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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post
It's time at last...


Spoiler: show

The mighty Steelix coiled itself around Levin as they said their goodbyes. The sword and shield of the team, an impeccable guardian and friend, Gram had endured Levin's discrimination over his brother's death caused by his own Steelix. But when the ice was broken, the young man learned to accept Gram and went as far as to use him in the last showdown against Ivan.

- Now we move on, both of us. My journey will be one of fighting, which you strongly dislike, and most of the team will go on their own journeys as well. That means you no longer need to play the role of protector, much like Atla, and are free to be yourself and see the world under the care of someone who better suits your needs. That person is Hyrem, the Trainer that helped you evolve and who has a special affinity for snake Pokemon like yourself! I couldn't think of a better home for you, and I promise I'll visit every now and then! But what I look forward the most is seeing how you grow on your own, and how far Hyrem can take you in his own travels... Take care Gram, and thank you for everything!

Trading Steelix with the stats below to Gemini Spark for 5 Candies.

Spoiler: show
Level: 3
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Evolution: --->
Holding: N/A
Birthday: August 27
Nature: Undeclared
Obtained: Trade with Tyoyo3131

Level-Up Moves:
Thunder Fang
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Mud Sport

Egg Moves:
Rock Blast

Move Tutor Moves:

Custom/Event Moves:

TM Moves:

HM Moves:
Rock Climb
Rock Smash

IQ: 1

Beauty Points: 0

Contest Stats: 10/10/10/10/10

*Trade started*


There, all done! Thanks for your patience everyone... and please, please take good care of these guys! I look forward to seeing them grow under your care and I'm curious as to where you'll take their characters!
And I hereby trade my 5 Rare Candies for MarbleZone's Lv. 3 Male Steelix named Gram!




Pike Queen Lucy's helicopter hadn't dropped off Hyrem back in Fizzytopia after his inspection of the Arcane Realm even half an hour ago when he got a call from Levin, whose Onix, Gram, he helped evolve into a Steelix while at the same time arranging a meetup with him and Shisato. Turns out the call was about him wanting to trade Gram again, this time for good. Hyrem knew he would have to act on this one; the time he met the Steelix was fresh in his mind, as well as the battle he had against Luke's Onix. There was no way he could pass this up. There were other Pokemon Levin was trading away that he was interested in as well. He made offers for six Pokemon total; in the end, all he was able to win out on was Gram, but he was the most important in Hyrem's mind. Sure, there was an Aerodactyl, a Skorupi, a Magmortar, and even Levin's Garchomp that were on the line, the Aerodactyl being offered the most for, but as long as he was the one to end up with Gram, he would be happy.

But as he stepped into the Cable Club, his mind began racing with fear... would Gram accept him as his new trainer? Sure, he had met Gram before, but he wasn't the one to raise him as an Onix. He remembered what the Pewter City Gym Leader told him back when he was at the right age to begin a Pokemon journey but was asked to wait a few years before doing so: Onix was easier to raise than Steelix, so it was ideal to build a friendship with them before evolving them. There are a few accounts of Steelix being caught in the wild, particularly on Sinnoh's Iron Island, but most who tried to raise such behemoths had quickly found themselves in over their heads dealing with Pokemon five times their size that considered their would-be trainers inferior to them. One news article depicted a wild-caught Steelix even going so far as to eat their trainer and its teammates! Yikes! There were many good things about this particular situation, however: Gram had been raised by Levin, and he assured him that as an Onix--and especially as a Steelix--he was completely tame and considered those on his team his family, his stewardship, his to nurture and protect. Secondly, again, Gram and Hyrem had met before, the Iron Snake would likely recognize him, though when they met all he got from Gram was a stare. He was so hard to read, I mean, he had to have gotten some sort of first impression of this scrawny 14 year old kid, but he had no idea what that was.

Ultimately, Levin had already said his goodbyes to Gram and placed his Pokeball on the trade machine, waiting for Hyrem to do the same with his Rare Candies. Once the confections were replaced with a Pokeball, he immediately went outside, finding a clearing large enough to unleash the steel worm just outside the nearby forest. "Okay, Gram, here goes..." he said before opening the Pokeball. The white light erupted and surrounded him before revealing the 30 ft. creature towering over and around him and staring straight down at him... was Gram sizing him up at that moment? "H-h-hi Gram..." Hyrem muttered, his knees shaking before the immense Steelix. Then Gram's body segments scraped against each other as he lowered his head, giving a low rumble from his throat before his head completely touched the ground. At any moment, he could snap up the adolescent in an instant, and it would all be over. But that wasn't his style... right? Hyrem jumped as he was pushed from behind by Gram's tail and had to put out his hands to catch himself... on Gram's face. It felt smooth to the touch when more, softer rumbling from the Steelix caused vibrations to tingle against his body. Now Hyrem was able to get a really good look at Gram's eyes; they showed a sincere longing, a desire to be accepted that shared his own.

He then just noticed how calm his breathing was, the cold, iron skin oddly providing warmth to his spirit. Before he knew what was happening, the Steelix's coils gently embraced him while Gram's chin gave him a friendly nudge before he grunted, showing a big, toothy grin. Hyrem slowly started to grin back before he grasped at his new Pokemon's face... well, I wasn't going to say "hug", you try hugging the big lug, and without vines coming out of your body, cheaters! Ahem, back to the story then... "Welcome to the team, Gram!" he said, now with full confidence that the two had accepted each other.

"I think you'll be a nice change to our team. And you know... Levin told me about how you liked protecting smaller Pokemon. Well, I've got plenty of those! And the more I think about it... the more I know you can help take care of everyone! Yeah, if you keep getting stronger... you'll be the best tank Pokemon I have! I don't really like how you're named Gram though... you're way bigger than that! You can't just be Gram, you're... Kilogram. Yeah, Kilogram... what do you think, you like that name?" The Steelix's booming voice roared happily, eager to not only please his trainer but to care for him. It wasn't just the potential amount of child Pokemon that excited him; this human was obviously younger than Levin and was therefore in more need of a caretaker than his previous trainer, who was clearly much more independent and confident than Hyrem. The idea of a father figure could now go beyond that of the younger Pokemon and extend to this human. His role of protector was never over, for there was always someone in need of protecting. Sure, he could have tried to protect Levin from some dangers, but a man like him never would have accepted such help. This time he had someone malleable, humble, and willing to let this Steelix be his shield. "Great, can't wait to show you to everybody! Okay, Kilogram, return, let's go home... to your new home."


*Trade Closed*

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