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Spoiler: show

Rose, Female Ralts, Level 2

Hidden Power: Dark
Biography: Rose was born in the woods around Hoenn's Route 2 in a loving family and clan of others of her species, protected by Gardevoir, her mother, and the few Gallade that protected the clan from harm. But just as Rose started to understand her surroundings everything changed when the poachers attacked.

The poachers came to harm them, to capture the Pokémon and sell them. No opposition tolerated and the task to be completed at all cost. The Elders of the clan sensed them coming, their dark feelings being impossible to hide for experienced Gardevoir and they prepared the clan for what might come, but they were not prepared for this.

As soon as the poachers caught up to the clan using their Houndour to track them they unleashed a hell Rose had never seen before and will not ever see again. Rose her mother tried to escape with her, but was met by an angrily growling Houndour, it's canines clearly visible and it's body ready to strike. In a quick reaction to defend her child, the mother Gardevoir used her Psychic but it was of no effect on the Houndour who swiftly responded with a devastating Crunch severely injuring Rose's mother while also sending the little one flying into the bushes. The Houndour however had not forgotten about the Ralts and she knew as the Dark Pokémon came after her. Luckily for her the dog-like creature was taken care of by a Gallade who's Close Combat took it out permanently. This skirmish however was only the start of the battle that unfolded in front of the little Ralts as the strangers arrived and send out their power houses. Three Pokéballs were thrown, revealing three powerful monsters who unleashed their Sandstream as the sky turned dark and the forest's sands started whipping away at Rose her family. But these whipping sands were only the start of the horrors that she had to witness.

The strangers were angry, their faces dark, Rose couldn't see them clearly. But she could see the carnage in front of her. As the Gardevoir of the clan desperately tried to take their children to safety, Houndour viciously attacked them, tearing their dresses apart and ripping the meat of their delicate bodies. Their screams of pain shot through Rose her body, burning themselves in her memory. Kirlia and Ralts were scattered around on the floor, some crying in a pool of their mothers blood, others rounded up by Houndour so the strangers could collect them. The Tyranitar engaged in fights with the Gallade. Blades were swung and fists were pounded, but the Gallade were no match for the mighty Armor Pokémon. One by one they met their maker as the Tyranitar Trashed them into the ground, Crunched their heads between their jaws or slid them into a rocky grave.

Soon enough the fight was over. The Gallade gone, murdered by their adversaries, as were the Gardevoir. The remaining Kirlia and Ralts were captured by the strangers, many of them crying, terrified and traumatized. The part of the forest that Rose once called her home had turned into a red waste. The ground covered in blood, dead bodies and broken down trees. The strangers hastily tried to hide the bodies and any evidence of their presence, they came and went within an hour. But what Rose had seen unfold in front of her eyes would scar her for the rest of her life.

Signature Characteristic: Memories Of The Past
The traumatic events of her past caused Rose to become mute. Because the events of her past kept getting back to her she has build a barrier in her mind to prevent the events from coming back to haunt her, causing all the opponents mind affecting attacks to be only half as effective on her. But her past also affects the way she fights. Rose prefers to stay out of melee range. The more distance the more comfortable she is in a battle, which results in an increase in power for her ranged attacks by 0-20% (ref's discretion based upon distance between Rose and the opponent, with 0% being just out of melee range and 20% being a standard battlefield in distance), but if Rose is within melee range her first priority will be to get out of there resulting in a 20% chance to ignore orders that don't increase the distance to Teleport half a battlefield away out of fear as well as a 10% decrease in power while in melee range.
Energy use increases/decreases with the increase/decrease in power and Rose can no longer use Growl, Lucky Chant, Taunt, Hyper Voice, Snore, Round, Echoed Voice and Confide.

Species Characteristics: Ralts (Psychic/Fairy): Ralts's empathic abilities make it very in touch with its opponent. Attacks that deal with the opponents mental state are more effective. Teleporting also requires slightly less energy.

