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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
It's time at last...

Spoiler: show

Atla bumped her fist and winked at Levin. She was ecstatic.

- Finally time, eh?

It wasn't that she was glad to leave. But Atla's presence on the team had been one filled with stress and obligations, and she was relieved to finally be able to care for herself and grow at her own pace.
Throughout most of her stay, the team grew accustomed to regarding her as a mother. She was the caretaker and protector of the group despite her small stature, and tended to all of them to the best of her abilities... meanwhile suppressing her natural urge to fight and be stronger. Levin tried to work around it by placing her in an intensive training regimen, and she persisted thanks to the belief that doing so would allow her to better protect her friends. But in the end, with so many clashing personalities and Levin's own goals differing from hers (since he favored raising Fighting-Types, who she felt uncomfortable around), it soon became apparent that they needed to go their separate ways.

Now, the opportunity to start her own journey presented itself when a very eager newcomer fought tooth and nail to take Atla home. Levin was positive that so much dedication into obtaining her could only translate into an equal amount of devotion when it came time to raise her, so he knew Atla would be in the most capable hands he could have asked for.

- Go on then, and become the awe-inspiring Pokemon I know you can be! I look forward to seeing you again, and who knows, maybe we can even spar again like we used to! See you around dear!

Trading Teddiursa with the stats below to sweetbbydoll for 5 Candies, Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer, 4 Heart Scales, 1 Pumpkin ball, 2 Christmas Ball, 1 Cranberry Pokeblock, Grepa Berry, Rawst Berry, Rabuta Berry, 2 Bluk Berries, 2 Haban Berries, 2 Durin Berries, 2 Liechi Berries, Pika Doll (USED), Sparkly Christmas Tree, Snorunt Plushie (USED), Delibird Plushie (USED), 3 Clear Gummis, 3 Royal Gummis, 4 White Gummis.

Spoiler: show
Level: 15
Gender: Female
Ability: Pickup
Holding: N/A
Birthday: May 10
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Adoption Centre

Level-Up Moves:
Fake Tears
Fury Swipes
Feint Attack

Egg Moves:
Close Combat
Night Slash

Move Tutor Moves:
Fire Punch
Ice Punch
Mega Kick
Mega Punch
Swords Dance
Thunder Punch

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:
Ice Punch

HM Moves:
Rock Smash

IQ: 1

Beauty Points: 10

Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0

*Trade started*

Stepping inside the Cable Club Liza excitedly approached the trading machine with a smile on her face while carrying a very large almost Santa Claus like bag over her shoulder.

Next to her was her newly befriended Kangaskhan watching as her owner was adding another “baby” Pokémon to the team.

Tossing the giant bag containing all of her possessions (5 Candies, Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew beer, (1, 2, 3, 4) Heart Scales, Pumpkin Ball, (1, 2) Christmas Ball, Cranberry Pokeblock (Tess Edit: Used on 16th Feb 2014), Grepa Berry, Rawst Berry, Rabuta Berry, (1, 2) Bluk Berries, (1, 2) Haban Berries, (1, 2) Durin Berries, (1, 2) Liechi Berries, Pika Doll (USED), Sparkly Christmas Tree, Snorunt Plushie (USED), Delibird Plushie (USED), 3 Clear Gummis, 3 Royal Gummis, 4 White Gummis.) into the machine, Liza looked on as they were quickly replaced by a single pokeball.

Happily grabbing the ball she tossed it high in the air as a red light soon released on equally energetic brown bear cub.

“Tedd..?” the small looked up to her questionably as the trainer kneeled down to her eye level “Hi sweetie, my name is Liza and I’m your new trainer, I’ve heard a lot about you and how you had to grow up pretty fast to be a mother to your old team. But I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to stress yourself anymore, here you can be a kid, run and play with others like you-“

“Kanga!” the kangaroo Pokémon roared loudly but affectionately.

“Right” the trainer said picking up the bear in her arms, “This is Kanga and her newborn, Blue.” She said as the little blue baby Kanga waved to her happily, “They’ll take care of you while I’m away on adventures, so you don’t need to worry, she may seem mean at times but it’s usually because she cares.”

“Honey?” the bear said beginning to lick one of her paws.

“Aww, sweetie you hungry?” she said hugging the bear “How about we go home for now and find something to eat!”


Smiling the trainer, Kanga and bear in hand headed out the entrance of the building, “I think I’ll name you, Honey, what do you think?”



Trade Closed

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