Steel): Bisharp's bodies have multiple sharp steel blades on them, which it can use for attack or defense. Pokémon directly attacking Bisharp risk lacerations and 25% recoil damage.
Bio: "I'm burning up. It seems the time has come for me to take this seriously."
Remaining in my team for a while without much use, Faecryed left on a journey to improve his skills as a guardian, becoming a blade for hire while I was busy preparing Muenzuka for my tutelage under the Grass Gym Leader. A letter arrived for me weeks later, reporting that Faecryed had been damaged greatly during a mission and required intensive reforging of his blades. Hurrying to his location, I found his body kept in coolant, the broken blades having been trying to repair themselves and causing him to burn up ever since he had been weakened. Asking a blacksmith friend of mine for assistance, we reforged the chipped blades of his body, removing the impurities within them in the process to reinforce them with the very best of steel, whetstone and charcoal. Having been forced to remove the darkness that dulled his blades, I tried to refine the blades as much as I can to restore the power of shadows within his blades, but could only do so much. His blades however, now shine as brightly as the crescent moon, awakened to the untamed bloodlust he once had and the control which he has attained from being reforged, refined. His new name… Mikazuki.
Type Change: Crescent Moon Awakened (Steel)
Mikazuki is now considered purely Steel type, with all weaknesses and resistances associated with it. His Dark energy has been reduced to familiarity, all damage-dealing Dark moves costing additional light typeless energy extra to perform. Moves that make use of his blades have an additional 10% chance to leave a raw wound at the point of impact on the target, reducing their physical defense by 10%.
Hidden Power: Water

Kuroha: Male Arbok [Level 5]
(Notes: Black where usually purple, red eyes as Ekans, yellow eyes as Arbok, red belly markings are white as Arbok)
Arbok (Poison): Arbok are fairly intimidating Pokémon and their fear-inducing attacks are more effective, as are their poisons. They can see in the dark and are good swimmers that can hold their breath longer than most Pokémon. They are also fairly effective burrowers, digging at a greater speed than the average non-Ground-type.
Bio: "すばらしい!すばらファッキンしぃぃぃぃぃ!!!ぎゃはははははは!"
Kuroha's, what do you call it, rather insane. He relishes in other's despair, much to my chagrin. Normally keeping away from the rest of the troupe, he occasionally participates in battles. Whenever he does, Kuroha tends to drive the others up the wall and sometimes in tears, forcing them to relive old terrors with his strange eyes. Only a few of my Pokemon are actually able to keep him at bay, and even then, he can be a bit of a bother. He can be a great ally when he wants to be, but most of the time, if he glances at you, RUN.
Special Training: Clearing Eyes
Kuroha has learnt Hypnosis, with the type energy to use it twice.
Hidden Power: Ice

Buffaloman: Male Bouffalant [Level 5]
Bouffalant (Normal): Bouffalant's afro is soft and fabulous, acting as a buffer against attacks and recoil damage. Their whole head is actually quite heavy due to the large mass of hair and horns, giving it a 1.1x boost to attacks involving headbutting.
Bio: "我は悪魔超人ナンバー1!一千万パワーのバッファローマンだ!"
Proud of his strength, I encountered Buffaloman in the wilds of northern Unova, participating in a Pokemon-exclusive battle royale. Within the region, he was known to be a merciless battler, tearing down fighter after fighter who challenged him. Eager to see his strength, I challenged him with KOS-MOS, who had difficulty fighting head-on. Exchanging Meteor Mashes and Head Charges with each other, the battle waged on, with Buffaloman demanding another challenger to fight alongside my Metang. Calling forth my Riolu, the pair backed the quadruped into a corner. Calling for my Metang to clear a path for Ruka to strike, Buffaloman let out a battle cry, breaking through KOS-MOS's wave of energy and striking Ruka before he could land a hit! Acknowledging his fearsome might, I invited Buffaloman to join me in my travels, where it would be certain that he would find much greater opponents to battle with.
Signature Move: Hurricane Mixer (Flying)
Stamping the ground, Buffaloman charges straight for his opponent with his afro and horns coated in a white cap of significant Flying energy with winds streaming from all sides, trailing behind him. The energy cap on his head as well as the wind protects him from recoil in a similar way to Skull Bash. On impact, the opponent will be sent spinning into the air, taking considerable Flying damage and landing more often than not headfirst into the ground, dealing some extra damage, down to referee's discretion. This has a 30% chance of confusing the opponent due to the disorientating high speed spin that they are sent into, and Buffaloman has the Flying energy to use this twice.
Hidden Power: Fire

Folka: Male Red Primeape [Level 5]
Primeape (Fighting): Primeape are excellent climbers, allowing them to scale most walls and surfaces and swing from vines and branches with ease. They interpret being stared in the eyes a challenge to their authority. Thus, any eye contact will cause Primeape launch into a berserk rage. They will focus almost exclusively on the offending target to the exclusion of all other concerns unless something else starts to become a bigger problem or gets in the way of their rage. Until its target has fallen Primeape will be extremely emotional and responsive but more vulnerable to confusion. Primeape will also be winded for a few moments after its berserker rage has ended, with longer periods of rage meaning more downtime. A trainer may write a note in their bio stating that their Primeape has been trained not to enter in to the enraged state in this way.
Bio: "我が機神拳の前に敵はない!"
A practitioner of the Haou Ken and Kishin Ken paths of martial arts, Folka's skills haven't dulled during his time with the Troupe. Sparring with Gipsy Danger and Rutee, he realised that not all his ghostly foes will be solid like his friends, so he asked me to take him on a trip to Lavender Town to visit the Pokemon Tower. My teeth jittering with uneasiness, I watched as Folka trained himself by battling the spectres that he had difficulty hitting, Gastly left, right and centre shooting at him with Shadow Balls as he tried to smoke them out. Biding his time, more Shadow Balls collided into him, before he finally achieved one of the secret techniques of Haou Ken! His arms glowing with the shadows he had been struck by, he swung his hands around him, two serpentine fumes erupting from the shadows and striking through all the ghouls surrounding him! Commending his success, I helped him refine the technique, providing targets for him to shoot down and trips to the Old Chateau and Sprout Tower as well to spar against more ghosts.
Signature Move: Haou Ranjuugeki (Typeless)
Charging his fists with considerable typeless energy, Folka sends forth two streams of fighting spirit, burning in the shape of dragons, which he can throw separately. These flames track the foe's fighting spirit, piercing them for good damage. There is a 50% chance that the foe will end up being cursed with a tainted spirit, beginning to lose energy every round, starting from minor energy, and increasing by a minor similar to how Toxic functions and capped at a maximum of decent energy lost every round. This can be remedied prematurely by the use of Aromatherapy, Heal Bell and Refresh. This energy loss does not contribute to exhaustion. He does not succumb to rage as easily as others in his evolutionary line, even being calmed when stared at rather becoming enraged. This status transfers to the next Pokemon sent out if removed from the battle by means of switching moves like Baton Pass or conventional switching.
Hidden Power: Psychic

Huggles: Female East Gastrodon [Level 5]
Gastrodon (Water/Ground): Gastrodon have two different forms, although they are not different from each other other then looks. Gastrodon move at a decent speed on land, and a respectable pace in the water, though they prefer shallow, slow water to deep, fast currents. They are coated with a slimy substance, which makes them harder to grab and prevents them from being affected by Electric attacks when wet. They are also able to stick to the ground. Any weight attack used against them will when stuck will have them considered to be double their weight. This stickiness also allows it to scale some vertical surfaces.
Huggles really loves to hug anyone she meets. Although she isn't aware that she causes a bit of a situation whenever she glomps someone who isn't used to the strange ooze she produces. Once she's in a hugging frenzy, there's no escape.
Special Training: Embrace the Squishy!
Huggles naturally produces a layer of goo on her body that allows her to move at a relatively fast pace on land, essentially sliding on it. This goo keeps her hydrated, and is fairly difficult to remove from her, and also makes it very hard to get a grip on her. Any Pokemon coming into contact with this goo will suffer a slight reduction in their speed, depending on how much contact there is between the two, with a 20% chance to infect them with poisoning. When poisoning occurs, localised paralysis to the limb that was in contact with the goo will also occur. Huggles is immune to the detrimental properties of her goo.
Hidden Power: Grass