Lucy, Female Gastly, Level 2

Hidden Power: Bug
Biography: Lucy grew up in a swamp and lived there her whole life. She knows everything about swamps, but the one thing that interested her most about swamps is the fog. For some reason all swamps have a creepy, eerie fog hanging over them. Combined with the quietness of most swamps and the moving shadows it really creates a frightening atmosphere and humans and Pokémon alike get scared in such surroundings. Lucy being a Ghost enjoy it however. She enjoys being in the swamp and it's fog, watching people get scared when they crack a twig below their feet, when they fearfully ask 'Who's there?' or when they start running after mistaking tree trunk in the fog for a serial killer. In fact, Lucy enjoys it so much she dedicated much of her time to recreating these swamps fogs for herself, so she can always recreate the atmosphere of a swamp even where there is no swamp around. A scary fog of her own, to have full control over and to use whenever she wants. It's one of the very few things Lucy really cares about, even enough to forgo a crucial part of her Ghost-type training.

Signature Technique: Mist of Despair (Ghost/Poison)
Using Major energy, Lucy uses her own body to create a thick, purple fog covering her opponent and a large part of the battlefield. Inhaling the air inside the fog can cause poisoning as the fog works like Poison Gas. The fog also creates shadows that make Pokémon who are not blind, or of Ghost- or Dark-type feel uneasy and while usually ignored there is a 15% chance for a Pokémon to become frightened and either flinch or attack the shadow. Lastly it makes it slightly more difficult for opponents to see Lucy as she blends in well with the fog.
Because Lucy uses her own body to create this fog it means that it cannot be dispelled by Defog and similar moves, and that she is at all times in gaseous state, unable to switch into any other state while maintaining the fog. It also means, when keeping up this fog, she can only use attacks that involve her eyes (like Night Shade) or attacks that involve the air or fog itself (like Icy Wind).
This move can be used once per battle and can be maintained for a maximum of three rounds at the cost of Mild energy each round. Lucy cannot turn invisible anymore.

Species Characteristics: Gastly (Ghost/Poison): Gastly is essentially living gas, and as such, can never atain solid form (aside from when invisible), and will always be ethereal or gaseous. As a trade-off for its near complete physical immunity, it remains the one of the slowest ghosts. All ghosts fight more enthusiastically at night, though light does not hinder their ability to battle. Gastly can see in the dark.

Drake, Male Combusken, Level 2

Hidden Power: Grass
Biography: Drake thinks the ASB is like Digimon. One match he's a Combusken, the next one he's a Torchic again and the one after that he suddenly is a Blaziken. And with the new Mega's, it really just is like Digimon so his confusion of this mechanic is understandable. But because Drake thinks the ASB, and by extension he himself, is like Digimon he also started to wonder if there might be more. Even more than Mega-evolution. Something special, a power beyond the power like he has so often seen in the Digimon episodes on TV. And that's where Drake started to experiment, where he started to train and develop himself.

Drake spend a lot of time outside every day, kicking sandbags and dummies. He did this for hours on end with hardly any breaks, if at all. The fire burning within him gave him the energy to continue and Drake thought that if he could harness this power from within, if he could expose this flame, that that would give him he power beyond power he was looking for. And so he trained every day. Days become weeks, weeks become months and month become years. Drake had all but given up on finding this power beyond power, but then something happened. After destroying his umpteenth dummy without getting anywhere something snapped inside of he. He didn't care anymore, there is no power beyond the power and he had to accept it and he was a failure for trying to even get there. Drake yelled out loud and give a last kick in utter frustration and acceptance of his failure. This final kick connected with a dummy that bursted into flames and suddenly Drake found himself in flames too. And it felt good. He felt the flames soaring around and inside him. He found it easier to move and felt the power of his attack, but it was also tiring and so Drake trained even more. But no longer to gain the power beyond power, but rather to control it.

Signature Technique: Burst Mode (Fire)
Using Heavy energy Drake can enter Burst Mode. When in Burst Mode Drake is engulfed in flames and all attacks of his typing gain a 20% boost in power. On top of that, Drake receives a small speed boost and if he gets in contact with the opponent there is an additional 10% chance to cause a burn.
While boosted attacks cost no extra energy, Burst Mode itself uses a lot. To maintain it Drake uses Good energy each round, tiring him out quickly. Entering Burst Mode uses a move, exiting it does not and it cannot be maintained for more than four consecutive rounds. After using Burst Mode it cannot be used for at least the same number of rounds it was used.
Drake looses access to Dig, Protect, Helping Hand, Rest, Feather Dance and Overheat as these moves are impossible to use in Burst Mode and Drake therefore didn't care about learning them.

