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Laptop received a pet on its head, and watched the specialist trainer that was petting him. The drapion then stabbed the ground gently with its claws twice. Rayzen rubbed his goatee dumbfoundedly, then looked at Keith, "I do not know what that means, yet. It means, I am a mechanical contraption, and therefore I'm cold-hearted like a machine, and you should all buy more energy-saving laptops. ... Nah, I'm just kidding." He alluded that he needed to spend more time with his drapion, especially now that it had gained a slot on his dream team, twice in a row of team updates.

Upon seeing Keith sent out Scorpius, Rayzen seemed to have forgotten about it, "I hatched a skorupi before? Hmmm, well, I don't keep track of what I hatch from the egg house, so it's natural for me to forget and not pay much attention, unless it's something I really want to keep at that time. Or, you could also say that nature was giving me a hint that I would like to have a skorupi in the future." Laptop was next to Scorpius, and nudged the tail of the skorupi. It was probably a little interested in Scorpius, even up until it was asked to perform a move.

Laptop attempted to draw signs on the floor again, to which Rayzen tried to read it for everyone, 'No'. "No? Uh, I guess that means Laptop can't do it. But wait, I think he wants to show you something nonetheless!" The drapion moved back a step, crossed its arms, then unleashed a black aura shaped like a large X towards the air across the room, before it fades away. Trainers could feel that the ground beneath moved like waves of water for the brief moment when the skill was performed. "Night slash. I didn't think you wanted to see that," Rayzen pointed out.

Rayzen's smartphone flashed red and beeped. He watched his item for a moment, before putting it back into his pocket. "Yup, guys, that means I'm going to leave now. That was Smartphone calling." There was a whiscash parked outside of the crystal cavern, who then promptly waded its way into the room. It blinked, and Rayzen's smartphone beeped once again. This unusual interaction and behaviour had been anticipated by Rayzen, who then thought of the idea to introduce it to other trainers here - via a diversion.

"Uh, there was a rumour, somewhere, which says that my whiscash accidently swallowed one of the electronics used for military communication. I can actually receive signals on my smartphone, which apparently means that my whiscash vaguely knows how to produce signals to get my attention. Incidentally, I have an app which can display it as colours and beeps I suppose, but it's sketchy," Rayzen tried to weasel an explanation out. Maybe others would believe him?

The smartphone beeped twice, flashing red. Rayzen waved to the others, "Bye for now, Rowan, Keith, and uh, Jake? Call me when there's something fun next time. Now stand back, guys. You might need to wear your goggles or close your eyes for this. Smartphone, use Mud Bomb." The whiscash launched a mud bomb into the air, which then dropped to create a small explosion of dust on the ground. For a moment, sand grains were flying around the room. When the other trainers could see again, Rayzen was no longer there, and neither was Laptop nor Smartphone.

*Rayzen has left the base*
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