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Helena confirms to Fae that everything will will be alright in the end before the Shuppet takes a moment to ask Keith to release his Dusclops which he does. The Dusclops then walks towards Fae, greeting Ruby in the process, and introduces himself to her as Peeves. Fae looks at the Pokémon in front of her and isn't too sure what to think of him. Her first thought is that he looks funny, not that he is not scary looking, but he looks scary in a funny way.

"Hihi," she giggles, "I'm Fae yes, nice to meet you too Peeves. And you're not that scary at all, I think you look a bit silly too." For a moment the Wurmples expression changes to shock, realizing what she just said, "Ow I'm so sorry, I don't mean to offend you. It's just that your face looks funny. I'm so sorry!" But then she giggles again and says to Helena, "Thanks Helena, I think this might actually work. You know, I think Ghosts will always scare me when they are scary or scaring me, but I think if I can keep this up I will not be scared of Ghosts anymore just because they're Ghosts."

Leviathan is happy to hear that Ponoma is willing to help him battle, "Thanks a bunch Ponoma, you're great! Though embarrassment isn't far away either when the Magikarp realizes he will not be able to go anywhere as long as he is stuck in this bowl, and walking on land is not something he has mastered either. "Uhm, could you use your vines then or something to take me to the lake? I can't go anywhere from here unless someone takes me. It's a really short walk, open the door of the base with the lever near the entrance, follow the small path to the road and from there you will see the lake already. Just throw me in there and give me all you got. No need to worry about my safety, I need to be pushed over my limits if I want to become as powerful as that Steelix and evolve."
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