Species Characteristics: Combusken (Fire/Fighting): Combusken's legs are very powerful. It can jump fairly high (about 15 feet in the air) and its kicking attacks are slightly more powerful than normal

Vinny, Male Zubat, Level 2

Hidden Power: Fire
Biography: Still to come
Signature: Still to come

Species Characteristics: Zubat (Poison/Flying): Zubat is completely blind, as it has no eyes. However, it uses sonar to detect things, which means that it cannot be fooled by visual illusions (such as Double Team). Zubat have sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks.

Spike, Male Zangoose, Level 2

Hidden Power: Fairy
Biography: Spike is a Zangoose and does as Zangoose do, he fights with Sevipers. Spike is taking this to a completely new level however. He goes to and through extremes. Whenever he beats a Seviper he breaks off their poisonous fangs to both humiliate the Seviper and to train himself.

Battling Seviper takes a lot from a Zangoose and Poison is dangerous. Spike knows this and he has dedicated himself to gain immunity against it, which is where the fangs come in. Spike uses the Seviper fangs he collects to inject himself with tiny, but ever increasing, quantities of poison, slowly building up an immunity against their poison. But while he succeeded at to a significant extent as far as he was considered, he soon realized not all poison is the same.

After going out on an evening Spike entered a cave looking for Seviper to beat, but instead of a Seviper he found a mighty Drapion and the scorpion stung him before Spike could get away. Much to his shock the incident left him poisoned, but it also made him realize he had a lot more work to do before he could truly consider himself capable of handling Poison. And so Spike set out to collect poison from more and more Poison-types, gaining some by battle and others by intimidation, keeping up his habit of injecting himself with the poison he collected on top of the Seviper poison he kept using. This process took him years but continuous injections of a fast variety of poison worked to great success as it left Spike so resistant to poison he can eat a Fugu with all its poison without being affected by it.

Signature Training: Poison Eater
Spike has so much experience with taking in all kinds poison he is now heavily (x4) resistant to Poison moves and he is immune to normal poisoning while Toxic poison is a lot less effective, capping at Mild damage per round. Due to the many toxins and anti-toxins in his body Spike has become weak to Psychic-type moves however.

Species Characteristics: Zangoose (Normal): Zangoose have a traditional feud with Sevipers, and goes into a rage whenever on a battlefield at the same time as a Seviper. Zangoose will only follow orders to attack Seviper, and will ignore any other orders. If not given any orders involving Seviper, it will automatically attack using random physical attacks.

Sven, Male Piloswine, Level 3

Hidden Power: Psychic
Biography: Sven is a busy little Pokémon. He's very energetic, always running around outside. However, because he always looks at the ground he doesn't see much and therefore often crashes into things around him. At first he didn't really like that, it hurt his head, but the more it happened the more Sven thought he should make it work for him instead of against him. And so he spend his time running around, smashing into things with all the different charging moves he could think off.

Signature Training: Here I come!
Sven likes charging into stuff and has learned Skull Bash, Head Smash, Zen Headbutt, Wild Charge and Flame Charge, with enough extra type energy to use each of these moves twice.
Sven didn't learn Ice Beam, Mud-Slap, Rest, Fissure, Detect, Endure, Defense Curl, Rock Tomb, Natural Gift and (upon evolution) Hyper Beam because he doesn't get to move around enough with those moves in his opinion.

Species Characteristics: Piloswine (Ice/Ground): Piloswine has a large amount of fur, which keeps it warm in otherwise unbearably cold temperatures. While its vision is obscured by its fur, this makes attacks that blind (such as Flash) weaker and eye-contact attacks (such as Leer) more difficult to execute. To compensate, Piloswine has an excellent sense of smell

Lalu, Female Roggenrola, Level 2

Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: Lalu was born and raised in Chargestone Cave and lived there for her whole life until her capture. From a young age Lalu noticed the electrical currents in the stones around her had an effect of her too, just as much as it affected others of her kind. The electrical currents that ran though the entire cave had a synergy with the energy core in her body, the core that keeps her kind alive. But where other enjoyed their normal lives as Roggenrola, Lalu decided she wanted to know more about this synergy and started to study it and experiment with it. To do so she left her group of Rock-types and lived with a colony of Joltik instead, studying how they consume the energy from the rocks around them and experimenting on herself to see how she could make this technique her own.

