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Fae giggled as she talked with Ruby, clearly pleased to meet the Houndour. She then addressed Helena, stating her approval of the plan to bring out Peeves. Before Helena could do anything, however, the Silcoon's eyes went blank as she remarked that being in the silk cocoon was a bit strange, almost like when she was in the Egg and got so frightened to begin with. However, after that, she was back to normal, asking them whether everything would be alright in the end.

"I'm sure everything will be fine in the end," smiled Helena. "Just a moment." She then floated over to Keith. "Hey, little brother," Helena said to him, "Do you think maybe you could bring out Peeves, so Fae can meet him?"

"Sure thing," Keith grinned, as he tossed yet another Poké Ball into the air. This one unleashed a Dusclops into the room, who looked around before spotting Helena.

"Hi, Peeves," smiled Helena. "I want you to meet a friend of mine- her name's Fae, she's a Silcoon. The thing is," she added in a whisper, "She's a little scared of ghosts, I've been helping her with that, but I think you would be a big help, you know?"

Peeves nodded understandingly, then walked over to where Fae and Ruby were. "Hi, Peeves!" yapped Ruby happily, the Houndour jumping up and licking the Dusclops. Peeves chuckled at this.

"Hey, Ruby," the Dusclops replied. "OK, easy, easy. And hello," he added, turning to face the Silcoon. "You must be Fae, am I right? My name's Peeves, it's nice to meet you."

Leviathan, with a bit of embarrassment, demonstrated that his only moves were Splash and Tackle, before asking whether it would be sufficient to help him get good battle experience and evolve. "It's entirely possible," Hermione responded. "It's generally accepted that more attacks give you more of an advantage in battle, but there's still something to be said for working with what you have."

The Magikarp then asked Pomona if she would battle him, and not hold back, claiming that he wanted to feel like he was in a real battle, like when Melittin and Behemoth had their battle. For a moment, Pomona was a little concerned, worried that she might overpower the Magikarp far too easily... Then again, it was clear that Leviathan really wanted to experience a good battle, so she'd be doing him an injustice by denying him that chance, wouldn't she?

"Alright, let's do it," grinned Pomona. "And yeah, the lake sounds like a great idea- you'll be able to battle at your best in the water, after all, won't you?"

Laptop responded "No" to Scorpius's question, but demonstrated a Night Slash all the same. Ariden observed that that was probably not what he had wanted to see. "Yeah, if I know Scorpius, he was probably asking to see a Cross Poison attack," Keith stated. "He can't wait to learn that one, though in the meantime, he does well enough with Poison Tail. Then again, Night Slash is practically his favorite move..."

Indeed, Scorpius was practically hopping up and down in excitement after seeing Laptop's Night Slash. "Awesome! Awesome!! Awesome!!!" the Skorupi screeched. "That Night Slash was amazing! I can do Night Slash too, you know, I wanna show you-"

At that point, however, Ariden seemed to get something on his smartphone, oddly enough, from his Whiscash, aptly named Smartphone. He gave some sort of explanation as to why this was possible, though Keith wasn't sure if he was being totally honest. Before he could do anything about it, though, Smartphone unleashed Mud Bomb to cover their exit.

"Well," Keith remarked. "That was different."

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