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"Hihi, thank you Ruby, my name is Fae," she giggles, "Happy to get to know you." Even though the Silcoon was now in conversation with Ruby, she did hear Helena, "Oh, thank you Helena, it would be nice if you could ask yes. I think if I will meet more Ghosts I will be less scared. And this silk cocoon makes me feel a lot saver already too."

Fae then stops for a moment and just looks in front of her, her expression blank. "You know, being inside her feels a bit strange too. Almost like when I was in my egg and got so scared in the first place."

"Luckily everything will be alright in the end, won't it?" Fae looks at both Helena and Ruby, her eyes friendly as always.

After Leviathan expressed his feelings about his preferred method of evolution Hermione explained that battling is the way to go, after which she asks what attacks the Magikarp knows.

"Uhm," Leviathan is a bit embarrassed by his move pool, "I can hop around like this." He demonstratively leaps out of his bowl, flips around in mid air and lands in the bowl again, "And I can also use Tackle yes." The Magikarp knocks himself into the bowl to proof that he can tackle, "Would that be enough to get some battle experience and evolve?"

Leviathan is silent for a moment, swims around his bowl and suddenly asks, "Ponoma, will you battle me? And don't hold back, hit me with all your power! I want to feel like I'm in a real battle, just like the battle between Steelix and Beedrill that we watched. We could battle right here, or we could go outside, when I came here I saw that there is a lake close by. And who knows, maybe the Dragon's Gate is around there too if battling doesn't get me to evolve."

Elsewhere in the base Rowan continued his talk with Rayzen about rocks and ore. The miner told him that is not the miner he once but, traded that in for more versatility, and that his knowledge may be a bit rusty. Rowan just smiles and listens to Rayzen's anecdote. "See, your mind is still full of facts, and if you would be challenged to dig a bit deeper into your knowledge about mining I am sure you will still be able to access all the academic knowledge you have."

Rowan then just watches how Keith goes around with Rayzen's Drapion, an opportunity Rowan passed up on being not sure if it would be save for someone with no noticeable experience with Poison-types. What happens after that however feels strange to Rowan, a Whishcash called Smartphone being able to contact his trainer on his smartphone. But when Rayzen explains how that is possible Rowan doesn't think too much of it. Since his arrival in Fizzytopia he has seen more strange things happen and he was sure that this was just another one. But with that Rayzen says his goodbye and he is gone as mysteriously as he appeared.

And as Rayzen leaves, Jake walks towards them. "Hello Jake," Rowan greets the young trainer with a smile, "Long time no see, not since we met back in the bar I believe. What brings you here? And would you like something to drink?"
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