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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
The Library

lilbluecorsola ~ Slumped on the sofa as the past events rushed through your mind you allow your frazzled nerves to calm and pump adrenaline to slow its rush through your system. The burning sensation in your chest reduced to a dull ache as your breathing slowed and you closed your eyes feeling a mixture of relief at momentary safety and shock at the God awful situation you had unfortunately stumbled onto. You knew that the Mansion was not a safe place to be but anything was better than that undead-festered village. You had initially hesitated and eventually opted away from the Mansion past memories and emotions haunting you too much to enter but you could have never expected to experience something far worse in the abandoned dead village. And now here you sat feeling the warmth of the fire flush your skin in the very building you fled from, infected with an unknown disease growing within your body and injured to boot.

Pulling back your trouser leg you wince as the material slides over the raw dirt-filled wound. How ironic would it be to contract another infection whilst fleeing from the source of the original? Laughing bitterly you look around for something that could possibly treat you wound when you hear a voice from behind. Looking over your shoulder to see the hazy red eyes accompanied by a wide grin you leap backwards nearly stumbling over the table in your haste to escape the newcomer who had materialised by your leg examining it with interest. It eagerly asked you how you got the wound and begged you to let it touch it. Backing off towards the hot fire you plead with it not to touch the wound for fear of the pain it would cause and not know where that Gengar’s hand had previously been. Gengar floats back a large pout on its normally grinning face before that inane grin returned full force.

“I will clean it for you,” it says proud of its generosity and floats behind you leading you back to the sofa pushing you onto the soft material and hovering before you. You look at it apprehensively really wishing you could treat it yourself not really trusting the creature that had seemed so intent on touching your wound. Sitting in a more comfortable position you nervously eye Gengar who beams at you with excitement before running his tongue the length of your calf causing you to shriek and leap off the sofa in disgust. You yell at it for its gross actions and it frowns at you for the outburst pouting again.

“My tongue is special,” it says as a manner of explanation, “I can heal anything with it,” it says winking at you and you feel a blush creep up your cheeks at its implications. Backing away from the weird Gengar you shriek again as it reappears behind you lifting you up and placing you back on the sofa.

“Okay,” it whines. “I’ll get some healing items. Do Potions work on humans?” it asks grinning at you trying to rile you up before floating off to the back of the Library. Great not only had you been forced back to the Mansion but you had to stumble onto one of its weirdest occupants. Sitting in silence with the only noise being that of the dying fire you nervously gaze around wondering if within these walls lay the cure to your infection and are startled out of you thoughts as Gengar materialised back in front of you thankfully holding the correct medical supplies for a human and one Potion.

“I found some bandages and antiseptic, though it won’t be as good as my tongue … and a Potion, just incase” it cackles putting the items down and picking up the antiseptic spray picking up you leg and beginning to work. You asked it again if it lived here as it had missed the question the first time and it looked up from your leg and stared at you with those fiery-red eyes again sending chills down your spine.

“I’ve always been here, since I was a little Gastly. Why would I want to be anywhere else this Mansion is sooo fun.” It said chuckling as you winced at the stinging sensation of the spray on your leg.

“What about you beautiful?” it says. “What are you running from?” it asks staring right into your eyes as if it was searching them for the answers. “Whatever it is,” it continues “it gave you a really cool wound, the best one I’ve seen in a while,” it says impressed by your ailment as it applies some non-stick gauze to the wound before bandaging the length of your calf. Sitting back it admired its work.

“It looked better before,” it says grinning at you, “but hurts less now?” it asks and you move your leg back and forth feeling the stinging gone and warmth surround it. Nodding caused Gengar to smile and float back grabbing several cakes from the table you had spotted earlier and devoured them with one great gobble rubbing the crumbs down his leg spreading them everywhere. It suddenly paused as it remembered something and turned to face you looking quite comical with crumbs around its mouth.

“Did you ask me something else?” it asked having paid no attention to your previous questions. You ask it again if it had heard of a place called ‘Vestige Town’ and whether there’d be any books on it here. Gengar folded its short stubby arms over its big belly and donned a thinking pose and went silent. You stare back at it anxiously waiting for an answer but it seemed to big to snore and you nearly hit the ground in shock. What the hell was wrong with this ghost? Waking up at the noise Gengar smirked down at you.

“I have heard of it,” it says as a matter of fact and you feel your hopes rise though it could be playing you.

“It’s not far from this Mansion is that right, through the forest down a shadowy path?” he asks and you affirm his assumptions. “Never seen it,” he says and you feel disheartened “but yep heard of it, the Gallows had spoken of it before,” he says and you’re surprised that he knew the original owners of the Mansion.

“Did you get that lovely wound there? Maybe I should have paid it a visit if it was that feisty.”It says frowning at having missed out. You cough and ask if it knows if the Library has any books on Vestige Town and Gengar floats back so it lies lazily in the air.

