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l akaFila l

l Trainer Level: 2 l

l KO's: 22 l TP: 69 l SP: 3 l

l Wins: 10 l Losses: 7 l Ties: 0 l

l Items l

Spoiler: show

1. Mawilite -
2. Aerodactylite -

l The Squad l
Spoiler: show
1. - "Arya"
Cubone (Female) - Lv. 2 - HP: Electric

2. - "Aphrodite" @ Mawilite
Mawile (Female) - Lv. 2 - HP: Fighting

3. - "Ray"
Roselia (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Rock

4. - "Wattson"
Joltik (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Rock

5. - "Asha"
Frillish (Female) - Lv. 2 - HP: Ground

6. - "Bacchus"
Lotad (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Fire

7. - "Abusr'd"
Farfetch'd (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Ground
Absur'd was originally owned by another trainer, who quickly named it as it is according to the lack of victories the two found in battle. Before long, this trainer simply gave up on what was perceived to be a flat-out terrible pokemon, and this lead to Absur'd being "gifted" to myself by chance of random encounter. This particular Farfetch'd, thanks to the constant stream of negativity from its previous owner, has developed nerves of steel and wants nothing more than to succeed on the battle field, by any means necessary. This ambition has crafted Absur'd into an Arceus amongst Farfetch'd.
Special Training: Kendo Master
Spoiler: show

Through the practicing of the kendo arts, Absur'd has honed his inner fighting spirit, and has developed his battle technique when armed with his trusty leek. By taking part in this kendo training, Absur'd has gained a slight increase in available fighting type energy, and as learned to use moves such as Brick Break, Karate Chop, Cross Chop, and Superpower. With these new additions comes an increased energy cost of each listed move(1.2x the normal cost) and the loss of ability to use Roost, Fly, Knock Off & Thief & Pluck(Due to an increased feeling of attachment to its held item).

8. - "Slim"
Magmar (Male) - Lv. 3 - UpLevel - HP: Grass

9. - "Dave"
Gliscor (Male) - Lv. 3 - UpLevel - HP: Fire

10. - "Bio"
Grimer (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Grass

11. - "Capital"
Meowth (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Psychic

12. - "Trevor"
Tyrunt (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Poison

13. - "Skrillex"
Noibat (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Ground
Special Training: Fast Learner -
Through countless hours of studying and training alongside matured Noivern, Skrillex's sheer drive to succeed, no matter the contest, has developed the ability to use the signature moves of the average Noivern, which it wouldn't gain normally until evolving itself. These moves include: Boomburst and Dragon Pulse. Of course, picking these attacks up prematurely causes the energy cost of using each to be greater than they would be otherwise.

14. - "Nicki"
Loudred (Female) - Lv. 2 - HP: Flying - Shiny
After countless days spent watching over a poké egg of unknown origin, there came a song on the radio by the name of "Super Bass." As the initial notes began to sound, amazingly, the mystery egg began move in a fashion related to the beat. With the song progressing along the moving became more and more apparent with escalating nudging/shakes. Before long, the hook including the several "booms" began to blare and accompanying this came the cracking sounds of the eggshell parting to reveal a small Whismur dancing about gleefully. Showing such enthusiasm for Nicki Minaj's music, this would be how Nicki earned her namesake.

Special Training: Super Bass
Spoiler: show

While Nicki already as an acute relationship with any given field of sound, her deep love of music has brought about considerable numbers of hours listening to music of all sorts. One could say the combination of precise listening and scrupulous studying has just about literally hardwired her brain in a way which amplifies her abilities and know-how of working with sound waves. Through this event, Nicki as enabled any sound-based attacks to be used in battle to have a 15% chance of paralyzing her foes. This comes at the price of each sound-based attack costing 1.2x the normal energy, and the loss of ability to use Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore, Roar, and Screech.

15. - "Soup"
Kadabra (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Fighting

16. - "Fuego"
Monferno (Male) - Lv. 2 - HP: Grass

17. - "Unagi"
Tynamo (Female) - Lv. 1 - HP: Ice

18. - "Qilin"
Girafarig (Female) - Lv. 1 - HP: Fairy


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