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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
On the first day of Christmas Boss Man Arnie gave to thee
A pretty festive coin case holding lotsa money.

On the second day of Christmas a lovely Angel gave to thee
A tasty little treat to help level up your pogeys.

On the third day of Christmas a battle expert gave to thee
A seasonal ball for catching Pokémon where it's cold and snowy.

On the fourth day of Christmas Tessie gave to thee
A precious little Heart Scale that she fished up from the sea.

On the fifth day of Christmas Arnie gave to thee
Two pretty little pressies to put under your Christmas Tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas Arc Angel gave to thee
A Blizzard teaching Bonbon that will make your foe chilly.

On the seventh day of Christmas SM gave to thee
The Sacred Ash of Ho-oh to revive your fainted team.

On the eighth day of Christmas Tessa gave to thee
An adorable little
Lapras Card that'll make your heart fuzzy.

Picking up a Lapras card, thanks Tess.
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