Rutee: Female Super Sized Gourgeist [Level 5]
(Note: Changed colour from the average orange and black colour scheme to a pale blue and white colour scheme)
Gourgeist (Grass/Ghost): Gourgeist come in four sizes, Small, Average, Large and Super. The Super size has a good deal more HP than average (about major damage more), but is very slow. Gourgeist have the ability to create searchlights from their eyes. While not as powerful as a Flash attack, they light up the arena without blinding opponents or allies, and doing so takes almost no energy to maintain. It is considered one move for a them to light searchlights. They are solid by default, but can become ethereal for a short time to evade attacks.
Bio: "I'm baaaaaack! And cooler than ever!"
Having embraced her inner wintermelon, Rutee has returned to my squad, cooler and more gorgeous than ever! Having trained in the chilling lands of Kuno's old gym, her body has changed colour from the average orange and black of most Pumpkaboos to a pale blue and white colour scheme, able to hide in blizzards as a result! It seems she also picked up a nifty lil' thing during her stay from a behemoth that Kuno left hidden in the depths of the ice, in the caverns beneath… Kyurem!
Special Training: Embrace End (Ice)
Rutee can now use Icicle Crash, Icy Wind and Powder Snow, with the Ice energy to use Icicle Crash twice. Due to her frigid training regime up in Siberia, she now only takes neutral damage from Ice type attacks, but now takes neutral damage against Ground and Grass type attacks. Her Ice type attacks are unaffected by heat, but she may no longer use Destiny Bond, Fire Blast and Incinerate. Rutee no longer recovers energy from strong sunlight and does not have the extra enthusiasm that Grass types normally have in strong sunlight either. She isn't bothered by the cold though.
Hidden Power: Water

KOS-MOS (Kosmos Obey Strategical Multiple Operation Systems): Genderless Metang [Level 5]
Metang (Steel/Psychic): Metang levitate by default but have a lower flight ceiling than most Pokémon and are not particularly agile. They are inorganic.
Bio: "Systems all green, standby okay."
KOS-MOS was once a android designed to fight beings from another plane of existence, the Gnosis. Having sacrificed herself to allow her allies to escape, she slipped through a crack in time, having morphed into a Beldum in the process due to her injuries. I happened to find her in the ruins of the Land of Origin, badly damaged. After being treated for her injuries, I offered to return her to her time, but she has chosen to stay, acting to battle for her future with variants of her former weapon systems.
Special Technique: Hilbert Effect (PSYCHIC)
KOS-MOS releases a burst of significant energy all around her which fills the arena with a blue light. Double Team, invisibility etc. will become worthless, and the user of Substitute will be shown, among other effects. Ghost-type Pokemon will be physical for the duration of the Hilbert Effect. Dark-type Pokemon will no longer be immune to Psychic attacks. The effects of the Hilbert Effect last for 10 rounds, regardless of whether KOS-MOS is switched or KO'd.
Hidden Power: Fire

Ruby: Female Talonflame [Level 5]
Talonflame (Fire/Flying): Talonflame are extremely fast and agile flyers, able to reach high speeds by propelling themselves with their flame, and are particularly adept at divebombing techniques. Their talons are sharp and powerful, giving them 1.2x boost to any moves that utilize them. They have great control of their Fire attacks, and they will not suffer an accuracy decrease when firing from a far distance.
Bio: "Birdie no! Wait, I'm a bird!"
So I tried to switch some things around and now Aya's a Pidgey and her original body is now flying around as Ruby. She's, um, wicked fast to say the least, kicking up a windstorm whenever she flies at full speed. To say the least, she still has Aya's training imprinted. Ruby's fine with becoming a Talonflame, but she really does miss her beloved scythe. Especially since birds don't have hands or anything really to grip such a weapon well. Hoping to cheer her up, I helped Ruby master the use of a Talonflame's talons, because is it too much for a Talonflame to actually use her talons?
Signature Move: Crescent Rose's Thorns
Ruby can now use Blaze Kick, Double Kick and Needle Arm, all of which would use her talons. Using mild typeless energy extra, Ruby can use a [Crescent Rose] variant of her divebombing or talon-based techniques to scatter burning petals into the foe's face as she attacks, making it difficult for the foe to see her and also irritating them. She has the Fighting energy to use Double Kick twice.
Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Token: Birdkeeper's Token

Aya: Female Pidgeot [Level 5]
Pidgeot (Normal/Flying): Pidgeot are some of the fastest common flying Pokémon and have amazing speed and agility in the air, out flying most Pokémon. Any wind attack used by a Pidgeot is 1.2x more powerful. They also uses less energy when carrying other Pokémon and can lift 1.5x the weight that most bird Pokémon can. In its Mega Forme, its wings grow even more powerful, able to conjure wind attacks in nearly an instant. Its wind attacks are extremely fast to produce, requiring barely a second to produce something even as powerful as a Hurricane. This power also allows it to reach high speeds in very little time. It also has extremely keen aim, making its moves very difficult to dodge.
Embracing her new form as a bird who can truly control the winds, we got cracking on getting Aya to get used to the somewhat slower speeds of a Pidgey. With her know-how about the wind and how to ride it, I had Maikaze practice with her so that Aya could teach this tiny body of her's to guide the wind under her wings. Lots of explosions and falling leaves ensued, with me having to make more masks to keep the leaves out of my face.
Signature Move: Illusionary Dominance (Grass)
Focusing heavy Grass energy into her wings, Aya flaps them to create a strong wind like Gust. However, this conjures two projections of her being to form as the winds rush towards the opponent at incredible speeds on par with Aya herself using Quick Attack, each one slamming into them for decent physical Grass damage as they explode into leaves. These projections each have a 20% chance to severely reduce accuracy by 20%, rolled separately, and the debuffs lasting for 2-3 rounds depending on general round length. This move is a wind-based attack that manifests a physical form to deal damage, if the provided description is currently inadequate, and Aya has the Grass energy to use this twice.
Hidden Power: Fighting
Attached Item: Pidgeotite

Higure: Genderless Lunatone [Level 5]
Lunatone (Rock/Psychic): Lunatone levitate by default and are considered to be inorganic. They are familiar with the Ice type. They fight more enthusiastically at night and can see in the dark. They also radiate a constant faint glow that is likened to moonlight. Pokémon in close proximity to them can use moves which require moonlight, regardless of location, as can Lunatone themselves. Using a move, they can cause their eyes to glow with an eerie red light which will intimidate most Pokémon.
Having learnt that crushing things from above with its reduced size isn't a good tactic anymore, Higure tapped into the knowledge of moon-based magic, using grimoires from libraries it had destroyed aeons ago.
Signature Move: Silent Selene (Fairy)
Quickly releasing moderate Fairy energy from its eyes, Higure taps into the minds of any opponent who is facing it, startling them with a terrifying image of the future and marking them. Over the course of two rounds, Higure will passively use good Fairy energy to activate the marks left on the target (light Fairy energy extra per move, capping at good energy, amounting to a total usage of heavy Fairy energy), causing giant spouts of Fairy energy to erupt from beneath them. Silent Selene deals heavy Fairy damage, reaching fairly high into the air. In the presence of moonlight not originating from Higure, Silent Selene deals major Fairy damage instead. Higure has the Fairy energy to use this twice.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Taiyou: Genderless Solrock [Level 5]
Solrock (Rock/Psychic): Solrock levitate by default and are considered to be inorganic. They are capable of generating vast amounts of heat by spinning, enough to vaporise moderate and weaker water attacks or dissipate fog, energy use equal to Fire Spin and the technique usable twice per battle. They are also familiar with the Fire type. They fight more enthusiastically in the day time and radiate a constant faint glow that is likened to sunlight. Pokémon in close proximity to them can use moves which require sunlight, regardless of location, as can Solrock themselves.
Bio: "Let the flames of wrath consume you."
Taiyou grew weary of bringing about the apocalypse to well forested places, namely because Kamen vetoed burning any more places down to the ground. Damn Grass Gym Trainer. That aside, Taiyou found adversaries who also opposed its burnination of things, but the only thing the Solrock could do was raze them to the ground with condensed sunlight. Then came the lightning, all of the things it had learnt from a young spider it had observed for many months, and with it, Taiyou brought the thunder.
Signature Move: Royal Rays (Electric)
Shining brightly, Taiyou releases multiple bolts of electricity which aren't affected by heat refraction, which explode in a fiery blaze on impact with the opponent to leave them with considerable burns and affected by Miracle Eye. Royal Rays deal solid Electric damage, costing significant energy (light Psychic, solid Electric). Taiyou has the Electric energy to use this thrice, but cannot use this more than twice an opponent.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Bulat: Male Toxicroak [Level 5]
Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting): Toxicroak have sacs in their mouths that store toxins. Being frogs, their powerful legs allow them to move quicker than most Pokemon in shorts bursts. Utilizing these stored poisons, Poison attacks from the mouth take slightly less energy. The claws on its hands secrete poison, and attacks using hands have an additional 10% chance of poisoning. In addition, they are constantly covered in poisonous fluid, and prolonged contact can leave the foe poisoned.
Bio: "Got a groovy new hairstyle!"
Having read about a warrior who could bring down legions of enemies on his lonesome, Bulat's interest was piqued by the techniques this legend used. Utilising the various glands that produced poison within him, Bulat was able to make a fluid suit that could ease the impact of attacks to his skin, the toxins empowering him and his strikes. The only problem was that he needed to be able to maintain it for a substantial amount of time to have it be functional in battle, so training ahoy!
Special Technique: Incursio (Poison)
Declaring the name of the technique with a battle cry, Bulat uses a heavy amount of energy to secrete a layer of poisonous fluid all over his skin, which thickens and acts as a fluid armour. This gives him a 20% boost to his physical attack and defense as well as a significant boost in speed for three to four rounds, with all physical contact by and to him having an additional 20% chance to infect the opponent with severe poisoning (which deals moderate damage per round rather than mild). Any attack that would usually cause poisoning to occur will also default to severe poisoning during the timeframe in which Bulat has Incursio active.
Hidden Power: Water

