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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
That time once again where the snow snows and the bells jingle and the pressies unwrap.

from me everyone gets one Blueberry Slushie

Brain Freeze (Ice)
The user emits thin ice type waves from it's mouth, the crystal effect floating towards the opponent, entering through any open pores in their skin. After one round the ice crystals start to attack the brain of the opponent, causing minor damage (the same amount that a confusion would hit). While the crystals attack the brain, the effect of brain freeze makes the opponent have a 10% chance of forgetting the move that was ordered last.
Contest Type (Beauty)
Contest Effect: Makes the last Pokemon to appeal lose <3 <3 <3 appeal points

Hope everyone has a good day.
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Tis the season to be jolly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-laaaa!
I hope you enjoy these special gifts from me this holiday season.

A Christmas Pokéball that has magical properties associated with some Pokémon.
This Christmas Candy will give two levels to Ice Type Pokémon, but one level to any other Pokémon. If banked, is worth the equivalent of a regular rare candy.
This Cranberry Juice will give your Pokémon an intelligence boost, helping them to learn an Egg or MT move not yet learned.
This Super Pass will reward you with a few little perks in FB's shops on Monday.
This Trading Card Palace Pass will allow you to choose any cards you like to the value of 75,000 coins from any of the currently available Booster Packs and Theme Decks on offer.
When squished, this Magical Snorunt Plushie will reward you with 5,000 coins before reverting to a regular plushie that you may use to decorate your base.

Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful day!

The Christmas Candy, Cranberry Juice, Passes, and magical effects of the Snorunt Plushie, all expire on 30th December 2013 so be sure to use them on or before that date.
All items bar the Pokéball are non-tradeable.
Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Santa Claus is coming to town, but that doesn't mean you can't have a few gifts from me. Merry X-mas Everyone!

This sweet and succulent Cranberry will raise your Pokémon's level by 2. (Expires December 30 2013)

1 x Heart Scale

Glitter Bauble (Filled with 2 Big Pearls)

A choice of either a Nevermeltice OR an Icy Rock


A choice of one of these special plushies to snuggle with on a cold winter night.
Delibird Plushie ~ Gives a present which, once opened, showers your Pokémon in a mist of ice and snow, teaching them the move Blizzard. Once used, it will revert into a regular plushie.
Lapras Plushie ~ When squeezed by your Pokémon it will teach them Ice Beam. Once used, it will revert into a regular plushie.
Red Nosed Stantler Plushie ~ Just like Rudolf. Have a Pokemon squeeze it and it will somehow bestow that Pokemon with the knowledge to use the move Flash! Once used, it will revert into a regular plushie.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
"Welcome to my Christmas song. I'd like to thank you for the year. So I'm sending you this Christmas card. To say it's nice to have you here."

It soon comes around before you know it. Its Chriiiiisttmmasss!!!
Now I know there are a lot of good boys and girls out there and here at Fizzy Bubbles we have been checking our lists not once, but twice.
We have gifts for everyone to enjoy at this special time of year so go ahead and open them!

My gift to you is to re-introduce you to our Fizzy Bubbles Bakery, welcome! Here we’ve been hard at work cooking up some classic Christmas Treats for you all to enjoy this festive season. There is a limited number of treats however so you may choose TWO of the range to take home and eat. Would you like to look at our menu?

Christmas Delights Menu

Traditional Rum-Infused Christmas Pudding
(Raises one Pokemon by 3 Levels)
Gingerbread Man
(Raises all Contest Stats of one Pokemon by +20)
Cinamon Cupcakes
(Raises I.Q of one Pokemon by 10)
Chocolate Orange Dome Cake
(Allows one Pokemon to relearn 4 moves/learn 4 new Egg Moves)
Cognac Mince Pies
(Allows one Pokemon to learn 4 MT Moves)
White Chocolate Yule Log
(Teaches TM Hail and TM Frost Breath to one Pokemon that is compatible)

As an added gift for being such a valued customer we gift you all with these :
Chocolate Coins (worth 5,000 coins when cashed in).

~Bon Appetite~

[All these treats expire on 15/01/14 so eat them whilst they're fresh]

And I shall conclude with my favourite Christmas Song:

"Snow is falling, all around me,
People splaying, having fun,
'Tis the season, of love and understanding,
Merry Christmas Everyone"
Collecting the following items:
x1 Blueberry Slushie that teaches Brain Freeze
x1 Christmas Pokéball
x1 Christmas Candy
x1 Cranberry Juice
x1 Super Pass
x1 Trading Card Palace Pass
x1 Magical Snorunt Plushie
x1 Cranberry
x1 Heart Scale
x1 Glitter Bauble
x1 Nevermeltice
x1 Lapras Plushie
x1 Cinnamon Cupcakes
x1 Cognac Mince Pies
x1 Chocolate Coins worth 5,000 coins
As for immediate uses ...Thanks very much! Merry Christmas!
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