Years of study and experimentation later Lalu made a breakthrough, she discovered that with a slight alteration to the power regeneration 'system' of her core, that provide the Roggenrola line with their infinite energy, that the cores can be triggered to also absorb the electrical energy found throughout Chargestone Cave simply by being around them.

Signature Training: Power Ranger
Lalu is now familiar with Electric-type energy. However, due to the now more electrical nature of her core Ground-type moves deal 10% more damage to her.
Lalu has also learned to use Shock Wave, Thunder Shock, Ion Deluge and Wild Charge, but can no longer use Stealth Rock, Bulldoze, Gravity, Rock Polish, Toxic, Smack Down, Autotomize and (upon evolution) Giga Impact.

Species Characteristics: Roggenrolla (Rock): Despite resembling an eye, the artifice on Roggenrolla’s face is actually an ear, making them effectively blind. However, this ear is extremely sensitive to vibrations both in the earth and the air, allowing them to detect their foe despite any visual obstructions.

Anna, Female Lileep, Level 2

Hidden Power: Fire
Biography: Anna likes to observe her surroundings and therefore often stands still, looking around from a quiet corner or some other peaceful place and she has developed bigger and more powerful roots because of this.

Signature Characteristic: Who cares about moving anyway?
When Anna is released from her Pokéball she automatically uses Ingrain if possible. The roots of her Ingrain grow wider and deeper healing 50% more than normal. Her Ingrain is also better capable of breaking through harder, non-metal/concrete surfaces like a wooden or cracked, stone floor to reach the soil below it. Pokémon that dig into the ground may get stuck in her roots causing them to abort the move.
Anna can no longer use Giga Drain, Double Team and Endure.

Species Characteristics: Lileep (Rock/Grass): Lileep can stick to the ground to absorb nutrients. Lifting or trying to move this Pokémon will count as it having double weight. Lileep's Ingrain is more effective than normal. While it is capable of movement when not rooted down, it is quite slow, as it must hop around to get around. As a sea lily, its natural habitat is the ocean, allowing it to stay underwater indefinitely. It is capable of seeing in the dark.

Burter, Male Croagunk, Level 2

Hidden Power: Ice
Biography: Burter loves to watch Dragon Ball Z. His favorite character is Burter, the blue Ginyu Force member he is named after. In fact, Burter is such a big fan of Burter he even goes so far as to mimic his signature attacks. Actually, Burter adores Burter so much that, at random times, he may even strike a weird battle pose like his idol before he attacks an opponent. Much like Burter, Burter has given each pose a name and calls out these names when he makes the pose. Though always with a personal touch, Burter is not Burter after all, and these random poses have no effect other than the occasional raised eyebrow.

Signature Attack: Purple Hurricane (Poison)
Burter strikes two or three weird and possibly distracting battle poses before he covers himself in Poison energy. He then rushes towards the opponent at Extreme Speed like speed, knocking into the opponent and possibly knocking it over, leaving behind a long slipstream of Poison energy. If he succeeds in knocking his opponent over he rushes onward over his foe.
The attack costs High energy and deals Considerable damage, with the slipstream of energy dealing an additional Light damage if Burter is able to knock the opponent over and rush on.

Species Characteristics: Croagunk (Poison/Fighting): Croagunk has sacs in its mouth that store toxins. Utilizing these stored poisons, Poison attacks from the mouth take slightly less energy.

Alphonse, Magnemite, Level 2

Hidden Power: Psychic
Biography: Alphonse is a floating magnet as well as a rather capable alchemist. His preferred materials are obviously iron, steel and similar metals that he can attract with his magnets. He learned most of his skills from his older brother Edward but through excessive training Alphonse now too has mastered the powers of his brother, the Full Metal Alchemist.

Signature Training: Full Metal Alchemy (XX)
When ordered to "Control Metal" Alphonse uses his magnets and alchemy skills to take control of the metal he's ordered to control. This can be anything like manipulating its shape, pulling it in, pushing it away or throwing it at a target or just moving it around. This applies to Pokémon with obvious and visible steel parts and to the metallic casing of moves like Steel Wing and Iron Tail too.
The weight limit of this move is up to four times the users weight and energy use ranges from Minor to Massive depending on the weight of the object/Pokémon, with throwing inanimate objects costs around Moderate energy when they weigh about the same as the user. Reshaping objects and moving Pokémon however starts at about Good energy when they weigh about the same as the user. Any damage done through Full Metal Alchemy is up to ref's discretion too.