Okashi: Female Venusaur [Level 5]
Venusaur (Grass/Poison): Venusaur are the fastest of their line but are not particularly agile. They have eight vines, which means they can hit and grab multiple things at once and that attacks made using their vines are slightly more powerful. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. In its Mega Forme it gains a thick layer of cellulose in their skin similar to Hariyama's fat. Due to this it takes 30% less damage from Ice and Fire type attacks.
Bio: "Something odd? Nah, that's silly! ^^"
"Isn't it strange? That giant dinosaur with the flower of corpses on her back lumbering around the festival grounds, that is."
A common phrase that would be said among the newcomers to the festivals of the north, where Okashi would sell her cool waterrmelon treats in the summer, and warming apple stews in the winter. Okashi particularly enjoyed the games that the kids would play at the festival, lobbing snowballs around come the chilly seasons, then watching fireworks dance up strings. It is this joy of life that Okashi, that "giant dinosaur with the flower of corpses on her back" wishes to share with the people and Pokemon she meets.
Signature Move: Festival Fever (Fire/Ice)
Okashi expels a thick cloud of seeds from her flower or mouth to cover her opponent's whole body. While seeds expelled from her flower cover a much larger area, they are easier to dispel compared to a more forceful expulsion from the mouth. Okashi can expel two types of seeds, based on her orders:
Summer - The seeds appear to be firecrackers that explode in a large display of fireworks on contact with the opponent, dealing good Fire damage and leaving moderate burns where the fireworks hit the opponent.
Winter - The seeds appear to be snowballs that explode in a burst of white light on contact with the opponent, causing moderate frost-based burns where they hit the opponent and dealing good Ice damage.
Both variants cost considerable energy, composed of light Grass and good Fire or Ice, depending on the type used. Okashi has the offtype energy to use both variants of Festival Fever thrice.

Hidden Power: Dark

Gaptahl: Male Charizard [Level 5]
Charizard (Fire/Flying): Charizard are slow and cumbersome when on land but are able fliers. They are hot tempered and resistant to fear attacks. However, they are easily angered and confused. They have flaming tails, which can be used for illumination and may burn foes if there is prolonged contact. Charizard have slightly more Dragon energy than other Fire-types and, as starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. Charizard is unique in having two Mega Formes. In its X Forme, it becomes Fire/Dragon typed whilst still retaining the flight abilities it possessed as a Charizard. Against any Pokémon that would reasonably be afraid of Charizard X, its fear-inducing attacks are more effective, and it becomes much more physical, giving attacks used with it's claws a 20% boost. Its Y Forme is slightly smaller and lighter than the X Forme, and is a nearly unparalleled fast and agile flier, able to fly with the speed and agility of a Pidgeot. Its powerful wings also grant it a 20% boost to wind moves. It also benefits greatly from the sun, the heat from its body causing sun to last two turns longer than normal.
Bio: "It would be wise for you to know that dragons and humans are not usually allies. Nor are they enemies. Never forget that."
Hailing from the northern mountain ranges of Fiore, Gaptahl's ancestors have long been guardians of the Fiore Temple. When the region was in danger with the legendary beasts threatening to spread fire, lightning and rainstorms, Gaptahl was busy tending to the gates that had been forced open. His father had come to bring him to their cavern for shelter, but they found themselves already facing the brunt of nature's fury, trapped by the rain and unable to burn their way out of the forest to which they had fled. The clouds rumbled ominously in the skies above them, the roar of the lightning beast resounding before a flash of yellow light surrounded Gaptahl and his father. As the rainstorm died down, it was clear how bad the damage was. The Charizard was burnt greatly from the electricity, his body having shielded his son while Gapthal could barely keep himself awake, also battered from the lightning strike. The pair were found by a pair of Pokemon Rangers who did as much as they could to help them recuperate from their wounds, but Gapthal's father was a worrying situtation. It was declared that Gaptahl's father had to be sent to a reserve so that he could heal his injuries in a more controlled environment, which led to Gaptahl joining me. With remedial therapy from Houshou, the young dragon can now fight at his peak performance to make his father proud, the lightning strikes of his past once being a curse, now a blessing to bring destruction upon his adversaries.
Signature Move: Thunder Carnage (ELECTRIC)
Letting out a terrifying roar that can scare small Pokemon as his body crackles with electricity, Gaptahl sends solid arcs of electricity that move quickly through the air towards the opponent. These deal heavy Electric damage, with a 30% chance to cause paralysis. If Gaptahl is paralysed and/or confused before using Thunder Carnage, there is a 50% chance (this being used before the standard paralysis and confusion rolls) that the electricity coursing through him will essentially zap himself free from paralysis and confusion before he roars. Thunder Carnage uses major Electric energy to use, and Gaptahl has the Electric energy to use this twice. He takes moderate recoil damage from successfully damaging an opponent with Thunder Carnage.
Hidden Power: Water

Jojo: Male Blastoise [Level 5]
Blastoise (Water): The largest of their evolutionary line, Blastoise are the least agile of the three. However, they are much tougher. Their shell is harder and heavier, and they are the fastest of the line in the water and on land. They are vulnerable if knocked on their backs and have a hard time getting up, though Blastoise are harder to knock down and attacks that strike their back suffer from a slight drop in power. Their Water Gun, Hydro Pump and Hydro Cannon attacks are slightly more powerful than those of other Pokémon and are launched from their cannons. As starter Pokémon, their Water-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. In its Mega Forme Blastoise's back cannons fuse into one giant cannon and it gains wrist cannons. Blastoise is capable of firing from all three cannons, and when ordered to do so, will gain a 20% boost to any attacks fired from its cannons. It is also capable of using only the central cannon or its wrist cannons at the standard damage level but for the standard energy level. Firing from its main cannon will allow the attack to travel faster and farther, but firing them from its wrist cannons will allow Blastoise to aim more precisely or split its attack to hit multiple targets. While any attack that can be reasonably fired from a Pokemon's mouth may be fired from either Blastoise's back or wrist cannons, only Water and Pulse (Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Water Pulse) moves can be fired from all three cannons at once to gain the power boost.
Bio: "My shivering heart! This burning heat! Cut finely, beat of my blood!"
Rescued after his riverside home was destroyed, and his family lost in the chaos, Jojo's life has never been the same since. Honing his skills through a harsh training regime, Jojo swore to avenge the lives of his family. Although… he never did learn of the true identity of his family's murderer. Hoping that joining me in my quest to improve would give him guidance, Jojo became a wild card in the Kamen Troupe, his shell not just for show when it comes to roughhousing.
Signature Move: Sunlight Yellow Overdrive (FLYING)
Retreating into his shell, Jojo begins to spin at a high speed while shining brightly with blinding levels of golden energy, creating a large whirlwind around him that can blow away gases and objects latched onto Jojo. Shooting forward while still in his shell, Jojo slams his spinning shell in the target, dealing heavy Flying damage for heavy Flying energy. Jojo has the type energy to use Sunlight Yellow Overdrive twice.
Hidden Power: Fire

