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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Confirmed for Single Level pickup
Charm: Lv.34 Growlithe and Lv.34 Houndour
Itza: Lv.10 Aron and Lv. 8 Dratini
JJ: Lv.51 Larvesta and Lv.24 Poliwag
Pest: Lv.15 Combee and Lv.11 Lopunny
Schala: Lv.59 Shroomish and Lv.20 Joltik
SKF: Lv. 2 Timburr and Lv.27 Shadow Zangoose
Shadow: Lv.11 Unown-F and Lv.13 Absol
Talon: Lv. 9 Petilil and Lv. 9 Karrablast
Treep: Lv.30 Lileep and Lv. 7 Shieldon

Each of your Pokémon will have gained one level at the end of the week.
Please remember to pick up and drop off at the proper time. Thanks!

If you think I've goofed, get in touch. Thanks!
Picking up my Level 10 Petilil and my Level 10 Karrablast. Thanks.

Petilil grew to Level 10! Petilil learned Sleep Powder!

Dropping off my Level 3 male Eevee and my Level 3 female Eevee along with this Double Daycare Pass for double levels this week. Thanks.
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