Species Characteristics: Magnemite (Electric/Steel): Magnemite moves using antigravity propulsion. While this limits its speed and "flight ceiling" (how high it can float over the ground), this allows it to perform amazing aerial evasive maneuvers that cannot be performed by any other flier. Being inorganic, Magnemite cannot be affected by Poison in any way, unlike other Steel types who could be affected if the Poison is ingested internally.

Lilly, Female Beautifly, Level 2

Hidden Power: Steel
Biography: Lilly is obsessed with beauty and most of all her own beauty. She spends many hours perfecting her looks, making her wings sparkle more than those of others, making her eyes appear cuter than anyone else's, and that all for her one desire. The idea of getting all the boys the fall for her is what drives her. The world should revolve around her and she should get all the attention. All the boys should be toys for her to play with and she is sure her beauty will make it happen.

Signature Training: Beauty Queen
Lilly's Attract and Captivate are more potent. Her Attract is able to get all male Pokémon attracted to her, regardless of species or Egg Group and it is more difficult for them to shrug of the Attract on their own.
Due to Lilly's focus on beauty she didn't learn Frustration and Swagger because she considers them to be 'ugly' moves.

Species Characteristics: Beautifly (Bug/Flying): Beautifly's large wings give a slight boost to wind-based attacks. Its powder attacks are also slightly more potent than normal and have greater range.

Suzie, Female Dratini, Level 2

Hidden Power: Steel
Biography: In a long forgotten religion from the ancient day of men people worshipped all kinds of Gods. Important Gods like the God of the Sea, lesser Gods like the Goddess of Flowers, all where worshipped. In one such ancient civilization there was a Goddess of Storms. She was a good and important Goddess, and a powerful one too, capable of summoning devastating thunder storms of rain and ice. Her signature Pokémon was a legendary Dragonite with god-like weather abilities. The Dragonite could summon any kind of weather or any combination thereof with a single flap of her wings. Fishermen would pray to this Goddess in the hopes of good weather on their fishing trips and if they happened to see a Dragonite while out on see they offered it food out of respect.

But as with many ancient civilizations and cultures, they're ancient for a reason. After a long and successful period decline set in. The borders that marked the extent of the civilization became shorter and shorter until it eventually disappeared altogether, being reduced to a few paragraphs in a history book. With this ancient civilization gone, no-one will ever know if the Storm Goddess was real of not, but her legendary Dragonite certainly was. And Suzie, Suzie is a descendent of this Pokémon of legends. She too has a powerful grip on the weather. Unfortunately her powers are not the stuff of legends. It was many, many generations ago that the legendary Dragonite roamed over the seas, and in all those generations her powers watered away like the memory of the civilizations that worshipped her. Suzie being only a far descendant doesn't have the same extend of control, she has to choose as by now it is hard work to summon the might storms of her ancestors.

Her mother told her about it, the choice. Through the years of breeding with normal Dragonite they don't have control over all weather anymore. Her species normally have power of drought, rain, thunder, snow and wind, but the power to combine them is long lost. And so Suzie had to made a choice. As descendent of the legendary Dragonite she could keep the legacy alive of combining weathers into one, but she had to choose which. The Way of the Sun or the Way of the Moon. The power of Fire to combine with other elements at the expense of Water, or the power of Water to combine at the cost of Fire. Suzie thought long, but made her choice in the end. She descends from the Goddess of Storms and that power is the one Suzie wanted to keep alive. And so she chose for the Way of the Moon, continuing the legacy of mighty thunder storms.

