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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading my Level 6 female Foongus with the following moves and stats:
Species: Foongus (F) Level 6
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on May 7, 2013
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Absorb, Seed Bomb, Round, Growth, Endure, Synthesis
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
Beauty Points: --
IQ: 1
Bio: none yet given
Trophies: none currently
to Tyoyo3131 in exchange for his Level 3 female Misdreavus with Curse, Nasty Plot, and Screech. Apologies to Yuuko and Reiko for not including the full RP in this post. I'll provide what I have managed to write up so far.

[awesome RP stuff]

The rest is on the way but will have to either be edited in here at a later date with permission or else posted in a Visionary Glade post. Sorry, girls! But thank you very much, Tyoyo, for allowing me to spend the girls' birthday with them together at last. Thanks for your fathomless patience T_T, and I hope you and Zoey have many wonderful adventures together.

*Trade Begun*
Sending Reiko, the level 3 F Misdreavus (Screech, Nasty Plot, and Curse included here) off in exchange for Zoey the Foongus, details above. Thanks Talon~!

*trade closed*
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