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Swampertforever's Trainer Profile
Trainer Level: 3
Points: 102.5 TP/9.75 SP/31 KOs
Match Stats: W/L/D 8/12/2

Spoiler: show
Reaper's Token: Attached to Nobody.
Harvester's Token: Attached to Leavanny
Sculptor's Token: Attached to Abomasnow
Birdkeeper's Token: Attached to Nobody

Spoiler: show
Vs Jerichi 2 v 2

Vs Lost Togepi Duel (Win)
Vs Swampert28 Mudkip Duel (Win)
Vs Zekrom25 (Win)
Grand Melee I (Drowzee - 9th)
Vs Deh74 (lose)
Vs Marshy (redpanda15) (lose)
Vs MCXD - Pokebowl (lose)
Vs Lost (for real) (lose)
Vs BlazeVA (lose)
Vs Benjasuper (DQ win)
Vs Tyoyo3131 (Draw)
Vs DaveTheFishGuy (lose)
Vs Firewater (lose)
Vs Kyro12 (lose)
Vs Machamp-X (Win)
Vs Connor (lose)
Vs Schadenfreude (lose)
Vs Kindrindra (Gym Trainer) (DQ lose)
Vs Mane (Win)
Vs Lt. Bleu (DQ Win)
Grand Melee III (Garbodor - 3rd)
Vs DarkLucarioADV & Zelphon (DQ lose)
Grand Melee IV (Gothorita - 7th)
Grand Melee Championships (Leavanny - 5th)
Vs Kyro12 (DQ Win)
Vs Slash ("Win")
Vs CyberBlastoise (Draw)

Spoiler: show
Scrappy - Level 4 Male Feraligatr
Bio Pending...

Ralph - Level 4 Male Rhydon
Bio Pending...

Lee - Level 3 Male Leavanny *Shiny*
Bio & Sig:
"Lucky" Lee Sewaddle. That was his nickname ever since I hatched him. He's always been a delightful little fellow, Always so .friendly and polite, he'd even try to befriend the Moltres about to burn him alive. Because of this, he is a helper 'mon by nature, willing to aid anyone who asks for it. This is his biggest flaw, however. The poor lil' bug is such a pushover. He could never really say no to anyone, even those with ill intentions. He never lost his smile though, even when forced to hurt another pokemon he'd been told to attack, forced to pilfer items for a common crook, forced to go against his own nature. I never noticed any of this, though, until one day he was told to turn on me by someone. It took me, Bella, Blue and Dikune to stop him going through with the hit, at which point he did something I never saw him do before. He cried. My upbeat little bug cried. He admitted to all his misdeeds to me, and just sat in my arms crying. I asked him how he could just keep it all bottled up like this. He showed me how. It was an attack I had never seen before, and as I closely inspected his body I could tell he had been hitting himself with it. With a bit of dream therapy courtesy of myself and 'Kune, He finally could get over the actions he had been dragged into, but he still never forgot that new attack. So we made the most of it, making it a secret attack to turn the tides on those preparing to hurt him.
Hidden Power: Rock
Attached Item: Harvester's Token
Special Attack: Binding Blade (Typeless)
Lee charges Typeless energy into his armblades and slashes the opponent, dealing Significant damage. If this attack connects, if the last attack the opponent had used was off type (not of the Pokemon's original types, for example Wooper using Ice Punch or Togepi using Nasty Plot etc), that type is considered 'Bound', meaning the opposing Pokemon cannot use attacks that require that type of energy for 3 rounds. For slightly more Energy, this attack can be sent at the opponent as a ranged attack, with the energy forming a solid-like ring of radius 2cm. Only one type of energy can be bound at a time, Normal and Typeless energy cannot be bound, and this attack can only be used 2 times a battle.

