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IQ/Shadow Confirmations on 12/11/2013

Espeon with 6 IQ points
Poochyena with 6 IQ points.
Girafarig with 4 IQ points.
Umbreon with 1 IQ point.
Purrloin with 1 IQ point.
(In the future, remember that you only use Gummis in this thread, the only exception being the FB Calendar. Thanks!)

Swinub with 53 IQ points. (Gummi Bomb confirmed)
Pineco with 11 IQ points.
(I was a bit confused when you said "three mysterious and brown gummis" and was raising Swinub's IQ by 6, but when I clicked the link it was really 3 Brown Gummis and 3 Mysterious Gummis, same idea with "three brown and mysterious gummis". Please be clearer with your Gummi usage in the future. Thanks!)

Gemini Spark:
Sneasel with 22 IQ points.
Seviper with 9 IQ points.
Nuzleaf with 1 IQ point.
Electrike with 1 IQ point.
Turtwig with 1 IQ point.
Taillow with 4 IQ points.
Espeon with 4 IQ points.
Shuppet with 9 IQ points.
Lanturn with 2 IQ point.
Dunsparce with 1 IQ point.
Kirlia with 23 IQ points.
Purrloin with 1 IQ point.
Numel (Camilla) with 1 IQ point.
Numel with 1 IQ point.
Bulbasaur with 1 IQ point.
Mareep with 1 IQ point.
Magby with 1 IQ point.
Ponyta with 1 IQ point.
Torchic with 1 IQ point.
Arbok♂ with 2 IQ points.
Arbok♀ with 1 IQ point.
Houndour with 1 IQ point.
Mightyena with 2 IQ points.
Trapinch with 1 IQ point.
Skarmory with 2 IQ points.
Whirlipede with 1 IQ point.
Druddigon with 2 IQ points.
Bagon with 1 IQ point.

Shuppet with 53 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions and Gummi Bomb confirmed)
Pignite with 3 IQ points.
Pidove with 19 IQ points.

Treepandaone: Rhyperior with 37 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions confirmed)

Spiritomb with 5 IQ points.
Vanillite with 26 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions confirmed)
Uxie with 29 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions confirmed)
Charmeleon with 27 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions confirmed)
Lillipup with 18 IQ points.
Steelix with 2 IQ points.
Smeargle with 20 IQ points. (15% chance of avoiding status conditions confirmed)

Missingno. Master:
Weedle with 100 IQ points. (5% boost to STAB, ability to catch 2nd stage Pokemon while in battle, and Defensive Shield confirmed)
Ariados with 1 IQ point.
Toxicroak with 1 IQ point.
Umbreon with 1 IQ point.
Beedrill with 1 IQ point.
Venomoth with 1 IQ point.
Vileplume with 1 IQ point.
Swoobat with 1 IQ point.
Skuntank with 1 IQ point.
Seviper with 1 IQ point.
Tauros with 1 IQ point.
Crobat with 1 IQ point.
Ivysaur with 1 IQ point.
Torkoal with 1 IQ point.
Grimer with 2 IQ points.
Carnivine with 1 IQ point.
Foongus with 1 IQ point.
Arbok with 1 IQ point.
Axew with 1 IQ point.
Stunfisk with 1 IQ point.
Timburr with 1 IQ point.
Houndour with 1 IQ point.
Mightyena with 1 IQ point.
Makuhita with 1 IQ point.
Skorupi with 1 IQ point.
Scolipede with 1 IQ point.
Gulpin with 1 IQ point.
Banette with 1 IQ point.
Shuppet with 1 IQ point.
Dusclops with 1 IQ point.
Gastly with 1 IQ point.
Qwilfish♂ with 1 IQ point.
Qwilfish♀ with 1 IQ point.
Weezing with 1 IQ point.
Koffing♀ with 1 IQ point.
Koffing♂ with 1 IQ point.

Tyoyo: Shuckle with 39 IQ points.

Wurmple with 1 IQ point.
Meowth with 1 IQ point.
Weedle with 1 IQ point.
Corphish with 1 IQ point.

Combusken with 35 IQ points.
Trapinch with 7 IQ points.
Swellow with 8 IQ points.

Marion Ette:
Nincada with 49 IQ points. (Gummi Bomb confirmed)
Shadow Drilbur with 1 purification point and starts with Shadow Wave and Shadow Down.

Shuppet with 36 IQ points.
Lopunny with 13 IQ points.
Graveler with 7 IQ points.

Tangrowth with 8 IQ points.
Pidgeot with 3 IQ points.
Nidoking with 6 IQ points.
Scizor with 2 IQ points.

Cyndaquil with 18 IQ points.
Aron with 3 IQ points.
Bagon with 2 IQ points.
Blitzle with 1 IQ point.
Misdreavus with 9 IQ points.
Swablu with 9 IQ points.
Chinchou with 6 IQ points.
Houndour with 10 IQ points.
Trapinch with 3 IQ points.
(You've linked to here for two sets of three Mysterious Gummis for Cyndaquil when there's only one set of three Mysterious Gummis there, so three of those Gummis don't count. Same thing goes for Swablu, that same post was linked to for 3 White Gummis and 3 Sky Gummis when there was only three Sky Gummis, so three of the five White Gummis given to Swablu don't count. The same post was also linked to for three of Trapinch's Brown Gummis when there aren't any there, so those three don't count. Sorry!)