Signature Technique: Thunder Storm (Electric/Water)
In places where the sky is visible, Suzie can create mighty a thunder storm imbued with powerful winds and heavy rainfall. Susie does this by sending Considerable Electric energy into the air combined with Considerable Water energy. This move will fail in exceptionally hot or dry areas such as a blazing desert (ref's discretion).
It takes a round for the storm clouds to form and for the wind to pick up speed, it cannot be overridden by other weather attacks and the effects of this Thunder Storm are as follows.
The heavy winds of the storm hinder movement in the air for flying or otherwise levitated Pokémon and is capable of blowing around lighter objects and Pokémon, but being the one controlling the winds Suzie is not affected by this. The Electric energy creates a lot of thunder in the air, coming down in thunderbolts that deal Moderate Electric damage to any Pokémon they hit (40% chance of happening for each Pokémon on the field). The Water Energy adds the effects of a Rain Dance to the storm.
Suzie has 20% more Electric and Water energy to accommodate this move, but looses all Fire energy and cannot use Rain Dance, Hail, Frustration, Rage, Outrage and Dragon Rage anymore.
This move may only be used once and will lasts till Suzie leaves the field after which it will fade away in 2 rounds.

Species Characteristics: Dratini (Dragon): Dratini can move equally well in the water and the ground, but they prefer water, as they cannot fly like their higher evolutions.

Jack, Male Frogadier, Level 2

Hidden Power: Poison
Biography: Jack, like many of his species, truly considers himself to be a ninja and like others knows his jutsu's. Jack however hasn't specialized in the traditional jutsu's most others do. Jack has chosen to walk away from the path of Japanese techniques and has opted to follow the way of the Dim Mak, an old Chinese form of martial art that focuses on making use of pressure points on the body to take out opponents.

At a young age Jack left his home to traveled to China to find a master in this art. The travelled all over the country, spending months just to find a master but he did find one. An old Chinese hermit that lived high up on Mount Lu took him in a taught Jack the way of Dim Mak, popularly known as the "Touch of Death." The hermit taught Jack to stay calm at all times, a hot head would never be able to truly master these techniques to their full effect. And so Jack spend hours meditating, gaining the strong and calm mind needed for the levels of concentration that are required to execute the precise movements at a perfect accuracy. In his time are Mount Lu Jack became friends with the nature around him what helped him tremendously in becoming the calm, sharp and concentrated self he is now. The self he had to become to truly become a master of the Touch of Death.

Signature Attack: Touch of Death (XX)
Using Considerable energy, Jack stands in his species characteristical ninja pose with closed eyes, calming his mind and concentrating on the location of his opponent, locking in on it. This takes about a few seconds but may last longer on moving opponents or if Jack is in an angered state. When Jack has locked on he vanishes and reappears directly behind his opponent, like Teleport, swiftly touching him at a pressure point at the temple, neck, shoulder or behind the jaw (whichever is most appropriate given the target). This touch deals only Minor damage but causes a Full Body Paralysis.
Specific other body parts like arms or legs may be targeted too but need to be specified and the touch will than only cause a Full Paralysis on the targeted limb or area.
This attack will not work on armored Pokémon or others with a hard skin, all regular physical paralysis stipulations apply and this attack may only be used twice per match and only once on a single Pokémon.

Species Characteristics: Frogadier (Water): Frogadier is quite agile and able to scale and cling to horizontal and vertical surfaces for a short period of time. It has an extremely keen sense of aim, and is able to reliably hit targets with projectiles even at a significant distance.

Tipsy, Female Inkay, Level 2

Hidden Power: Fire
Biography: Tipsy is always, well just that, tipsy. She likes to go out for a drink whenever she can and she especially likes to go to The Dutchman's Flying Locker, her favorite underwater bar. But she often drinks a little too much.

Signature Characteristic: Drunken Squid
Because Tipsy is always tipsy she makes a lot of random, tipsy movements making her movements more unpredictable, similar to Spinda's teetering about, and making it harder to hit her with surprise attacks or attacks aimed at a specific part of her body. Also, because she's always tipsy she was forced to learn Signal Beam so she could signal for a taxi, cause diving under influence is bad.

Species Characteristics: Inkay (Dark/Psychic): Inkay is able to bioluminece, allowing it to light up a dark area for an extended period of time by using a move. It costs no energy to maintain this light. Its light-based attacks are slightly more potent than normal. It also can maintain its accuracy regardless of its orientation. It floats low across the ground, moving through small, thrusting motions, much like an aquatic squid.

Facepalm, Male Binacle, Level 2

Hidden Power: Psychic
Biography: Facepalm thinks others are stupid, making him want to facepalm all the time. But since Facepalm only has hands he uses his opponents face.

