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Leviathan manages to make the jump out of the water to use his last energy to Tackle Ponoma, but unlike the last time Ponoma is ready for it and intercepts the attack with an attack of her own. She runs into the Magikarp using her Take Down, the collision of the two Pokémon cause Leviathan to be knocked back, he just doesn't have the energy and power anymore to fight though the Ivysaurs attack.

Now laying down on ground Leviathan can't do much more than Splashing around like a fish out of water. His mind is going in all directions, but most of all he is angry, angry at himself, angry for being so weak. He wants to evolve, he needs to evolve, he fought as hard as he could to reach his limits and break them, but all it has brought him is pain. The physical pain is not even the worst, it the mental pain, the pain of knowing that giving it your all wasn't enough, that fighting as hard as you possibly could wasn't hard enough. Again he lets out a loud scream and Splashed even harder. "I MUST evolve!" but it is of no avail.

And then something happens, something snaps. He doesn't care anymore, he'll be a weak pathetic Magikarp, he'll just lay quietly on the ground and just die that way right here. He just doesn't care about anything anymore. And just like that a bright white/blue light engulfs Leviathan. Slowly he starts to grow, gaining several meters in length and a few big fins on his back. Then, when the light fades away, Leviathan is no longer the puny red Magikarp, but a massive blue Gyarados.

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