Wendy: Male Alakazam [Level 5]
Alakazam (Psychic): Alakazam emit special alpha waves as a by-product of its psychic abilities. These waves induce headaches and will disrupt the concentration of Pokémon within 5 feet of it. Alakazam's telekinetic abilities allow it to lift Pokémon twice as heavy as normal for no increased energy cost. An Alakazam has one of the most acute minds amongst Pokémon, with the exception of some legendaries. Thus, they are difficult to deceive or outwit and any mentally effecting attack will be less effective and less likely to succeed against one. They are also more resistant (but not completely immune) to sleep-inducing attacks. Alakazam can see in the dark. In its Mega Forme, it gains extremely potent telekinetic abilities and is capable of having full, unobstructed Psychic "vision" of its surroundings, regardless of Dark energy that might normally block it. It can also levitate without using energy and use its telekinesis to lift objects of almost any size for relatively low amounts of energy.
Bio: "So, who's got the maple syrup?"
His father, a Conkeldurr. His mother, an Alakazam. His name, the result of his father's terrible naming sense. Wendy was different to the other Abra around him, the strength of his father with the wits of his mother coursing through his blood. Following his father's footsteps, he became a lumberjack, cutting down trees with his mental powers to aid in the demolition business. He soon found that it would be far more efficient to just carry the logs himself, and finally put the strength bestowed from his father's lineage to good use. I found him working in the Unova region with his father, and impressed by his physical and mental prowess, asked if Wendy could accompany me on my journey. I guess it's all old news from here on, except for the fact that he likes to mimic his old man and carry a plank of timber, usually telepathically, but he doesn't bring it when battling.
Special Training: I'm yelling Timburr! (Fighting)
Wendy has gained Fighting familiarity, with the strength to lift things much heavier than him (up to 100kg) with the aid of his Psychic abilities. He is also much more muscular than the average Kadabra. He now knows how to use Vacuum Wave, Strength and Superpower. Wendy has not learnt Wonder Room, Magic Room, Trick Room, Knock Off, Shock Wave and Grass Knot as a result of his long hours working as a lumberjack.
Hidden Power: Flying
Attached Badge: Spirit Badge

Akagi: Female Swalot [Level 5]
Swalot (Poison): Swalot are stretchy and elastic, allowing them to easily change shape and size. They can inflate to raise their defense. They can swallow almost anything and can do so as a move, while their Stockpiled energy grows at a quicker rate than normal.
Bio: "And who are you calling the Queen of Bauxite?"
Messing around with Kaga, Akagi ended up learning to compress her Fog of Night into a smaller area. However, this caused its effects to become even worse, corroding away at the usually resistant KOS-MOS too. We decided that we should try to just not use it in practice bouts.
Special Technique: Fog of Night (Dark)
Using significant Dark energy, Akagi spews out a thick miasma of darkness that engulfs her surroundings quickly in a sphere of diameter 15m, making it difficult to see, breathe and concentrate within. Pokemon who are in prolonged contact with the fog take light Dark damage for every round they are in the fog, and will use slightly more energy to use their attacks if in the fog, this being amplified to even flinching 20% of the time if they require significant energy. Additionally, Pokemon will suffer corrosive burns from the acids mixed in the smoke, this effect being more prominent in inorganic Pokemon. Akagi is immune to the effects of Fog of Night. Fog of Night will fade away naturally after four rounds, but can be blown away prematurely with multiple strong wind-based attacks. Akagi has the Dark energy to use this twice. She can no longer use Explosion.
Hidden Power: Water

Kaga: Female Beedrill [Level 5]
Beedrill (Bug/Poison): Beedrill are more effective in numbers and, when battling alongside another Bug-typed Pokémon, gain a boost in confidence that raises their attack. Their Poison Sting and Twineedle attacks have an increased chance to poison, also dealing slightly more damage than usual. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage. Beedrill are intimidating Pokémon, particularly in numbers. Multiple Beedrill, Combee and Vespiquen on the same side share a hive mind, meaning that one cannot be surprised unless they all are and one cannot be affected mentally unless they all are. Their attacks also become more coordinated, making it harder for the foe to dodge combination attacks. In its Mega Forme, Beedrill becomes a fierce and extremely fast attacker. Its needle and spear-based attacks are 10% more effective. It is also an extremely fast flier.
Bio: "... I'll be heading to Akagi's place for a bit."
Kaga was found living in a swarm in harmony with Akagi's colony, found deep in the sea depths within a shipwreck. She was named purely on the relationship she seemed to share with Akagi, protective and surprisingly stoic. Unlike most Beedrill, her swarm was rather welcoming of my troupe when we came to check out the wreckage, and was paramount in quelling the Abyssal duo who had invaded their sealed off home. Kaga kept her aggressors at bay with the rest of her swarm, firing a flurry of debilitating needles at the Octillery to prevent her from causing widespread damage, but it was Kaga's skills which were the most stunning to me. In both ways. She managed to stun both sea monsters with a volley of explosives as Akagi blocked off the room, allowing them all to charge and deal a final blow while they were stunned by the explosions and miasma. Returning to the surface, Kaga requested to join the Kamen Troupe, saying that she wanted to protect Akagi and keep an eye on the Abyssals who I had captured for supervision. Somewhere in the world though, there's a massive population spike in Beedrill and Gulpin. I have no idea where *lie*
Signature Move: Suisei Bombers! (GROUND)
Kaga charges her stingers with considerable Ground energy before firing the energy in the form of a miniature fighter jet. The plane causes a loud small-scale explosion on impact, similar to that of Dynamic Punch, dealing solid Ground damage while also having a 30% chance of flinching the target. Kaga has the Ground energy to use Suisei Bombers thrice. This move uses Kaga's physical attack and the target's special defense in damage calculation. These bombers can also be detonated without hitting an object if Kaga is ordered to do so.
Hidden Power: Water

Akashi: Female Audino [Level 5]
Audino (Normal): Audino have sensitive hearing, at the expense of being more vulnerable to sound-based status techniques like Supersonic. They are skilled healers and their healing moves are slightly more effective than normal. They are also skilled at hiding and will be able to conceal themselves more easily than normal. In its Mega Forme, Audino becomes a graceful Fairy, becoming Normal/Fairy type. Its healing moves use 25% less energy. Its presence in the arena is calming, lessening the effectiveness of rage-based moves. It can also use its stethescope-like feeler to put a foe to sleep quickly, using a move; due to its calming aura, this sleep is faster than normal and can be used even on normally irritable or restless foes.
Bio: "Leave the emergency maintenance at the base to me!"
Having been remodelled prior to her return from intensive training, Akashi has become very skilled in keeping KOS-MOS and Faecryed in optimal condition. She was responsible for lifting the shipwrecked Akagi from the abyss when my team went for a dive, and is in charge of the recovery team of the Kamen Troupe, alongside Houshou and Alto. While her cranes are handy, they're quite unwieldy in a battle situation when time is of the essence. So hooray for downsizing! For some reason, she's become quite attached to her cranes, and has a tendency to kiss her machines. She loves her equipment as much as she loves helping the troupe in recovery, probably because she's the only repair shipgirl in the fleet.
Signature Move: Maintenance Crane (NORMAL)
Using heavy Normal energy, Akashi creates a metallic crane around her arm, whipping the hook tethered to the crane towards her target. Once her target is hooked, the energy used in creating the crane leeches into the target, dealing a moderate amount of Normal damage while draining a good amount of energy back to Akashi. The damage is not affected by weakness or resistance, and hence deals moderate neutral damage to Rock and Steel type Pokemon as well. They can then be flung towards or away from Akashi depending on orders.
Ordered as Maintenance Crane [Type], the type energy drained will be of the type in brackets. This type must be a type that has been used at least once during the last three rounds. Energy drained in this way will be added to Akashi's offtype energy pools but not her overall energy pool, meaning that Akashi will not be refreshed as if she used something like Giga Drain (which I am very aware she doesn't not learn). Maintenance Crane is not capable of increasing Akashi's offtype beyond its usual limitations, but will allow Akashi to use a move if she has sufficient type energy for it.
E.g. If Akashi has used Flamethrower at some point prior to using Maintenance Crane on a Pokemon who has used a Fire type attack recently, Akashi may be able to use Fire Blast upon successfully using Maintenance Crane [Fire].
Akashi can only use Maintenance Crane twice per match.

Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Token: Audinite

Amatsukaze: Female Togekiss [Level 5]
Togekiss (Fairy/Flying): Despite their appearance, they are fast and agile fliers. Togekiss are also capable of minimal levitation, allowing them greater stability. Togekiss can be trained only by trainers that make them happy, so Return is more powerful when used by one. They are incredibly chirpy and enthusiastic Pokemon, and will entrance opponents more readily when using attacks like Charm and Sweet Kiss, being significantly more potent. These moves will also function better in Contests when used by Togekiss.
Bio: "I wonder which direction is the wind blowing..."
So I met Amatsukaze while out on a training trip to an archipelago, perfect for training my birds and floating Pokemon. Amatsukaze had been living on her lonesome for a while it seems, and she was delighted to see another face on the island that we arrived on. While affectionate to the majority of my troupe, she's on bad terms with Kuroha. Then again, not much of my team likes him. Not like he gives a damn anyway. So back to the archipelago. Turns out Kuroha had invited himself along, hoping that there would be something for him to break, such as a Togepi. As the black snake lunged forward to try eat Amatsukaze, she screamed really loudly. Not out of fear, but out of sheer annoyance and anger at Kuroha, which caught him quite off guard. Amatsukaze's family trademark was how they could bring the winds of the skies and earth together for a devastating combination, as Kuroha found out after being walloped by a burst of earth-infused sound.
Special Training: Winds of Heaven and Earth
Amatsukaze can use a Ground type variant of Hyper Voice, Twister, Fairy Wind and Air Slash as they become available to her with evolution. These are ordered as "Earth's [Hyper Voice / Twister / Fairy Wind / Air Slash]". In addition, she has 1.2 HBs of Ground energy to use these variants. She is no longer able to use Fire Blast, Drain Punch, Soft-Boiled, Double-Edge or Curse.
Hidden Power: Ground

