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While Melittin was expressing his love for Lalu, the deeper intention of it went over the Roggenrola's head, as did any sign of vulnerability, partially due to Lalu being unable to see Melittin blush.

"Hi hi, thank you Mel, I'm happy to be your best friend too," she replies, And I'm happy we can just say we love each other as friends without immediately thinking weird things. Thanks for all that Mel." And with that Lalu jumps up to give Mel a quick kiss on his red cheek.

At the same time Lalu picks up on a rapidly approaching sound with her sensitive hearing. "Hey Mel, do you hear what I hear? Something is coming," she says while she turns to the entrance of the living area.

On the floor, the newly evolved Fae took some time to get used to her new form. Being a Silcoon now she isn't nearly as mobile as she was as a Wurmple and the time Helena takes to talk with Keith is just what she needs. Helena then apologizes to her for Myrtle's action but Fae isn't really bothered by the action of the Banette.

"It's okay Helena, I know Myrtle didn't intend to scare me, but to be honest I'm happy it happens. I feel much more comfortable now with this thick silk cocoon around me. Maybe I will succeed in getting over my fears after all!" She then makes a small turn with a hop and looks at the Houndour that is still standing next to her. "Hello there, how are you? I believe we haven't met before, my name is Fae, what is yours?"

After hearing what Ponoma and Hermione had to say about evolving into Gyarados he still isn't very convinced about what the right way to proceed should be. And so he turns to the Weedle.

"Hermione, you said that what this book depicts is a myth, and you said that other trainers have no problem evolving their Magikarp into Gyarados. Do you know how they do that? I have no problem jumping over the Dragon's Gate, but I don't know where to look, so if it's not too difficult I think I prefer to go your route first." Leviathan is worried he might not evolve anytime soon at all, while his mind is set on evolving within a week, he fears that Hermione's method may be more complicated than just jumping over a gate while he also fears it may take too long to even find a Dragon's Gate to jump over before his personally set deadline.

The Magikarp then turns around in his bowl again and looks at Ponoma. "Hey Ponoma, his voice still worried, "Whatever will get me to evolve as soon as possible, can I count on you to help me? I'm helpless in this bowl but I'm even more helpless outside of it. I cannot do this alone."

OOC: Sorry for the shortness of the stories and sorry for not including all of them.
My time is limited and inspiration low, and I want to focus what I have on a few of my Pokémon that I plan to evolve within the next few weeks.

I'll pick up on the other stories soon!
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