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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading my Level 1 male Paras with Cut, Strength, and Rock Smash (links provided below):
Species: Paras (M) Level 1
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on July 9, 2013
Type: Grass/Bug
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Scratch, Cut, Flash, Rock Smash
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: -- Cool: -- Beauty: -- Tough: -- Cute: --
Beauty Points: --
IQ: --
Bio: none currently
Trophies: none currently
to DaveTheFishGuy in exchange for 2 Rare Candies.

*Trade Begun*
At least he didn't keep that Zubat. Otherwise he'd have Pokémon coming out of his ears. That's what he told himself anyway as he stepped into the Cable Club. But once an idea had taken root in his head, he could hardly ever shake it. Recognising the trainer with whom he had an appointment, he stepped up to the machine to place a couple of Candies on his end. A familiar flash later, and there was the expected PokéBall. Dave picked up the sphere and turned, nodding to Cyrus in thanks. He'd received Shawn from him only recently, and here he was again to take on another Pokémon that no-one else seemed to want. Shame, really.

Heading outside into the cool evening air, the fisherman tapped the device's release button, allowing its occupant out for some air. A small, crab-like insect materialised before him, a pair of mushrooms adorning its back as it glanced around, claws raised for possible defensive measures. Sensing nothing was amiss, it lowered its weapons, only to spin around at a sudden "Hi!". Dave chuckled, kneeling down before the Bug-type. "It's ok Paras, don't fret. I'm Dave, your new trainer." The cicada took a moment to think, slowly lowering his claws again and scuttling forward. "It's nice to meet you, I'm sure we're gonna get along just fi--"

At that, another burst of light escaped from his belt, the pink energy announcing that it was his Heal Ball that had opened. Another orange, clawed, crab-like arthropod appeared, this one residing within a rocky shell. Detritus pointed his claws defensively toward the newcomer, who responded in kind, both Bug-types quickly establishing a stand-off. "Guys! Chill, there's no enemies here." Dave said, attempting to calm them down. "We're all on the same side." After another few moments, both creatures lowered their claws, reaching an uneasy truce. "Good. Paras, this is Detritus, one of your new teammates." 'Though I hope the rest of them won't react like that.' he thought to himself. What had caused that? Paras lived in forests, Dwebble lived in the desert, why would there be conflict? No time to dwell on it now. "Right, let's make a move. Welcome to the team, Cuddy." he finalised, recalling both Pokémon into their PokéBalls and setting off toward camp. Why couldn't he just get Pokémon who would get along...


Trading 2 Rare Candies to Talon for his Lv. 1 Male Paras with Cut, Flash and Rock Smash. Thanks man, he's in good hands, sorry for the wait.

--Trade Closed--
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