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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
It's time at last...

Spoiler: show

They'd been together only a short while, but Levin had bonded with Zwart in a way reminiscent of Eva, his first snake... So like-minded were they that most his recent plans had gone through the Seviper's approval, and he gave Levin confidence when concocting his most outrageous plots. But he couldn't rely on a co-pilot forever... not if he was really going to make a name for himself. He had to do it on his own, and Zwart couldn't be there to help him.

- I've relied on Eva, then Corvus, and now you to help me in my strategies. But I have to finally be my own man in the journey ahead; otherwise, how can I say I did it on my own? Zwart, as much as I need you and as much as we're similar to one another...

The Seviper hissed - he knew what Levin meant. His Trainer's calling was the Fighting-Type, and he'd aim to be the best in the world at that before challenging the reigning Elites and Champion. And for any of that to have meaning, Zwart knew Levin would want to do it on his own. He respected that, and at the same time he felt curious about the new Trainer that had claimed him afterwards. Would they bond as well? Would he be as open to morally questionable plans as Levin was? Whichever the case, they both were determined to move on with their lives, with the certainty that none of them would ever forget each other.

Trading Seviper with the stats below to Escalion for 1 Candy and 1 Babiri Berry.

Spoiler: show
Level: 1
Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Holding: N/A
Birthday: May 19
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Trade with DaveTheFishGuy

Level-Up Moves:

Egg Moves:

Move Tutor Moves:

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:

HM Moves:

IQ: 0

Beauty Points: 4

Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0

*Trade started*


There, all done! Thanks for your patience everyone... and please, please take good care of these guys! I look forward to seeing them grow under your care and I'm curious as to where you'll take their characters!
Trading my 1 Rare Candy and 1 Babiri Berry to MarbleZone for Zwart the Seviper.

*Trade Closed*

The Big Boss flies through the air, two items firm but carefully secured in his claws. It was so easy once again, one Rare Candy and a random Berry from Rowan's stash. The Night Shadow has access to everything and Rowan won't even notice they're missing. Levin has been good to him, but his judgement was right. To really make it in his kind of business he needs easy access to money and other valuable or easy to trade items, and the Virote fortune does just that.

But the Banker or the Underworld has bigger plans and he isn't there yet. His plans are in motion, but some final tools are missing and for that The Don needs his old trainer once again. He has ears everywhere and quickly picked up on rumor concerning Levin. He heard he planned to trade away half his team to enable himself and his Pokémon to fulfill their own goals and destiny. Not everything can be in sync all the time apparently. This trading bonanza however is just was the Shadow Lurker needed. Zwart, Levin's Seviper, took his old role on the team, but Levin decided to trade him too as he wanted to do things on his own. So now The Financer or Crime is flying here to trade these two stolen items for Zwart.

The Night Crawler greets his former trainer like an old friend, tapping the fedora like crest with his wing, a rather friendly looking smirk on his face. Business is business however and trade is done quickly. The Crime Lord is now in possession of what perhaps will become his most powerful tool, Zwart the Seviper will be known and feared all across Fizzytopia Underworld as The Black Death. And The Master of Violence is now ready to execute his plan. His Secret Hideout in Rowan's base is almost ready and The Miner has hit pay dirt. This year will be a good year for The Big Boss.

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