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Lil' Bluey

Trading 1x Base Booster Pack 2 & 2x Base Booster Pack 4 to Talon87 for 2x Rare Candies:

Base Booster Pack 2
Common: Pikachu, Tangela, Weedle
Uncommon: Raticate, PlusPower, Pokémon Center
Rare: Pidgeotto
Holo: Ninetales

Base Booster Pack 4
Common: Caterpie, Onix, Ponyta, Voltorb, Bill
Uncommon: Farfetch'd, Haunter, Nidorino, Seel
Rare: Pidgeotto, Devolution Spray, Item Finder

Base Booster Pack 4
Common: Bulbasaur, Diglett, Squirtle, Weedle, Water Energy
Uncommon: Magmar, Energy Retrieval, Full Heal, Pokémon Flute
Rare: Devolution Spray, Pokémon Breeder
Holo: Poliwrath

*Trade Commenced*

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