Wo-kyuu: Female Octillery [Level 6 Uplevel]
(Notes: Monochromatic colour scheme, predominately white, with varying shades of black and grey. Eyes are blue with wisps extending from them.)
Octillery (Water): Octillery have suction cups on their tentacles, which can be used to hold fast to certain surfaces. Thus, if the opponent uses attacks dependent on Octillery’s weight, Octillery are considered to weigh 200 pounds for the duration of the attack, provided they are touching something they can hold on to. Octillery are fastest in water, though they can move somewhat well on land. They have excellent accuracy and their attacks have a greater chance of hitting. They can see in the dark. Due to having a wide variety of energy available, it is less proficient at maximising the use, resulting in suffering from slightly less type energy.
Bio: "Wo!"
After capturing the rogue Abyssal Octillery and Scolipede when I met Akagi and Kaga, I was forced to restrict their power to make sure the two wouldn't run amok in my base. It didn't end well. Wo-kyuu, I found to love shooting stuff out of the sky, which meant that a fair portion of my squad were terrified of her. Seems like she had inherited the similar skills to the aircraft carriers, making her able to send a swarm of Remoraid under her command after her prey whenever she came up to the surface. While this makes it rather difficult to keep her under control, whenever she feels like it, she's a powerful ally. Just as long as you feed her when she's hungry.
Signature Move: Abyssal Hell Diver Airstrike! (ELECTRIC)
Charging considerable Electric energy in her mouth, Wo-Kyuu fires a small sphere of electricity upwards. After a few seconds, the sphere explodes into a swarm of mini-Remoraid that rain down on the target for good Electric damage. Abyssal Hell Diver Airstrike has a 30% chance to cause moderate burns on affected sites, and a 30% chance to cause localised paralysis, making it difficult to move. These are rolled separately, and a Pokemon may be both burned and paralysed at the same time as a result of this attack. Pokemon affected by burns from Abyssal Hell Diver Airstrike will find that water agitates them greatly, the pain from burns becoming more potent when in contact with water. Wo-Kyuu has the type energy to use this twice and has forgotten Fire Blast.
Hidden Power: Flying

Re-kyuu: Female Scolipede [Level 5]
(Notes: Monochromatic colour scheme, predominately white, with varying shades of black and grey. Eyes are blue with wisps extending from them.)
Scolipede (Bug/Poison): The arm-like extensions on their neck are actually spines that seep poison. Physical attacks used with or that hit these spines have a chance of causing light poisoning (about 10%, does not stack with any poison chance in a move). Thanks to the adaptation of their preevo, their poison also has a 5% chance of localized paralysis if foes make contact.
Bio: "Gonna wreck you~!"
All things originate from the sea. Even the largest of creatures were once creatures of the deep, their primal instincts having been to swim at some point in their evolution. Re-kyuu is a strange case, her growth into the Scolipede stage not impeded by the pressure of the sea, in fact, her diet consists primarily of fish and ships. And helpless sailors on the brink of despair. When I encountered her, you didn’t even have to ask for my reaction. I was terrified. The fact that she appeared in the sea was one thing, to appear 200 metres below the sea's surface was a completely different thing with flaring eyes and a white carapace of thick armour. Her destructive capabilities were insane, keeping more than thirty Gulpin at bay for some time. Only with Akagi's support and the Gulpin colony's assault were we successful in subduing her, her power now restricted under my command so that she doesn't terrorise the seas as much as she used to.
Special Training: Bane of Admirals
Re-Kyuu now knows how to use Dive, Roar, Surf and Scald, gaining Water familiarity as a result. She is now able to swim quite well, on par with a Seaking for speed, and average agility in water. Re-kyuu is also capable of breathing underwater for long periods of time. Re-kyuu has forgotten the use of X-Scissor, Sludge Bomb and Double Team.
Hidden Power: Electric
Attachable Token: Bugcatcher's Token

Sendai: Female Leavanny [Level 5]
Leavanny (Bug/Grass): Leavanny are dressed in a wrapping of leaves, allowing them to more easily hide amongst trees and bushes than other Grass-types. If their clothing is shed willingly (using a move) or destroyed, they will automatically craft a new one out of nearby foliage. Shedding can remove externally applied statuses like burns, toxic sludge or spore attacks. Their silk makes their String Shot and similar attacks stronger than usual. Like a Spinarak, they can use this to pull themselves from place to place more quickly without it counting as a move. In addition, when they fall below 1/3 health, they become empowered, their STAB attacks dealing 10% extra damage.
On my return journey to the rainforest, delivering supplies for the Abyssal base as a gift and also as an apology to Kouwan, my troupe was attacked by a barrage of blinding lights from the treetops. Moving with impeded vision, I ended up hearing an excited yell and the sound of something swooping in. It was this Sewaddle that managed to incapacitate my team of six just by this surprise attack. Thankfully, because she pretty much slammed into my face, I managed to grab a hold of her and prevent her from running away. She was just really excited that someone came by in the darkness of this particular section of undergrowth, and wanted to greet with a bang. I named her after a certain night-battle crazy ship, which ended up giving her the memories of said shipgirl. Interesting…
Signature Move: Star Shell (WATER)
Compressing good Water energy in her leaves (if not a Leavanny) or arms (as a Leavanny), Sendai fires a widespread volley of bright fireworks (in a 60 degree wide arc in front of her) towards her targets, which explode and shower the targets with barbs of Water energy. Pokemon who see the fireworks will find themselves blinded for a short time, and the barbs will deal good Water damage to those hit (damage calculated off SpAtk). Star Shell has a 25% chance of causing confusion from the blinding flash. Star Shell's barbs do not weaken confusion caused by the flash. Sendai has the Water energy to use this four times, but cannot use this more than once a round.
Hidden Power: Rock

Harusame: Female Cradily [Level 5]
(Notes: Her tentacles are bright pink as normal Lileep have them. They taper off to a fluorescent shade of blue rather than darkening though. Her body is a much lighter shade of purple, becoming completely pink when she evolves into Cradily)
Cradily (Rock/Grass): Cradily can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Cradily's Ingrain is more effective than normal. While they are capable of movement when not rooted down, they are quite slow, as they must hop around to get around. As a sea lily, their natural habitat is the ocean, allowing them to stay underwater indefinitely. They also take slightly less damage from Water-type attacks. They are capable of seeing in the dark. Being fossils, their Ancient Power attack will boost slightly more often.

Bio: "Nothing beats my Mapo Harusame!"
Working part time as a noodle chef, Harusame knows that the best broth takes time to prepare, mostly to bring out the ultimate in flavour. Finding that Pokemon enjoy eating in battle as well, Harusame tried to make some special broth for her opponents to have to whet their appetite. Initial taste tests showed that only the spicy broths were able to be made best in the short time frame, so I guess it works with all the excess Spelon Berries I just happen to have stashed away in the inventory. Spicy noodles best noodles, nuff said. Everyone in the troupe loves noodles. \o/
Signature Move: Super Spicy Mapo Broth (FIRE)
Brewing up considerable Fire energy in her mouth, Harusame draws in additional nutrients from her surroundings to perfect her soup. Once the broth is ready, the scalding hot broth of energy is poured over her opponent to deal considerable Fire damage, with a 30% chance to cause burns and a 30% chance to flinch. These are rolled separately, and a Pokemon may flinch and be burned at the same time as a result of this attack. However, if the broth makes contact with any organs involved in tasting food, Super Spicy Mapo Broth will have an increased chance to flinch from 30% to 50%. If Harusame is in water or in an environment under the effects of Rain Dance on the turn that preparation begins, Super Spicy Mapo Broth fires in an almost rapid-fire like fashion from Harusame's mouth. Otherwise, Super Spicy Mapo Broth will function similarly to Future Sight. In this variation, a beam of translucent energy will be fired into the air and disperse into the surroundings, stewing in the heat of battle for two to three rounds, depending on round length. A gurgling rumble will resound just before the searing-hot finished broth condenses around the target and drenches them. Harusame has the Fire energy to use this twice, and Super Spicy Mapo Broth is not weakened by the effects of Rain Dance or water in general.
Hidden Power: Flying

Kouwan: Female Chesnaught [Level 5]
(Notes: Monochromatic colour scheme, predominately white, with varying shades of black and grey. Eyes are blue with wisps extending from them.)
Chesnaught (Grass/Fighting): Chesnaught's bodies are covered by an extremely durable wooden carapace, allowing them to guard themselves from physical assaults. Any physical attack that hits their shield or arm guards will deal only 80% damage. Additionally, their shell grants them extra protection against concussive force and any move involving bursting or explosions that hits their shell will be greatly reduced in damage. They have two vines hidden on their heads that they can extend to use to manipulate objects and Pokémon and attack. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.

