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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Well no, common sense comes into play here. If you don't see or sense something, how can you mimic it?

Before you say 'but it says last move used!', no. This is how Mimic has always worked and again, common sense. If you can think of a reason for a Pokémon to copy an attack that it's never seen, you can try to convince me.
There are two faulty parts with your argument. First is the weak definition of "Senses" for the Staryu SC which I would like a citation to where it was previously ruled to it only a "sonar" effect rather than a painting of what is around it based on its "senses".

Second, there is a written statement to how mimic should work as "what the opponent used last", and it was not clearly defined as to what "the user last sees". Which one takes precedence what is written or what is "common sense"?
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