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Melittin's face fell, albeit only slightly, as Lalu misinterpreted the deeper meaning of what he was saying, believing him to only love her as a friend, especially as she mentioned how glad she was that they could say they loved each other as friends without immediately thinking weird thoughts. Would she really think the idea that weird? Still, however, if they were fated to never go any further than best friends, then the Beedrill supposed he would be OK with it, though his feelings would most certainly persist nevertheless (and the kiss Lalu had just given him made him blush even more).

At that moment, however, Lalu interrupted Melittin's train of thought by drawing attention to whatever had entered the kitchen. The Beedrill looked, and was fairly surprised to see a Torkoal charging towards the chocolate sculpture- HIS chocolate sculpture!

"A Torkoal?!" the Beedrill buzzed. "Can't be my trainer's, Shelley's never moved this fast in her life. Whoever it is, though, it's going for the chocolate," he added, as he set up a Reflect between the chocolate and the Torkoal, hoping that would be sufficient to keep him out. "There," he panted- using the move so soon after his big battle had worn him out somewhat. "That Reflect ought to do it."

Helena smiled as Fae stated that she knew that Myrtle hadn't intended to scare her, but was in fact glad that she had done so, citing the incident as the reason behind her evolution. Her smile was broadened even further as the Silcoon began to consider that she just might overcome her fears after all. "I really hope you can," Helena said. "In fact, if you want, I can ask Keith to bring out his Dus-clops- Peeves actually helped a friend of his get over her fear of ghosts last year."

At that moment, however, Fae turned to face the Houndour, and addressed her, asking her name and introducing herself. "My name's Ruby," the Houndour yapped, happy to have someone to talk to. "Hey, hey, and congratulations on evolving!" she added, her tail wagging.

Meanwhile, Ariden encouraged Keith to touch the Drapion, reassuring him that the Poison/Dark-type was not that poisonous. "Oh, you misunderstand," Keith smiled, as he approached Laptop and petted him on the head. "It's not poison I was concerned about. No, I was just waiting to see whether Laptop would have any problems with me getting so close, y'know? Didn't want to make him uncomfortable." Indeed, Keith was showing no apprehension around the Drapion whatsoever. "Such an awesome Pokémon," Keith remarked. Then, he took a Poké Ball off his belt. "Actually," he added, "I'm thinking the Skorupi you traded me might want to see what he'll evolve into someday." And he tossed the ball into the air. "Come on out, Scorpius!" Keith exclaimed.

In a flash of light, the ball opened up, and a feisty-looking Skorupi materialized on the floor. Upon spotting Ariden, his eyes lit up with recognition, and he happily waved his stingers in greeting. Then, his eyes fell on the Drapion, and promptly widened in awe. "Whooooaaaah!" Scorpius exclaimed. "You're a Drapion!! Wow, awesome, that's what I'll look like when I evolve!! Hey, hey, hi, I'm Scorpius! We should have a battle!" he declared, assuming a combative stance, which did not escape Keith's notice.

"Scorpius," Keith said sternly, "This is neither the time nor the place. Besides which, just the fact that Laptop here is a Drapion means he outlevels you massively. You wouldn't stand a chance and you know it. Now, once you've evolved into a Drapion, then maybe we can set something up."

"Eheheh, OK, then," Scorpius nodded, before turning to face his evolved form once more. "Wow, Laptop, you're so cool! Hey, hey, can you use Cross Poison yet? I'd love to see that move!!!"

Leviathan asked Hermione how trainers could evolve their Magikarp without ever reaching the Dragon's Gate. "Well," the Weedle responded, "it has to do with how high the Magikarp's power level is- that's the increments in which a Pokédex indicates any given Pokémon's strength. When a Pokémon is born, its power level is at one, and it can get as high as 100 over the course of their life. For instance, my power level right about now is at three, whereas Pomona's is roughly 26. Now, from what I've read, a Magikarp can evolve once its power level reaches 20. And just looking at you, I can tell you can't be too far from that point. My thinking is, if you get some experience in battles, it might be enough to help you evolve."

"Ooh, yeah, battling's a great way for a Pokémon to get stronger," agreed Pomona. As the Magikarp asked whether he could count on her to help him out, the Ivysaur nodded. "You bet," she replied. "I'll help any way I can!"

"Leviathan, what attacks can you use?" Hermione asked. "My guess would be you've learned how to use Tackle by this point, at the very least?"

Meanwhile, Jake entered the Base and sent out a bunch of his Pokémon- a few of them were ones Keith hadn't seen yet, such as his Magnemite and Voltorb. Also, it became apparent that his Bellsprout had evolved into Weepinbell. Another one of the Pokémon he had brought along was Botch, his Grimer. Keith grinned at the sight of the pile of living sludge. "Hey, Botch," Keith called to the Grimer, while holding up a Rocket Ball. "I know someone who's been dying to see you lately. Strychnine, come on out!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball into the air. The sphere split open, unleashing Strychnine into the room. The Muk looked around the room, her eyes lighting up as she spotted Botch.

"Hi, Botch!" Strychnine greeted him happily. "Hey, check it out, I evolved! What do you think?" she asked happily, and not once had it occurred to her that he might not be happy to see her in this form- not once in any conversation they ever had was Strychnine made aware of Botch's fear of Muk.

Jake then approached Keith, asking him what was up. "I could ask the same of you," Keith replied. "I mean, the rumors I've heard... But anyway, I'm fine, how about you?"

"Hey," came a voice from behind Jake- it was Cyanide, Keith's Umbreon, and she was looking right up at Jake. "I don't suppose it'd be possible for you to bring out another Pokémon, hmm? And I think we both know which one I'm talking about," she added, with a significant look in her eyes- indeed, just by looking at Cyanide's face, even though he couldn't understand Umbreon language, Keith was pretty sure his Umbreon was asking about her boyfriend- Pom, Jake's Ambipom.

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