Bio: "I'll... sink you."
An Abyssal I encountered in a trip to the coastline, I found Kouwan guarding a rainforest quite close to the shoreline. Turns out she was left there many decades ago, and the Abyssals took her in as one of their own. The rainforest happened to have an underwater canal leading to an Abyssal base. Thanks to Wo-Kyuu and Re-Kyuu's assistance, we managed to get an invitation to visit the base and all that. Until I sort of broke an artefact and got dive-bombed by Kouwan. It really hurt. It was her little sister's favourite, it seems. She's very quiet and reserved otherwise.
Signature Move: Abyssal Dive Bomber (WATER)
Cloaking her body in an armour of flowing water using significant Water energy, Kouwan shoots into the air before closing in on her target at speeds akin to a Quick Attack, slamming her body headfirst if possible into her opponent. Abyssal Dive Bomber deals significant Water damage on impact with the target, but if they have had at least a one mover within the last two rounds, Abyssal Dive Bomber deals high Water damage instead. Abyssal Dive Bomber has a 20% chance of flinch the Pokemon hit, and Kouwan has the Water energy to use this twice. Kouwan is unable to learn Belly Drum and Swagger.
Hidden Power: Psychic

Kuchikuikyuu: Male Ferrothorn [Level 5]
(Notes: Monochromatic colour scheme, predominately black, with varying shades of white and grey. Eyes are blue with wisps extending from them.)
Ferrothorn (Grass/Steel): Like their pre-evolution, Ferrothorn are covered in large spines. Physical attacks dealt to them will deal 25% recoil damage to the user. Ferrothorn move with the aid of their three vines, able to use them much like arms or claws to move or attack. They can also be used to stick to ceilings or other horizontal surfaces. Their Gyro Ball is more effective than normal.
Bio: "*random gutteral roaring sounds that you'd expect out of a demonic shark more than a seed*"
Finding out that many of the Abyssals were intrigued with the many dishes from the land and islands, I returned once more to their base with a large supply of bread and other baked goods. One of the more destructive Abyssals, a Ferroseed, ended up taking a liking for sourdough bread in particular, and tried to learn how to make it itself. How an armless ball of spines could actually find a way to cook anything was beyond me, but somehow, it ended up being able to use the power of the many hydrothermal vents in the abyss to heat its dough up considerably. Although, it ended up using way too much yeast, and the bread exploded from the majestic all over it. We found that the bread was hilariously resistant to damage though, so I tried to help Kuchikuikyuu master the art of baking bread.
Signature Move: Sea's Majestic Bread (Grass)
Focusing high Grass energy into his body, Kuchikuikyuu encases himself in an armour of gooey dough. This dough absorbs 50% of all damage that would reach Kuchikuikyuu in the round Sea's Majestic Bread is used, blocking their side effects in the process. If at least major damage is absorbed by the end of the round, the dough will explode from the majestic in an explosion of steam that reduces all foe's stats by 10% for three rounds. If less than major damage is absorbed by the end of the round, the dough explodes violently and reduces all foe's defenses by 10% for three rounds. Sea's Majestic Bread does not deal damage, and during the round when it is used, no recoil is taken on physical contact with Kuchikuikyuu. Kuchikuikyuu can use Sea's Majestic Bread twice a match, and can use moves as per usual while the dough shield is active.
Hidden Power: Flying

Iskander: Male Hariyama [Level 5]
Hariyama (Fighting): Hariyama are slow and lack agility but are sturdy and difficult to knock over. Hariyama have large, powerful hands and any attacks performed by use of their hands (Arm Thrust, Knock Off, possibly Rock Slide) do 1.2x more damage. This does not apply to fist attacks, such as Mega Punch or Dynamic Punch. Thanks to the thick layer of fat in their skin, Hariyama take 20% less damage from Ice and Fire-type attacks and are resistant to extreme temperatures. They can see in the dark.

Bio: "A cowardly thief would sneak away in the night; the King of Conquerors leaves with his loot amidst songs of victory!"
A true king amongst his subjects, Iskander and his army of Makuhita were renowned for overthrowing the oppressive Geodude Army of Mt. Mortar, but soon left their conquered land to pursue the sea believed to be down the south of Johto. His comrades fell in battle with rival nations, but Iskander pushed on, their wills in his heart as he strived to charge forth, creating a chariot of energy to carry the wounded with himself pulling the reins. Meeting me at the end of the line, I promised him a world of exploration, ripe for the conquering. He happily obliged, with the dreams of conquering the world alongside his companions.
Special Technique: Gordius Wheel (FIGHTING)
Slamming his hands together brimming with considerable Fighting energy, Iskander creates a glorious chariot of fighting spirit in front of him, with two giant palms of energy adorning the front of the chariot. These palms are the size of Iskander himself, and are physical manifestations of his own palms. He may choose to ride the chariot himself, or send it flying towards his opponent with a palm thrust, but regardless, the impact of the chariot's wide palms will deal considerable Fighting damage, with a 20% chance to cause confusion. The chariot disintegrates back into energy after colliding with the opponent, allowing Iskander to land safely on his feet if he rode it. Gordius Wheel does not deal super-effective damage to Dark or Rock types, but does not deal not-very-effective damage to Psychic or Flying types. Instead, Gordius Wheel deals neutral damage to Dark, Rock, Psychic and Flying type Pokemon.
Hidden Power: Ghost

Mokou: Female Blaziken [Level 5]
Blaziken (Fire/Fighting): Blaziken are exceptional jumpers and can leap up to three times their head height. Kicking attacks will do slightly more damage then normal. Blaziken have flames on their wrists and can control whether their flames are ignited at any one time. However, they cannot use any fire attacks if their fire is not ignited. Igniting does not count as a move, and happens automatically when the Pokémon is ordered a fire attack. However, de-igniting counts as a move and they will automatically de-ignite if they fall asleep. Their flames can be used to burn foes if there is prolonged contact and can provide illumination. They are also familiar with the Flying type. As starter Pokémon, their Fire-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health. In its Mega Forme, Blaziken becomes an extremely fast, nimble and adept fighter. Blaziken moves with great speed, allowing it to rapidly change positions to evade attacks, jump exceedingly high and far, and close even great distances to deliver assaults. Their fast striking speed allows them to more easily combo physical moves.
Bio: "If my flames don't work on you, let's see how you like this sucker!"
Simply put, a hotheaded, hotblooded kicking bird. That's pretty much Mokou in a nutshell. She has this hatred for pretty much all Pokemon originating from the moon, and would very much enjoy kicking them back to the moon if she ever encountered them. I have a hard time making sure she doesn't go overboard, but at the very least, she's learnt not to go after Higure. Especially given that type disadvantage and that Higure used to be a giant as hell moon. Yuuki is one of the few she actually listens to though, possibly because she makes good yakitori and that Yuuki doesn't mind being kicked by her.
Signature Move: Hollow Giant [Wu] (ELECTRIC)
Mokou leaps into the air and performs a lightning-wreathed kick (the style varying depending on her orders, the default being a drop kick), slamming her foot down onto the ground or into her opponent. When Mokou's foot strikes the ground, bolts of lightning rain down in a 60 degree arc in front of her, striking both airborne Pokemon and grounded Pokemon for considerable Electric damage, with a 20% chance of causing moderate paralysis (damage calculated using SpAtk and SpDef). If Mokou's foot strikes the target itself, this attack deals considerable Electric damage while causing severe localised paralysis where the opponent is hit (damage calculated using Atk and Def). These both use heavy Electric energy and Mokou has the Electric energy to use this twice. Mokou has forgotten Thunder Punch, Fire Punch and Mega Punch in learning this technique.
Hidden Power: Ice