Gorugan - Level 3 Male Garbodor
Gorugan used to feel like a nobody. He was literal trash, and no-one wanted to use one of his kind unless they had to because it was in their job description. Then, one day, a trainer came along who pitied the little guy. He took Gorugan under his wing, and told him that one day, the league would notice the little guy. They trained and battled together, with varying degrees of success, but Gorugan still didn’t get any respect. He was still treated like trash. Even when he sacrificed his own life, by his trainer's command, to throw a match they were so handily winning so that both trainers could reach their second Trainer Level, he was still not noticed. One day, the trainer decided that, to increase his popularity, he’d enter Gorugan into a giant tournament. Gorugan was apprehensive at first, even trying to get his trainer to consider using some of his more useful pokemon. He didn’t believe in himself. But his trainer was resolute. He entered Gorguan into the tournament. And it worked! People started to love him, cheer for him, they finally noticed him! In fact, against all odds, he managed to finish third! Of course, he relishes in his new found fame. But I let him do it. He’s got the limelight finally, he deserves to do whatever he wants.

Whenever Gorugan knocks out an opponent’s Pokémon, he restores a major amount of Energy.

Marshy - Level 3 Male Marshtomp
Bio Pending...
Hidden Power: N/A

Frouffy - Level 3 Male Furfrou *Shiny, Dandy Trim*
Bio & Sig:
Frouffy despises battling. Have you seen the mess a Pokemon gets into when they battle? That would ruin his delectable dark fur! He has worked way too hard and spent way too much money on his fur coating to have it scuffed by some uncouth ruffian with no taste in grooming! Honestly, look at his coat. Is it not beautiful? I mean, just touch it. Doesn't it feel divine? It is so well kept that everyone who touches it just wants to stroke him and pet him forever, just to feel his soft, enchanting fur. The fur could be almost dangerous if it wasn't so well kept. I mean, what if he were to start shedding? Could you imagine the issues that could arise if his beautiful mesmerising fur were to go everywhere? It could be a disaster!
...I wonder if he knows how deadly his coat could be in the wrong hands...

Special Attack: Cotton Field (Normal)
For Considerable Energy, Frouffy releases a lot of magical soft fluffy cotton that covers the entire arena floor for 5 rounds. All Pokemon that are in contact with the cotton slowly find themselves drawn to it's fluffiness and will (over time) be less likely to attack. When they first come in contact with the cotton, the affected Pokemon will have a 10% chance to do nothing. However, for every round they remain in the cotton, the chance to do nothing increases by 20% (with a potential maximum at 90% if they stay in for the entire 5 rounds). The cotton's hold over a Pokemon will be broken if they ever leave contact with it, but if they return to the cotton after leaving it the cotton will restart it's effect on them (from the base chance). The cotton can be dispelled the same way other terrain spells can (through it being blown away or dispelled via move effect), and it can also be burned away without harming the Pokemon within it. Frouffy can only use this attack once per battle, because heavens forbid he lose any more of his fur!

Bella - Level 3 Female Gothitelle
Bio & Sig:
Bella, as you may know, is the youngest member of my squad. Sadly, she is also the most burdened. You see, members of the Gothita line are able to predict the future, an innate ability that usually grows stronger as they grow up. However, Bella's ability is as honed as an adult Gothitelle. Good, right? Except that she can now see peoples lifespans. She is but a young child, cursed with knowledge that would drive a fully grown adult insane. It almost did break her; she saw when her parents were about to die, but she could do nothing about it because she was too young and too weak. Her mother was a close friend of mine so I offered to adopt the poor orphaned Gothita, something else she apparently predicted considering she showed up at my door once I'd thought the idea up. However, her elation of living with me turned to horror as her precognitive abilities showed her my own lifespan. Apparently the mere act of Bella becoming my Pokemon had changed my future for the worse. I was going to die the next day. Not that I was aware of this. All I knew was that the next day I was planning to sign up for this very battling league. She tried to stop me, of course, but I just treated her begging and pleading as mere childish tantrums. I know, I'm not the most savvy person. A precog was warning me not to do something and I was going right on ahead and doing it. I'd survive for only 5 minutes in a film. But I digress.
That fateful day, I'd left Bella at home because I still thought she was 'acting up'. She wasn't doing anything I told her, instead opting to sit on my Front room floor and start chanting. As she wasn't officially my Pokemon yet I couldn't merely recall the girl to her Pokeball, as she didn't have one. So I just left her there to chant - the act that saved my life. On the way to the leagues official sign-up building, I met a friend of mine, and got so distracted talking to him that I hadn't noticed I had walked ahead of him, onto the road. It all happened so fast after that - I turned around to run back to the pavement, noticed the car coming right at me and tripped over in my haste. Then, a miracle happened. Out of nowhere, a great black wall emerged between me and the car. The driver of the car slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the wall, and stopped just short of it, and in turn, me. As the driver got out to check if I was alright, I was looking at the wall. It was weird, you see. Within the energy, I could almost make out a shape that looked exactly like Bella...
Special Attack: Premonition (Psychic)
Using Major Energy, Bella sends a wall of energy into the future. If within the next 2 rounds Bella or the currently active pokemon would take Major Damage or more from an attack, the wall returns and takes the attack, absorbing all of the damage, at which point it breaks. This attack can only be used once a match, and cannot be used as part of a two or three mover. This attack exhasts Bella the same way charging up a FCHB would and Bella also loses access to Future Sight.

