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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Christmas Lottery Results
Ticket #49 lilbluecorsola - Wins 1 candy

Scratchcard Results (Many thanks to Arnie for his Scratchcards)
lilbluecorsola - x2 Heart Scales

Santa's Super Starter Slot Results
lilbluecorsola (5,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Charmander - Squirlte - Mudkip (0)
Spin #02: Torchic - Treecko - Torchic (10000)
Spin #03: Cyndaquil - Treecko - Bulbasaur (0)
Spin #04: Cyndaquil - Chikorita - Mudkip (0)
Spin #05: Chikorita - Chikorita - Chikorita (50000)
Total Win: 60,000 coins

Berry Mania Slot Machine Results
lilbluecorsola (5,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Ganlon - Magost - Kelpsy (0)
Spin #02: Passho - Ganlon - Kelpsy (0)
Spin #03: Passho - Kelpsy - Watmel (0)
Spin #04: Ganlon - Oran - Oran (10000) + Oran Berry
Spin #05: Magost - Liechi - Watmel (0)
Total Win: 10,000 coins + Oran Berry

Roulette Results
lilbluecorsola (2,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Green Wynaut (30000)
Spin #02: Green Pichu (6000)
Spin #03: Blue Pichu (0)
Spin #04: Orange Togepi (0)
Spin #05: Red Azurill (30000)
Total Win: 66,000 coins

lilbluecosola: You’ve already purchased Monthly Stockpile tickets for the next draw, so *refunding 900 coins* Also, the Memory Berry teaches two Egg Moves.
Yikes. I've made more mistakes, haven't I? I think it's a good idea to get rid of the Stockpile and Fantasy Five; they seem to cause more trouble and confusion than they're worth. ^^; Sorry about that.

*bops self for forgetting what a Memory Berry does* Am I still allowed to use it then to teach another move to the Pokémon I used it on? I did the same thing here and here. Can I still use those as well?

If so:

Feeding a half-eaten Memory Berry to Piplup to teach her EM HYDRO PUMP.
Feeding a half-eaten Memory Berry to Lapras to teach her EM DRAGON DANCE.
Feeding a half-eaten Memory Berry to Lapras to teach her EM ANCIENTPOWER.

On to the Casino... Picking up 1x Rare Candy, 2x Heart Scales, 1x Oran Berry, & 136900x Coins.

Betting 5000x Coins on the Roulette, 1000 per spin:

1) Green Azurill
2) Violet Azurill
3) Orange Pichu
4) Yellow Wynaut
5) Red Togepi

Taking 131900x Coins to the Exchange.

Thank you very much for organizing the Casino special event, Tessie. Sorry to hear about your roast chicken. =(

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