Kasen: Female Magenta Tropius [Level 4]
Tropius (Grass/Flying): Tropius, while not the most agile or fastest fliers, have some of the largest wingspans, meaning that their wind based attacks are 1.2x more powerful. Any Pokémon, including Tropius, may use a move to eat a fruit from Tropius' neck, restoring a good amount of health. They gain greater benefits from strong sunlight than other Grass types.
Bio: "Are you really going to be flustered by some pomegranates?"
Kasen loves fruit, but most of all, she loves her pomegranates. And then someone teleported Hurricane Patricia to her fruit orchard for a minute and ripped up all her pomegranate crops. She was able to get them all back at least, but the experience taught her the benefits of pomegranate juice. Also the terrors of hurricanes. Aside from dyeing the world crimson.
Signature Attack: Pomegranate Panic (Grass)
Kasen flaps her wings, whipping up a wicked windstorm, blowing opponents around the arena and into the path of the rain of pomegranates these winds bring with them. These pomegranates explode on impact, coating everything in a gooey layer of crimson pomegranate juice that reduces the power of Fire and Ice attacks and their side effects by 50% for two rounds. Pomegranate Panic costs decent Grass energy plus decent Flying energy, totalling to heavy energy. Pokemon caught in the windstorm will take moderate Flying or Grass damage (depending on the type specified) and up to moderate collision with obstacles. In addition, she gains access to Hurricane, and the fruits that grow on her neck can be a mixture of pomegranates and bananas. (purely aesthetic, they still function the same way as Tropius's SC usually does)
Hidden Power: Rock
Attached Token: Harvester's Token

Tamamo: Female Ninetales [Level 5]
Ninetales (Fire): As foxes, Ninetales are more inclined to combat by deception, their deception based attacks being significantly more potent. Their Confuse Ray is more effective and their Double Team produces one additional copy. They have sensitive hearing, at the expense of greater vulnerability to sound based status attacks. Owing to their physical beauty, attacks like Attract are more effective than normal.
Bio: 「みこ~ん!」
Remember how I'm very very fond of fluffy tails? And tend to vanish from reffings every now and again? All for Tamamo here. Just look at her fluffeh tails!
Well, Tamamo is quite the accomplished spellcaster, her control over flames quite dazzling to those who observe her skills. Her ancestor was indeed the lover of a retired Emperor of Japan, a nine-tailed fox spirit given human form, who met her end when she was accused of cursing the ailing ruler in the fields of Nasu. Like her ancestor, Tamamo is very adept at hiding in the very same type of fields, but the fox Pokemon remains unable to grasp her true strength as her predecessor could in the last few days of her life. Tamamo settled for learning to recreate her ancestor's signature skill, calling upon the power of the Sun Goddess to exact revenge on the self-righteous, narrow minded people who slayed her ancestor. Naturally through striking her opponents where it hurts, where it REALLY hurts, and ONCE MORE for their complete repentance.

Special Technique: Blessings of Amaterasu (FIRE)
Channelling significant Fire energy into the arena, Tamamo creates a burning circle of dim, unquenchable flame and plunges the arena into darkness for five rounds. The heat produced by these flames are very similar to that of the sun's, providing the benefits of sunlight without illuminating the arena. Despite there being no sunlight present, Fire and Grass type Pokemon will benefit as if Sunny Day has been used, and the heat produced will weaken Ice and Water type moves by 20%. Additionally, Tamamo and her allies recover a light amount of health every round for the five rounds this is active. Nature Power becomes Lava Plume while Blessings of Amaterasu is active. Tamamo has forgotten Overheat and Flare Blitz due to those moves making her way too hot-blooded than she likes.
Hidden Power: Electric

Sasquatch: Male Abomasnow [Level 5]
Abomasnow (Grass/Ice): Abomasnow are able to disguise themselves well in blizzards and snowy areas. Their Hail attack is far more effective than normal, starting faster and dealing mild damage to any non Ice-types on the field for each round it is in effect. Like a Tyranitar uses sand, Abomasnow can generate a hailstorm from its own body and can thus use the technique indoors. Their Blizzard attack takes slightly less energy than normal. In its Mega Forme, Abomasnow is larger and bulkier than normal in exchange for being slightly slower. Abomasnow's attacks are all somewhat more powerful and it is slightly more resistant to both physical and special blows, but its bulky, heavy form does not allow for a significant range of movement. Against any Pokémon that would reasonably be afraid of Mega Abomasnow, a Mega Abomasnow's fear-inducing attacks are more effective.
Burned at the stake, burned in the harsh blazes of the south, seared by the unforgiving weather of the tropics, Sasquatch's travels have made him embrace the titan within him, a once uncontrollable beast whose exposure to fire only strengthened his will to fight and destroy.
Special Technique: The Wickerman (GRASS)
Using considerable energy, Sasquatch grows to 1.5x his height and 2.25x his weight, becoming a fearsome monstrosity. The added weight is owing to the increased cellulose in his skin, causing Sasquatch to take 30% less damage he would usually take from Fire and Poison attacks. His speed and agility decreases by 10% when he becomes The Wickerman, but his offenses increase by 10%. In exchange for this newfound power, Sasquatch loses Growth and Swords Dance.
Hidden Power: Flying
Attached Token: Sculptor's Token

Carmilla: Female Gliscor [Level 5]
Gliscor (Ground/Flying): Gliscor are not true fliers. Instead, they glide. If needed to, however, they are able to fly for short distances, and their claws allow them to grab and climb relatively smooth surfaces. Upon evolving, their claws became much stronger and attacks that use them are 1.2x stronger then normal. They are also able to use a form of echolocation, allowing them to see through illusions, reveal hidden Pokémon and have a better sense of their surroundings in low-visibility situations. Gliscor can see in the dark and fight more enthusiastically at night. They remain immune to Electric moves when in flight, though are affected as normal in wet conditions.
Bio: "The blood of many fuels the beauty of one."
Seeking the beauty to last eternally, Carmilla bathed in the blood of her maiden enemies, wrung dry as they squirmed and writhed in the snares of her iron maiden. A master of torture and trapping, Carmilla often finds herself at odds with Biribiri and the other trappers in the team who prefer to simply capture, but not harm. Of course, the metaphorical gloves come off when she's in battle, always ready to delight herself in the screams of pain from her victims.
Special Attack: Phantom Maiden (GROUND)
Sending good Ground energy into the ground, Carmilla forces numerous spiked pillars to erupt from beneath the foe and slams them together, trapping them in a sturdier variant of Rock Tomb and dealing light Ground damage. Designed to torture, the shock of being crushed and imprisoned in earth reduces the foe's defensive stats by 10%, and Phantom Maiden deals minor typeless damage for every round they spend trapped inside. If there is no sturdy earth or if Carmilla is airborne with no way to quickly make contact with a grounded surface, Carmilla will expend considerable energy instead of good energy to use this move, firing a beam of light from her claw into the ground before the pillars erupt.
Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Badge: Fleeting Badge

Darius: Male Golbat [Level 4]
Crobat (Poison/Flying): Crobat are silent fliers and only Pokémon with excellent hearing will be able to hear them. Unlike Zubat, they can see, though they can use sonar if needed. Their individually controlled wings allow them incredible agility in the air, as well as impressive speed. They can see in the dark and have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound based status attacks, though they are immune to confusion from Supersonic. Draining attacks used by Crobat drain faster than those used by other Pokémon if they are administered via a bite. They fight more enthusiastically at night.
Bio: "*garbled screeches of rage*
Hidden Power: Ground

Arthur: Male Skarmory [Level 5]
Skarmory (Steel/Flying): Skarmory are used to living in harsh environments so piercing or scratching attacks do less damage than normal against them. Their wings also provide slight resistance against physical attacks when tucked at their side. The undersides of their wings are sharp, granting them a 1.2x boost if used to attack.
Bio: "Come forth, o holy spear that shines at the end of the world!
The King of Knights, renowned for his charisma among his subjects and for his heroic exploits, was the guardian of the three sacred artefacts tethering the World of Man and the Other Side of the World together. Centuries after his death, the time-worn blade was reforged with the light of hope, reviving his mind with the will to defend the world. Arthur's scabbard restored his body from the ether of the Age of Gods, granting him flight between the two worlds. Finally, his spear was returned to him, having fulfilled its duty of anchoring the two worlds together, now ready to aid him in battle once more.
Special Attack: Rhongomyniad (GROUND)
Quickly channelling considerable Ground energy and light Steel energy into his wings, Arthur summons forth the holy spear using a feather as a catalyst. Arthur can then either launch Rhongomyniad from his wing, or dive-bomb the foe with Rhongomyniad in tow to deal considerable Ground damage, ignoring any physical defense boosts they may have. Rhongomyniad is capable of causing deep piercing wounds in Realistic battles. The spear is imbued with a sealing curse, preventing the foe from using moves that cost more than considerable energy for the next round and a half. Arthur has the Ground energy to use this move twice, losing Brave Bird and Curse as a result.
Hidden Power: Water

Kiyohime: Female Gyarados [Level 5]
Gyarados (Water/Flying): Gyarados are terrifying and their fear based attacks are much more effective than normal. Gyarados are equally at home on land or in the water. They are not particularly agile in either medium despite their Flying typing, however. They can see in the dark. Their incredible jaw strength gives them a 20% boost to their biting attacks. In its Mega Forme, Gyarados becomes Water/Dark typed. Its appearance gives off an extremely intimidating aura, causing smaller and more timid Pokémon to cower, reducing the willingness of its foes to attack, as well as giving it the ability to intimidate Pokemon who would normally hold a resistance.
Bio: "I loved him so, I missed him so, was betrayed, so sadsosadsosadsohatefulhatehatehatehatehate -- So I burned him to death~."
A self-styled denizen of the deep that lives for love, Kiyohime fell in love at first sight with a Feebas who was her grotto for shelter. But when she confessed her love, Kiyohime was rejected, but the Feebas promised to visit her before leaving for the rivers of the north.
But she was betrayed. The Feebas broke his promise, scared for his life, and fled without meeting her. In despair, grief and resentment, she evolved and burst in flames, pursuing the Feebas tenaciously. When she caught up to him, she roasted him alive in her tranquil rage before losing consciousness. When she came to, she had returned to her previous form, floating down a river where I encountered her. She's become very clingy though, and hates lies. That aside, she's got a good disposition and is skilled at cooking.