Magnus - Level 3 Male Magmar
Magnus is fascinated by the arcane. His dream is to become one of the strongest mages in the world, and he spends all of his time trying to adapt the attacks he has in order to create new, powerful spell. He often went to magical conferences, in which magic is showcased and taught to amateur mages, but one fateful day, that all changed.
During one of the conferences, a strange small creature declared himself to be the strongest mage in the land, something everyone in attendance laughed at. He was so small and his voice so squeaky that no-one could take him seriously, but Magnus felt both worried and curious about the person so he snuck away from the group and hid himself in a nearby closet where he could examine the person but not be seen. The small mage continued to be laughed at, so he responded by raining down dark matter upon the other mages. It was such powerful magic that it tore holes through the roof and decimated anything standing in its path. The other mages in attendance fled in fear, yet Magnus stayed hidden hoping that the person’s wrath wouldn’t extend to him. After a while, the small mage stopped. Magnus breathed a sigh of relief and made to sneak out the back way but he accidentally tripped over a broom, falling out of the closet and drawing the attention of the mage. Next thing Magnus knew, he had a staff pointed at his throat. However, the small mage didn’t attack him. He instead told the Magby that since he was foolish enough to stay whilst the other human mages fled, he was to be spared. The mage summoned a strange blue flame, and threw it at a nearby training dummy before sending a weird burst of primordial energy at it, causing the dummy to explode. He explained that wielders of the blue flame could cause their magic to decimate even the strongest of men. He gave Magnus a strange codex, and a rod that seemed to be twice both of their sizes, explaining that if he could learn the secrets tying these two items, he too could cast the blue flame. It took Magnus a long while, but he was smart. He was a fire type as well, meaning he had primal knowledge of all fire magics. It took him many days of studying, but he soon learned how to wield the blue flame for himself:

Special Attack: Deathfire Grasp (Fire)
Using significant energy, Magnus releases a blue spectral fireball towards the opponent, which causes them to be engulfed in spiritual flames for a round. The flames deal significant damage, and cause any special attack that strikes that opponent after it that round to deal 20% more damage.
This attack can only be used at the start of a 3 mover.

Azair - Level 3 Male Noctowl
Bio & Sig:
The owl. It is a noble species, demanding respect with an unspoken air of authority. No wonder then, why the lawmages of New Prahv trained them as familiars, ready to bring justice to all whether they wanted it or not. Each owl familiar is trained from birth in the art of control, to prevent a crime that wasn't even thought up yet is to keep order. Once fully trained, each owl is given to a rookie lawmage to support their patrols. After undergoing a months worth of paperwork and endless meetings about meetings, I was allowed to bring in my own owl to be trained; Azair, my Hoothoot. It took some time, but after several more months Azair was able to use one of the best control spells in the precinct.

Special Attack: Render Silent (Psychic)
Azair stares at the opponent for 4 seconds, unblinking, giving off waves of psychic energy from his eyes. While Azair maintains direct eye contact with his opponent during this time, the opposing pokemon is unable to use attacks that require use of their mouth (even if they are already midway through said attack). Due to even more rules given by the Senate, Azair may only use Render Silent once a match, and must spend Considerable psychic energy to perform the attack.

Whimsy - Level 3 Male Abomasnow *Shiny*
Bio & Sig:
When you think Ice Type, you think cold, unforgiving and brutal. None of these things describe Whimsy. He is the softest and most friendly Snover I know, and he seems to radiate this aura that can bring even the most angry person down to a calm level. I don't really know how he does it, but I believe it's due to something affecting the cold exuded from his Icy body. For some reason it doesn't actually make you cold. It just... calms you down. Exhausts you even...

