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Trading my Level 6 female Foongus with the following moves and stats:
Species: Foongus (F) Level 6
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on May 7, 2013
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Absorb, Seed Bomb, Round, Growth, Endure, Synthesis
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
Beauty Points: --
IQ: 1
Bio: none yet given
Trophies: none currently
to Tyoyo3131 in exchange for his Level 3 female Misdreavus with Curse, Nasty Plot, and Screech. Apologies to Yuuko and Reiko for not including the full RP in this post. I'll provide what I have managed to write up so far.

"Master, wake up!"
Cyrus rolled over onto his right shoulder. Just five more minutes, he thought. Suddenly he felt something cold but gentle brushing up against his nose and eyes. Opening them ...

... he saw two great, red and yellow eyes staring into his. And in that instant his mind transitioned from sleep to awake, as so often happens, and he remembered exactly what was going on. This was no time for further sleep.

"Sorry, Yuuko," Cyrus apologized, standing and stretching an arm up towards the sky. It was still only just after sunrise. The trees around them cast long shadows over the ground, the sun still hovering low above the horizon. It breathed some of its amber warmth into Cyrus's body. Soon, he was wide awake. "We're almost there," he said, turning to the Misdreavus behind him, flashing her a knowing smile. Yuuko smiled back, a quiet murmur of affirmation on her lips.

* * *

The young man was sitting on a log, poking at some mushrooms in a skillet roasting on an open fire. Nearby was a small reddish-orange bird, a Torchic, silently looking up at the trainer's face. Sitting on Cyrus's lap, legs sprawled out as if to say "You can't get up -- I'm too comfy here" was a Chikorita, her eyes shut, her leaf swirling about with swift gentleness like a cat's tail. And flitting above overhead was the Misdreavus, Yuuko, who seemed eager for Cyrus to act. But right now was time for breakfast, and the Misdreavus understood this. Leaning forward once again to poke at the mushrooms, Cyrus placed the stick down, leaned back, and picked up the Chikorita. He wouldn't be able to lean forward without squishing her in between his stomach and his thighs. As she sleepily protested being removed from his warm lap and placed on the chilly ground, wet with dew-stained autumn leaves, a small noise came from the other side of the campfire. Looking over the red and yellow flames, Cyrus saw his little charge. She was small in stature, her skin a cream color. She had two small, jet black eyes, a pink piggy nose, and wore a PokéBall-patterned cap atop her head. Well, perhaps "wore" isn't quite the right word: the cap was much a part of her as any other, the same as your own hand or leg. She gently rocked back and forth atop the log she sat on, her eyes fixed squarely on the human who sat opposite her.

"We'll be heading off straight after breakfast," he spoke. But his eyes conveyed much more to the little Foongus. He gave a kind, knowing look that said, "Don't worry. I'm sure your trainer is there waiting for us." The little Foongus blinked silently in response to Cyrus's words and gaze, gently rocking back and forth on the log. Fifteen seconds passed in silence. Then --

"Okay, guys. Breakfast is served."

The young man began poked the mushrooms one last time, took the skillet off the fire, and began to ready it for several plates.

* * *

Several months ago, while trekking through a dense forest, Cyrus had come upon a little Foongus. Communicating to Cyrus through art drawn on the forest floor, the little Foongus conveyed that she had become separated from her trainer and subsequently lost in the woods, unable to find him. Cyrus offered to help the Foongus find him, but when that didn't work after a couple of hours, he suggested a new plan. "How about you come with me for now? We'll go to the nearest town and try to get a hold of your trainer through the police. They should be able to help." After thinking about it in silence for several seconds, the tiny mushroom Pokémon agreed with Cyrus and accompanied him out of the forest.

When they reached town, the authorities did not indicate having received any information yet on a missing Pokémon. Cyrus figured that he must have exited the forest from the opposite side as the Foongus's trainer. He decided to wait around for the trainer ... but unfortunately, an unexpected calamity struck nearby which roped Cyrus and all of his Pokémon into a death-defying adventure ... but that story's for another time.

At the end of that harrowing experience, Cyrus found himself hundreds of miles away from where they started. He had kept in contact with the authorities, however, and he had learned that whilst he had been on that impromptu adventure without any reception, the police had been approached by a young male trainer who reported a missing Foongus.

The rest is on the way but will have to either be edited in here at a later date with permission or else posted in a Visionary Glade post. Sorry, girls! But thank you very much, Tyoyo, for allowing me to spend the girls' birthday with them together at last. Thanks for your fathomless patience T_T, and I hope you and Zoey have many wonderful adventures together.

*Trade Begun*
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