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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
Spoiler: show

Kamui... Were they really parting ways?

The Golduck nodded, in absolute silence like always, and held out a hand. Levin took it and dozens of flashbacks passed in front of his eyes, from the day Jess traded him a helpless Psyduck to the day of the last battle with Ivan, where Kamui played a key role. Each and every one of those moments remained fresh on his mind, and in pained him to see the Golduck go after everything they'd been through together. But there was much more of the world out there than Levin would be able to show him now that Kamui's senses were all awakened and eager to absorb the knowledge, the wonders and mysteries of the universe.

- My road is dull and straightforward, much too linear for someone with your abilities. I helped heal and awaken you, but it's up to someone else to show you all that there is to see - without the constant battling and struggling that my path will demand. You've grown above that, and the world awaits you, so get out there and take it!

A Luxury Ball in his belt clicked open and Mazo appeared from within. He approached Kamui and placed a hand on his shoulder, the Golduck doing the same in return. No words were spoken, but Levin knew they said everything they needed to. The bond between them was unbreakable, and while Mazo needed to stay behind (his own path forever entwined in Levin's), he'd never Kamui either. The Water-Type was the closest he ever had to a brother who understood and shared his powers, and Levin was certain the two would reunite again in the future. For now, their roads split, each of them ready to begin anew...

Trading Golduck with the stats below to Pest for 2 Candies.

Spoiler: show
Level: 33
Gender: Male
Ability: Cloud Nine
Evolution: --->
Holding: N/A
Birthday: April 1
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Trade with lilbluecorsola

Level-Up Moves:
Aqua Jet
Water Sport
Tail Whip
Water Gun
Water Pulse
Fury Swipes
Zen Headbutt
Aqua Tail

Egg Moves:
Confuse Ray
Cross Chop
Mud Bomb

Move Tutor Moves:

Custom/Event Moves:
Voodoo Bugaloo ("PSYCHIC: User summons voodoo doll (energy use = Confusion) and prods it with a psychic pin to paralyze the opponent for 10 seconds; opponent can only use eye moves. One use per battle.)

TM Moves:
Shadow Claw

HM Moves:
Rock Smash

IQ: 0

Beauty Points: 0

Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0

*Trade started*
Trading 2 candies to MarbleZone for his Lv.33 Male Golduck. Thanks!

*Trade closed*

Watching the Golduck part ways with his soon-to-be-former trainer's Lucario, Pest couldn't help but let her eyes well up with tears. She'd heard that Levin was taking on a new chapter in life, and that Kamui's part in it had come to a close, but that didn't make their goodbyes any less heart-wrenching. She was glad to be able to give the Golduck a new home, and she knew it was a preferable alternative to being released into the wild. Still, she hated to think that she was what was tearing them apart.

A nudge to the side distracted her from her brooding thoughts. Beside her, Vesta pulled a claw back, satisfied that the poke had prevented the threat of doom and gloom. She nodded at her Charmeleon in understanding; she wasn't the cause of any of this. Every team shrunk and grew in its own way, and this was simply how fate had decided to take its course.

The next thing she knew, the stoic Golduck stood before them. He said nothing, instead taking in the sight of them with mild curiosity. Pest wondered if she was being probed mentally, but she couldn't feel anything that would indicate as such. Maybe the thing about Golduck having psychic powers was a myth. Or maybe that just implied some rather unflattering things about her mental state.

"Um ... hi." She waved at him, feeling stupid. "So I'm your new trainer. I'm sorry if I look like a letdown or anything. All my Pokémon run me ragged sometimes. Not to imply you'd get lost in the crowd!" she added hastily. "Everyone on my team is unique. I don't get to understand most of them, but I can tell just from the way they interact, and I'm rambling again. Sorry."

The Golduck blinked.

"Kamui," she said, trying to get over that awkwardness. "That's a nice name. But the way it's turned out with me, my Pokémon usually have names that promise a great destiny. They're named after gods and spirits and heroes, and I think I know a name that would fit you perfectly. How does Fons sound?"

A moment of pensiveness passed before the Golduck nodded slowly. Pest resisted the urge to sigh in relief. She knew it was only a matter of time before a Pokémon decided to resist her pretentious theme naming.

Vesta spoke up then, catching Fons' attention. Naturally, Pest couldn't understand a word of what the Charmeleon was saying, but the way the Golduck's eyes glittered as he listened to her speech was comforting. Vesta gestured toward her trainer, then to the departing Levin and Mazo, and back to her trainer again, using her usual calm and steady cadence. Her tail flame flickered as if in fear of the powerful water-type before her, but her manner betrayed no sense of aversion. She reached out a clawed hand in a gesture of goodwill, watching Fons expectantly.

Fons stared at the hand for a while. Then he made up his mind, grasping it in his own webbed hand and shaking it gently but firmly.

Pest smiled at the exchange. "It looks like you're already getting along great. Welcome to the team!"
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