Special Attack: Tenshin Kashou Zanmai (FIRE)
Wreathing herself in searing hot flames, Kiyohime chases after her target at high speed with relentless passion, ramming into them for moderate Fire damage. The flames surrounding Kiyohime will protect her from all Electric and Ice attacks, and she will continue gaining speed until she catches her victim. These flames can only be quelled if Kiyohime gets hit by an attack of high power or more, but her momentum will continue on, dealing moderate typeless damage. This attack will always hit regardless of the circumstances, allowing Kiyohime to quickly cross large distances and even fly into the air to reach her victim. If the target is trying to be recalled when the attack begins, Kiyohime will catch them just as they turn back into light. The overload of love and burning flames causes major Fire damage to the victim, leaving them with severe burns as they return to their Poke Ball. Kiyohime loses Thunder and Avalanche.
Hidden Power: Ground

Egusa: Male Mantine [Level 5]
Mantine (Water/Flying): Mantine are fish, thus they are helpless on land but elegant in the water. They can fly quite well, though they are incapable of holding position indefinitely. Whilst they can easily take off from the water, they will have trouble doing so from land. They take slightly less damage from special moves than other Water types.
Bio: "For Lady Souryuu!"
Divebombing extraordinaire, Egusa frequently spars with Aya and Ruby to further his aerial skills and improve his movements in the air and the water. Quick decisions and watchful eyes are crucial for a pilot, and against hunters of Ruby's calibre, Egusa needed to keep her still for long enough to land a deciding blow.
Special Technique: Aichi Ascent (FLYING)
Using solid energy, Egusa gains a burst of speed akin to that of a sustained Quick Attack to allow for evasion or quick approach and allows flight out of water until he lands. This also produces a sonic boom that temporarily stuns the foe, being more effective on those sensitive to sound. As such, Egusa will be very likely to follow up with another attack before the foe can react. Aichi Ascent does no damage and is not restricted to land or water-based combat, the sonic boom being generated in both situations.
Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Token: Birdkeeper's Token

Hiei: Female Torterra [Level 5]
Torterra (Grass/Ground): Due to the tree growing out of them, Torterra are impossible to knock completely on their back. They are also able to blend into their surroundings on certain terrain, making them difficult to spot in forest areas. They are slow and ungainly. They are experts at manipulating natural surroundings and attacks like Earthquake and Frenzy Plant will take a little less energy to use. Attacks on their shell do slightly less damage. As starter Pokémon, their Grass-type attacks are slightly more powerful when they drop below 1/3 health.
Bio: "All my spirit! I'll show you my worth!"
A peppy tortoise at heart, Hiei puts her heart and soul into everything she does. Cleaning, cooking, harvesting fruit, maintaining the forest, even keeping the skies clear with her soon-to-be patented anti-air artillery! Okay, maybe not cooking, but her travels at sea with the fleet and the memories bestowed by her name make her edgy around Flying types and those capable of aerial bombardments. With her Type Tree gear though, Hiei's slowly learning not to be so terrified of my friends of the sky.
Signature Attack: Type Tree Mortar Shell (GROUND)
Hiei launches a large shell of compacted earth into the sky after stomping on the ground, which crashes down from above the opponent. This then explodes, trapping the foe in a reinforced cage of dense clay and mud and forces them to the ground, functioning as a combined Smack Down and Rock Tomb. This move costs considerable Ground energy and deals a minimum of moderate Ground damage on shelling impact, additional damage being possible as the foe crashes to the ground (maximum of good typeless damage based on weight and body size). Hiei can use this move at most three times a match.
Hidden Power: Ground

Carroll: Female Gothitelle [Level 5]
Gothitelle (Psychic): Gothitelle are skilled illusionists, able to create illusions much like with Hypnosis to fool their foes. They also have an innate sense of the future, able to predict and anticipate attacks, making them slightly more likely to evade. If their stats are lowered, their special attacks will be a bit more powerful for a few rounds. They fight most enthusiastically at night and are familiar with the Dark-type.
Bio: 「くるくるくるくる回るドア、行き着く先は鍋の中!」
A hero of children, Carroll carries in her heart the hopes of the young and the innocent. Always lost in her thoughts, Carroll enjoys playing with the other members of the troupe and frequently joins Houshou for tea and stories. She's always happy to aid others in recalling their childhood, her stories bringing fond memories of youth and the warm memories of joy that many forget.
Special Attack: Nursery Rhyme (FAIRY)
Crafting a book out of heavy Fairy energy, Carroll begins to telepathically read a nostalgic tale from the youth of all Pokemon. These words call forth a large wave of childhood memories that crash down upon the opposition to deal heavy Fairy damage. Additionally, foes hit by Nursery Rhyme will be unable to access offtype energies for the next round, while also becoming reluctant to attack Carroll in general until she hits them with an attack.
Hidden Power: Fire

Hindenburg: Male Drifblim [Level 5]
Drifblim (Ghost/Flying): Drifblim can inflate themselves to either provide a slight defense against physical attacks or for propulsion. Drifblim are almost always solid, but able to turn ethereal for short periods of time. They are very nimble in the air but light much like Hoppip and can be blown about easily by winds, but in ethereal, they are not influenced by winds or other similar forces. They cannot be poisoned.
Going down in flames was what his namesake was remembered for, but Hindenburg refuses to go down without a fight. If foes are going to shoot him down, and make him burn, Hindenburg vowed to have them join him in the depths of fiery hell.
Special Attack: Big Bang Boom (FIRE)
Hindenburg is able to infuse his Substitutes with Fire energy to replace half the energy requirement (e.g. a considerable Substitute will use considerable health, decent Fire energy and decent Normal energy). This is done by ordering [Big Bang Boom] (Power Level) Substitute. When a Big Bang Boom Substitute would be destroyed, it will be drawn towards the attacker and explode in their face rather than simply disintegrating to deal Fire damage equal to 75% of the health sacrificed plus 50% of the energy cost of the last move used on the Substitute, rounded up, (e.g. a considerable Big Bang Boom Substitute hit by a Thunderbolt will deal good + decent for high Fire damage total). Hindenburg can only use a Big Bang Boom Substitute once per opponent.
Hidden Power: Ice

Souryuu: Female Lapras [Level 4 Uplevel]

Signature Move:

Hidden Power: Flying
Attached Token: Sculptor's Token

Hiryuu: Female Onix [Level 3]

Signature Move:

Hidden Power: Ground

Windy May: Female Aerodactyl [Level 2]
Bio: "Do you know how terrible and sad it is to lose family?"
A transcendent being from the prehistoric era, Windy May was one of the first of her kind in the war to fight off the invasion on her land. Their armour was near impenetrable, their technology vastly superior to the blood and sweat of Pokemon, but she fought tooth and nail, pressing on to whittle down the oppressive force. Charging into the enemy lines, she tore down their defenses and paved the way for her allies to seize victory. Now revived in the modern age, Windy May still recalls the hardships of the past and uses those as her motivation to fight for the future. She's quite a bit more cheerful after adjusting to being revived from fossilisation though, which is nice. Even if it's only a bit.
Special Attack: Primal Fang [FLYING/ROCK]
Charging heavy energy into her jaws, Windy May chomps down hard on her target, dealing heavy damage to the foe and removing all stat boosts (if any) on the opponent, be it by species characteristics, move use, or passive effects. Stat boosts granted by species characteristics removed by this move will be restored in five rounds on average, depending on round length, but boosts from passive effects and move use will not be restored. If there are no stat boosts on the foe, this move will reduce their defensive stats by 10% for three rounds instead. Windy May may use two variations of this move, Primal Fang uses Rock energy and deals Rock damage, while Tyrant Fang uses Flying energy and deals Flying damage.
Hidden Power: Electric


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