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Alto returned his Scyther, to follow up with Absol as there was no one else he could use due to it being two on two. “Oh my god, Absol still looks rather weak from the beating earlier…he might be able to triumph over Shoushi! But Shoushi is relatively fresh in comparison and boosted by Curse…right Mr. Eggo?” Stu inquired as the Volbeat nodded in wonderment as he looked at the Absol and Miltank and wondered who would triumph. Ace quickly began to charge electricity before releasing it as tendrils that surround Shoushi and begin to hurt and paralyse her. Though she manages to stay calm Ace then stomps on the cloud, expecting rocks to come out and surround his opponent however there is no rocks beneath the clouds since they’re in the air so nothing happens and everyone in the audience that can see it through the camera ‘facepalms’ to themselves.

Either way Shoushi begins to sing a strange kind of bell like sound, which is soothing and then her paralyses begins to fade. Once it is completely gone she feels as fresh as a daisy and ready to finish off her opponent with a curse boosted super effective attack. Her fists begin to pump with fighting energy, she smirks as she fires one large burst of fighting energy with her fist and punches straight into Ace for possibly the strongest attack in this match. The clouds fly in all directions due to the force of the attack, but once they clear Shoushi is panting but Ace is on the floor knocked out. It looks like that super effective curse boosted Focus Punch was just too much for the poor thing.

Ace is unable to battle!
Jeri and Shoushi are the winners!

Stu declared as he held up his flag and thanked the Yanmega for acting as a flyer for the round and to Volbeat for helping as he went on to announce the various points.

Jerichi receives 2 KOs and 4 TP
Alto receives 2 TP
I receive 2 SP

Congratulations Jeri and sorry Alto, it was a fun match and I hope you both had fun. Talk to you guys later~”
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