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>tfw Mirror Force
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Rest (PS) -- The user settles down and goes to sleep in order to regain energy and a fast rate. The user will sleep for half a minute at most, sometimes carrying into another round, and at most, this move will restore roughly the same amount of energy required for Hyper Beam. No health is gained, but there is also no automatic Critical Hit for being struck while asleep. Light, cumulative damage, such as wrap from smaller Pokémon, and some forms of Draining (Giga Drain) will probably not wake the sleeper, although it’s possible. Waking up will ALWAYS stop the energy restoration. If a Pokémon is angry when it goes to sleep, less energy might be gained due to restlessness, but said Pokémon might be calmed by the refreshing nap. Both at referee's discretion. Rest can only be used once per battle.
Are we going to bring back 10 second Focus Punch and Synthesis too? This is one of the most retarded attack descriptions I've seen and makes Rest about 100 times worse then it was before. Plus, it contradicts the next clause.

Can we please abolish this?
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