Hidden Power: Ground
Attached Item: Sculptor's Token
Special Training: Hypsnowsis (Ice/Grass)
Ice Attacks that Whimsy learns that are capable of freezing the opponent no longer freeze. Instead, after being infused with Grass energy, they send the foe to sleep. No really, hear me out.
The chance of Sleep being afflicted is about half the freeze chance of the attack - for example, Mist wouldn't send them to sleep, Ice Beam has a small chance to send them to sleep, Icy wind even smaller (considering it is just a weak Blizzard it could probably freeze), Sheer Cold would have a pretty high chance but not certainly, etc. To balance this, All Ice attacks he uses now cost 1.2x more energy, with the extra half being taken from his Grass energy pool. This does not make his Ice attacks dual-typed for the sake of super/not very-effectiveness, the normal Ice type effectiveness scale is used. (For example, the Ice attacks are still resisted by Water types).

Blue - Level 3 Male Simipour
Bio Pending...

Dikune - Level 3 Male Hypno
Bio Pending...

Souda - Level 3 Male Bunnelby
From a young age, Souda was bullied for being a weak little nerdy Bunnelby. He was skittish and frail, and all around an easy target. He ended up having to change everything about himself and become a macho, tough punk just to fit in. He even started to fight dirty, just so he could survive the bullies. My poor little guy…

Special Attack: Undermine (Rock)
Using Significant Rock Energy, Bunnelby creates a giant fist shaped rock made out of energy directly above his opponent, and slams it down into them. This does good damage if the opponent is on the ground, but if the opponent is airborne, they get slammed directly into the ground below them, taking significant damage instead. Either way, opponents hit by this attack will find it harder to become or remain airborne for a while. Souda loses access to Smack Down.

Athena - Level 3 Female Smeargle
Bio & Sig:
Like her namesake, Athene had always been known for her high intellect. She was a quick study, capable of learning faster than
other Smeargle ever could. But she was also very arrogant and frequently looked down upon those with less intelligence than her. One day, Athene grew bored of her tribe's "idiotic ways" and set off into the night in search of smarter company - a quest that led her around the entirety of Sinnoh. Every so often, she'd stop and set up ties with people and pokemon she deemed "worthy" of her acquaintance, but then break them when she considered them not smart enough.
This came to a head one day when she found herself in Lake Acquity, face to face with Uxie, the bringer of Knowledge. She struck up a friendship with the pixie, becoming her student so that she may learn all she could from the legendary. But after a while it became apparent that Uxie disliked Athene's attitude, so one day the legendary refused to continue teaching Athene. The Smeargle was angered by this, calling Uxie a sham and a fool and outright cursing her to her face. So Uxie simply gave Athene what she wanted: Knowledge. All the knowledge in the world. Every. last. bit.
Athene's mind broke that day. She couldn't handle knowing all that the legendary knew, being a mere mortal and all. She learned everything every pokemon knew and her mind confused itself as it tried to organise this newfound information. Her senses, her reactions, everything about her became jumbled as she thought like everything and everyone at once. She was a shell of her former self who quickly became shunned and mocked as a madwoman...
I found her like this one day, alone, rambling to herself. I took her home with me and took care of her as she tried to fix her unstable mind. She couldn't, such is the wrath of an angered legendary, but sooner or later she learned to block out some of the voices in her head and focus on battling. However, what she focused on changed from day to day...

Special Training: Curse of Knowledge (XX)
When Athene first enters battle, the ref randomly chooses one other pokemon, from either player's squad (to be declared before orders). For the rest of the battle, Athene learns everything that Pokemon knows, and thus can use any attack that Pokemon learns through any method. The chosen Pokemon cannot be changed at all, and Athene retains the Normal type Reduction of Energy. Also, she's forgotten the move Sketch.

Saul - Level 3 Male Golett
Bio Pending...