Signature Attack: Facepalm (Rock/Water)
Facepalm uses one hand to grab his opponent, he then coats his other hand in a mixture of Water and Rock energy and smashes it in his opponents face dealing Considerable Rock/Water damage for Considerable energy, similar to how Flying Press deals Fighting/Flying damage. Energy consumption is also similar to Flying Press using half Rock, half Water energy and this move can be used three times.
The force of the Facepalm has a 20% chance to cause a flinch.
SE: Bug, Fire (x4), Flying, Ice, Rock
NVE: Fighting, Steel, Dragon, Grass, Water

Species Characteristics: Binacle (Rock/Water): A single Binacle actually consists of two organisms bound to a rock. Although they appear sessile, they are able to move by "crawl" on their two heads using their stretchy necks. Since they are both separate organisms, each head is able to act independently to perform two moves simultaneously, but they will both be affected equally by mentally-affecting attacks.

Khun Tan, Male Aerodactyl, Level 3

Hidden Power: Grass
Biography: Khun Tan lived most of his live in the Himalayan Mountain Range, high up in the air he rules these ancient mountains with a iron fist. There he is known as the King of the White Mountain. And he made sure the people and Pokémon around there knew. From the Ice Castle he build on top of the highest mountain he send the region into an ice age, the cold never bothered him anyway.

Signature Training: King of the White Mountain
Khun Tan has learned Swords Dance, Avalanche, Hail and Icicle Crash and is no longer affected by the freezing/chilling and slowing effects of Ice-type moves (still takes SE damage though). Khun Tan can no longer use Rock Slide, Sand Storm and Sky Attack.

Species Characteristics: Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying): Aerodactyl are a terrifying sight to some Pokémon. Against any Pokémon that would reasonably be afraid of Aerodactyl, an Aerodactylfs fear-inducing attacks are more effective. Its biting attacks do slightly more damage.

Chompoo, Female Togepi, Level 2

Hidden Power: Ground
Biography: Chompoo is a cute little princess who loves dogs but is allergic to cats.

Signature Characteristic: Puppies!
Chompoo loves dogs and she will automatically hug and pet canine-like Pokémon, even the scary ones, when she or the canine-like Pokémon enters the field, calming them and making them less likely to attack or really hurt Chompoo with attacks for three rounds.
On the other hand, because of her allergy to cats, she will automatically shoo away cat-like Pokémon, enraging them and giving them a small boost in power for three rounds.

Species Characteristics: Togepi (Fairy): All baby Pokémon's techniques that are based on cuteness (such as Charm, Attract, Sweet Kiss, etc) are slightly more effective. Togepi's shell provides a slightly higher defense where it covers. Togepi is able to levitate through minor expenditure of energy.

Samart, Male Heracross, Level 2

Hidden Power: Steel
Biography: Samart doesn't really like Flying types all that much, luckily he has a lot of friends that know how to deal with them just fine without taking ridiculous damage, but he needs a way to pass the baton to them so to speak, and so he decided to look for a way out.

Signature Attack: U-Turn (Bug)
Samart learned U-Turn.

Species Characteristics: Heracross (Bug/Fighting): Heracross can fly, though they are faster than they are agile in the air. Heracross can see in the dark. Heracross love tree sap.

Match Record
Spoiler: show
Vs. Dream Breaker [lost 2-1]
Vs. Blaze [lost 3-2]
Vs. BleuUmbreon [won 1-0] [Pokébowl Z R1]
Vs. CrumbledCrandyWrapper [Cancelled]
Vs. Cloneblazer12 [won 3-2]
Vs. Mr. Insane [won 3-2]
Vs. Pink Hazard [won 3-1]
Vs. AmazingChi [won 3-2]
Vs. EmeraldGoblin [won 1-0] [Pokébowl Z R2]
Vs. The Last Jedi [won 3-1]
Vs. Kusari [won 2-1]
Vs. EmeraldGoblin [lost 2-1]
Vs. The Last Jedi [won 3-2]
Vs. Astral Shadow [won 2-1]
Vs. Machamp-X [won 1-0] [Metronome Battle]
Vs. Lanturn [ongoing]
Vs. Blaze [ongoing]
Vs. Copygoo [lost 1-0 by forfeit] [Pokébowl Z R3]

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