“I don’t know but I know how to find out … what’s in it for me?” it asks grinning at you. You blink as you wonder what you could possibly offer the ghost in return for his help when he cackles.

“How about you start by telling me your name beautiful and I’ll give you a head start.”
Jessica stared suspiciously at the Gengar as he offered to clean her wound for her. Before she could respond, he appeared over her shoulder and gently impressed her onto the cushions, bearing a reassuring smile. He hovered towards her leg, and she drew herself into a comfortable, however faintly tense position. His grin animated, disturbing her instincts further. With fervent speed, his tongue unraveled and tenderly caressed the length of her calf, inciting her screams of disgust and horror. Her body instantly erupted from her seat, and she glared distastefully at the disheartened ghost, breathing heavily.

“What was THAT for?”

He answered her with a frown. “My tongue is special,” it replied, “I can heal anything with it.” It winked at her suggestively and wagged the tip of his tongue by example. A flush rose to her cheeks and she coughed again, backing away. Her scream rose again as Gengar emerged behind her, effortlessly raising her body and depositing it once more on the sofa.

“Okay, I’ll get some healing items,” it griped. “Do Potions work on humans?” It smirked at her before drifting off to the back of the Library. Jessica waited in silence, her only company provided by the crackle of the dying flames. Her nervous glance regarded the walls lined with shelves, wondering if they contained the cure to her infection. Her views were startled as Gengar materialized back in front of her, thankfully carrying the proper medical supplies for a human, as well as one promised Potion.

“I found some bandages and antiseptic, though it won’t be as good as my tongue… And a Potion, just in case.” It rested the items on the table and, choosing the antiseptic spray, graciously began ministering it to her wound. As she watched it care for her injury, she repeated her other question, as the ghost seemed to have evaded it the first time. Those burning eyes glanced up at her, transmitting chills down her spine once again.

“I’ve always been here, since I was a little Gastly. Why would I want to be anywhere else, this Mansion is sooo fun,” it cackled as she winced from the medicine’s sting on her surface.

“What about you, beautiful?” it asked. “What are you running from?” Its question struck Jessica, and she doubted how it determined she was the one being pursued. Its eyes penetrated into hers, seeking the truth behind her firm gaze. “Whatever it is,” it mused, breaking the contact, “It gave you a really cool wound, the best one I’ve seen in a while.” It gradually applied some non-stick gauze to the wound before enclosing it with bandages. Shifting backwards, it spread its gaze proudly over its result.

“It looked better before,” it declared with a nasty grin, “but hurts less now?” Jessica gently elevated her leg and let it decline, the pain had mostly disappeared and her leg felt bounded by warmth. She nodded approvingly.

“Thank you,” she murmured, resulting in a gleeful smile. The Gengar then hovered towards the platter, robbing it of several cakes and devouring them with one greedy gulp, as crumbs snowed down onto the carpet. It paused, recalling something else, and it faced her with a comical amount of crumbs still clinging to its mouth.

“Did you ask me something else?” Sigh. She repeated her question about the treacherous town she had just escaped. Gengar crossed its arms over its gigantic belly, appearing to deeply ponder the question. Jessica waited restlessly for its response, growing steadily impatient. Suddenly it began to snore, and she nearly collapsed in shock. The sound unexpectedly awakened the ghost, and it smiled composedly at her.

“I have heard of it,” it stated simply, and her heart rose slightly.

“It’s not far from this Mansion, is that right, through the forest down a shadowy path?” She nodded eagerly. “Never seen it,” it concluded, and her heart sank once again to despair. “…But yep heard of it, the Gallows had spoken of it before.” Jessica regarded the phantom with renewed curiosity and concern. So it had known the previous owners of the Mansion… Whether this was dangerous or helpful, she wasn’t yet sure.

“Did you get that lovely wound there? Maybe I should have paid it a visit if it was that feisty.” It frowned, sorry at having missed out. Jessica coughed meaningfully, inquiring again about the Library’s content of volumes on Vestige Town. Gengar spread itself lazily in the air, observing the girl idly.

“I don’t know but I know how to find out… What’s in it for me?” It grinned expectantly. Jessica balked at the request, frantically contemplating what she could possibly offer the ghost in return for its assistance. It cackled perceptively, its mocking intentions clear.

“How about you start by telling me your name, beautiful, and I’ll give you a head start.”

She shuddered as it declared her character as “beautiful” once again, uncertain whether to accept the title as a compliment. She stared at the spirit hesitantly, and in the silence she again found awareness of her labored breathing. She breathed a difficult sigh, consenting to provide the creature what it asked.

“My name… Is Jessica.” Her hoarse whisper emerged at length. She again regarded the phantom suspiciously, disinclined to impart more knowledge of herself than she received from such shady company. “If I may ask, what is your name?”
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