Ryder - Level 3 Male Escavalier *shiny*
Gather round, children, and I will tell you the tale of when my lovable little thief Ryder accidentally stole a Princess.
One day, Ryder was making his way through a dense forest when he happened upon a campsite seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He entered the campsite with the intent to pilfer as much as he could but instead came face to face with a very cross Spewpa. He prepared for an earful when suddenly the camp was beset by a swarm of angry Scolipede! They trampled the site to the ground yet luckily Ryder managed to flee, dragging the Spewpa with him. What followed was a wacky yet adorable adventure in which the pair of bugs grew to know each other. Ryder was surprised to learn that his unplanned travel partner was actually a Princess of a colony of Scatterbug that lived at the very centre of the forest. She’d fled the colony since she didn’t want to take the mantle of Queen. More Scolibandits attacked them, but they managed to fend them off. During the tussle, they learned that the Scolipede were trying to kidnap the princess to take her back to be wed to the king of another colony, a Beautifly known for his rage and reign of terror. Fearing for her safety, Spewpa asked Ryder to accompany her back to her home in the centre of the woods – a job he begrudgingly accepted. As they travelled, Ryder grew to like the snarky, stubborn princess. He defended her as much as he could from the dangerous Pokemon that lived deeper in the forest until they finally managed to arrive at the colony. It was here, when Ryder let his guard down, where Spewpa was kidnapped. Ryder tracked down the Beautifly king, and found him forcing the princess down the aisle. He interrupted the wedding, battling the king but he was too weak and was struck aside. As he was about to be slain, the princess, who was watching the battle, started to glow and evolved into a beautiful Vivillon. The glow interrupted the king, and he was run through by Ryder’s horn when his back was turned. Ryder tried to stand afterwards, but he was too weak and ended up being carried by Vivillon back to the colony of Scatterbug. She thanked him for his bravery, and asked him to stay and be her prince. But Ryder couldn’t stay. It wasn’t in his blood to stay in one place. So instead the Vivillon blessed him, as thanks for helping her in her journey. Now, whenever he was in danger, the Vivillon’s blessing would grant him the strength and the courage to fight on…

Special Training: Bold Transformation (Bug)
When Karrablast takes damage that would bring him to below half his total health, he automatically spends decent bug energy to encase himself in a magical cocoon, forcing the round to end early. At the beginning of the following round, he hatches from the cocoon, donning a set of butterfly wings made entirely out of energy. The wings are purely cosmetic, and cannot be used for flight, but whilst Karrablast dons these wings, he is treated as if he was buffed by a Dragon Dance. He is faster and his attacks are stronger but they cost slightly more energy. If he is switched out, the wings will fade and he loses this boost. He can only gain this boost once per battle.

Differ - Level 3 Male Hitmontop
Bio Pending...

Elphaba - Level 3 Female Dratini:
This Dratini is a prize for ranking first or second in the Winter 2014-2015 Grand Melee. It does not count toward squad limits.
Stealthy donated this Dratini to me since he has no need for squads.

Special Training: Screw Gravity
Dratini is unhindered by the effects of Gravity, Smack Down, or other such moves that would force it to be unable to properly fly for an extended period of time.

Perrier - Level 3 Male Swanna
Bio Pending...

Kian - Level 2 Male Frogadier
Bio Pending...

Aster - Level 1 Male Fenniken
Bio Pending...

Ice Bear - Level 1 Male Cubchoo
Bio Pending...

Spike - Level 1 Male Axew
Bio Pending...

Grant - Level 1 Male Chespin
Bio Pending...

The Whim Box: A spoiler full of everything I have whimmed for in my entire PASBL career.
Spoiler: show

Cubone, Rufflet, Numel, Shellos, Turtwig, Oshawott, Miltank, Druddigon, Kangaskhan, Cubchoo, Axew, Smoochum, Zangoose, Piplup, Squirtle, Girafarig, Volbeat, Combee, Abra, Pancham, Tyrunt, Inkay, Phantump, Bergmite, Honedge, Swirlix, Hawlucha, Carbink, Klefki, Binacle, Sandile, Joltik, Spinarak, Beedrill, Heracross, Paras, Venonat, Venipede, Yanma, Tympole, Teddiursa, Aipom, Meditite, Scraggy, Houndour, Sigilyph, Pumpkaboo, Vullaby, Skarmory, Tropius, Chespin, Slowpoke, Snubbull


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