Electric Blue Eye:
Gastly with 100 IQ points. (15% chance to avoid status conditions, Gummi Bomb, 5% boost to STAB, ability to catch 2nd stage Pokemon while in battle, and Defensive Shield confirmed)
Shadow Ledyba now knows Shadow Panic and Shadow Half.
(The first six gummis for Gastly's IQ should have been posted here instead of them being linked to as Gastly's last IQ gain, meaning it would have been better if you said Gastly started out at 0 IQ, you used the 6 gummis to put his IQ from 0 to 6, then gone from there. It's all fine otherwise, just please be more careful of this in the future. Thanks!)

Skitty (Kitty) with 21 IQ points. (15% chance to avoid status conditions confirmed)
Luxio with 2 IQ points.
Seel with 1 IQ point.
Gible with 4 IQ points.
Igglybuff with 1 IQ point.
Paras with 6 IQ points.
Tangela with 1 IQ point.
Snover with 4 IQ points.
Cacnea with 1 IQ point.
Sentret with 1 IQ point.
Skitty (Katherine) with 1 IQ point.
Lileep with 1 IQ point.
Sunkern with 1 IQ point.
Deerling with 1 IQ point.
Shroomish with 1 IQ point.
Oddish with 5 IQ points.

Uhhhhh: Shadow Elgyem with 3 1/2 purification points and now knows Shadow Sky.

PikaGod: Permanent Shadow Chimecho and permanent Shadow Ledyba confirmed.

Empoleon Dynamite: (The link for the Mysterious Gummi is linking to Shadow Ludicolo's last IQ gain. If you can please repost with the correct link to your Mysterious Gummi I can confirm this for you next update. Thanks!)

Allishinca: Sableye with 69 IQ points. (5% boost to STAB confirmed)

MarbleZone: Beldum with 37 IQ Points.

Sandile with 1 IQ point.
Shiny Smoochum with 10 IQ points.
Drifblim with 11 IQ points.
Gallade with 23 IQ points. (15% chance to avoid status conditions confirmed.)
Yamask with 11 IQ points. (The link I saw said Yamask's IQ was 1, so these ten gummis put her IQ at 11.)
Duskull with 10 IQ points. (I followed the links back through Duskull's IQ gains, and the link where Duskull supposedly had 10 points was actually where he only had 1. With the three other links I followed through, that puts his IQ at 4, then the six Purple Gummis you used on him recently puts his IQ at 10.)
Sableye with 50 IQ points.
Haunter with 10 IQ points.
Shiny Weezing with 9 IQ points.
Zubat with 13 IQ points.
Shadow Wigglytuff with 12 IQ points.
Ursaring with 22 IQ points. (15% chance to avoid status conditions confirmed; The link you gave said Ursaring's IQ was at 14, so these 8 gummis put her IQ at 22.)
Golett with 10 IQ points.
Axew with 5 IQ points. (The link you gave said Axew's IQ was at 3, so these two gummis put her IQ at 5.)
Cubone with 4 IQ points.
Onix with 5 IQ points.
Numel with 6 IQ points.
Umbreon with 3 IQ points. (The link you gave said Umbreon's IQ was 2, so this gummi puts his IQ at 3.)
Jolteon with 8 IQ points.
Spiritomb with 31 IQ points.
Kadabra with 14 IQ points.
Shadow Tropius now knows Shadow Mist.
(The link to what's supposed to be Shedinja's last IQ gain is linking to Sandile's instead. If you can please repost with the correct link I can confirm the Green Gummi usage next update. Also, see my note at the bottom; I wouldn't have even seen Sandile's IQ gain, much less confirm it, if it wasn't accidentally linked to here. Same thing with your Jolteon; if her IQ gain wasn't linked to for Umbreon's IQ gain, it wouldn't have been confirmed here. Thanks!)


Well, by approval of the mods, I have been given ownership of the IQ/Shadow shop, so all your IQ needs, your corrupted souls that need purifying or... ahem, "depurifying" or other further corruption, and even your Halloween voodoo freedom is now in my hands, assuming you want any of these services in the first place. Anyway, this is my first update for this thread, so let me know if you see anything that might be off!

Remember to link to THIS post when linking to your last IQ gain in future posts if the IQ gains were confirmed here; if the last IQ gain was confirmed in a past post in this thread, then use that. Also, I would like everyone from now on to explicitly state here any Gummis used in the FB Calendar thread if you're not already doing so; I saw a lot of them linked as the Pokemon's last IQ gain when they weren't the last IQ gain confirmed here, so it'd help me a lot if you recorded Calendar Gummis clearly so I'm not so confused when I do confirmations. Thanks, and go crazy, especially with any Shadow Pokemon you have~
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