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Originally Posted by Escalion View Post
Trading my 1 Rare Candy to Sneezey for his Dwebble.

*Trade Started*

A Dark bird looks at the screen of his computer. The figures suggest that the rumors he heard are true. Rumors that no one ever investigated on. But he doesn't matter, he did the research himself and the fruits of it will all be his too. Now the only question remains, how to get what I want without anyone noticing?

The research continues and soon his eyes glimmer in the darkness under his fedora. He has it all figured out now. What he needs is a hole, small enough to be easily hidden away, but big enough to get that what he wants through. And to make that hole he needs something small that can cut through a thick layer or rock. Good thing Rowan won't notice it if currency would go mysteriously missing. And with that the Dark bird flies off to complete an arranged trade all by himself.
Trading lv.1 male Dwebble to Escalion for 1x Rare Candy.

*Trade Closed*
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