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Originally Posted by Pest View Post
Trading my Lv.1 Female Snover to Electric Blue Eye for 1 candy. Take good care of her!

*Trade started*

"-I never knew Shuckle berries were so good for the skin-"


"-It's time to play!!"

(Audience members): "Who's that Pokemon?!-"


Inside his room, as the sun was casting a health afternoon glow, a young trainer was laying in bed flipping through the channels of his TV, bored out of his mind. Until he finally just decided to leave the channel on a news station.

"-Thank you Jenna for that segment on Pokémon Dreams, now let's hand it over to August Storm for the weather, August?"

"Thank you Howard. If you are near or on the volcanic mountain, enjoy that nice summer weather while it lasts because a strong cold front seems to be headed your way. Having cause of a Snow Warning to go into effect. Though not abnormal this time of year, the area is. Local scientists have yet to pin point the reason as to the cause but blame global warming-"

"Pfft- snow," the trainer scuffed, turning the TV off as he lay in bed finding reason to cover himself more in blankets, shivering "Why is it so cold" he muttered out loud not noticing the puff of hot air coming out of his mouth. "Jumango must have put the AC on cold again." He whined, "Its cuz his always hot."

It became so cold for the trainer to endure that he finally decided to get up and change the thermostat. Struggling to get up the boy managed to stand despite the lack of exercise his body got in the last two weeks due to him being in an almost comatose state, having only woken a few days prior. Grabbing hold of a cane his Ghastly had left behind to aid him, Ethan with a blanket secured around him like a jacket walked out of his room wearing only a T and shorts.

In the hallway he saw multiple of stockings hung with care. Each one with the names of his teammates printed on. As well as his own and one of his lost Pokemon, Adam...

Walking down further he passed by the playroom where he found his Kangaskhan was cradling her new born in one arm while Caleb, his Teddirusa was being held in the other. As she sung softly to them both, as they were being rocked to sleep.

Past that room he reached the room where all his Pokémon tended to sleep, coming to find Jaws, now a Gabite was having a friendly sparing match with Mr.T. Though the difference in power was obvious the Gabite threw a match or two as to give the young Scraggy a little confidence boost. Something Ethan thought was unneeded…

To the right, in the study he saw Diego, now a Jellicent was reading a few books Ethan had bought him about old myths, along the wall were the two plates he was able to get for his old friend. To aid the old Pokemon in finding the secrets of the world.

Arriving in the kitchen he saw Chris, his Snivy was grabbing some milk with one vine and holding a bag of cookies with the other before setting himself down to eat while Jumango, the Munchlax was sleeping on the floor with bags upon bags of chips, cookies and treats laid scattered around him.

He passed through the living room where an elegant sparkling tree was placed, presents all around it, where he found James was scorning a green blob, a Solosis the trainer had caught a while back, for trying to get an early peek of the presents.

Having finally reached the AC near the front of the base the trainer noticed that it hadn't been touched. "50 degrees!?," that’s when he remembered what the news report had said, walking down the stairs of his base, the trainer opened the trunk of the tree and what he had found was in fact snow, with his blanket over his back, the trainer let one of his hands out and got some falling snow. "Amazing!" the trainer exclaimed. "But how?" that’s when he heard it, *sniff* *sniff*

"Sniffling?" the trainer inquired soon following the sound and walking down the hill, the sounds of sniffing getting closer and closer until the young man reached the end of the path but instead of his feet meeting the warm sand he met a lushes white beach covered in cold snow.

When he looked around he found in the middle of the stretch of land was a Snover with her back turned, seating down looking over the horizon.

"I knew it," the boy said starling the Pokémon, who got up and turned around, "You're the one whose causing this." the Snover having thought the trainer was a danger quickly blew an Powder Snow toward him, barely able to endure it Ethan slipped and fell backwards, the snow cushioning his fall. Coughing the boy got up "Hey! what’s the big idea-" noticing only now that scorch marks covering the Pokemon the boy stopped middle sentence. "You’re injured," the boy said in a softer tone. "I can help." hesitating the Snover backed up a bit getting closer to the beach, "I have a base-" the boy motioned slowly inching closer to the creature, "It's not far, I have many Pokémon I have come to find in my travels, most becoming my friends. If you don't believe me I can just go grab some medicine to cure you-"

The Snover winced from the pain, and was doing everything it could to keep conscious, until finally, she collapsed on the ground, the last thing the Pokémon saw was the trainer running toward her.


Inside the base the Snover woke up covered in bandages. With only one more scorch mark showing on side of her stomach.

"-this is going to sting." The boy said, before sparing a Burn Heal on the wound.


"Told you. There, all done." Placing one final band aid on the patient.

When the Snover stood she felt like she was good as new. Happily dancing in front of the sparkling tree.

The trainer smiled, something he hadn't done since his Sableye had run away. But he became concerned about what might happen if this Pokémon were to go on its own again. "It’s dangerous out there-" he began to say as this grabbed the Snover's attention. "If you want, you can stay with us."

The Snover thought for a moment but couldn't quite decide, it seemed like she was ready to say "sno" when Ethan said, "If you are worried about covering us in snow, you don't have to, it seems like it only happens when you are in a frighten state. Heaven forbid if you were angry haha,"


"What do you say? "

"Sno.." she said as though complementing her decision but at last said "Sno!"

"That's great!" the trainer said, "We should think of a nickname for you, hmmm" he thought for a moment, "How about I call you..Snow?"


"Welcome to the team Snow!"

OoC: Trading 1 candy to Pest for her Snover, thanks!

--Trade Closed—

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