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Adventure Island - Please reply in burlywood

Pearl's Perap and Empoleon Dynamite
With the thought of adventure overriding any other thought the two of you might have had, Zak is first to lead the way where the signs point to the Drinking Spot, Luxio sniffing his way keenly along the path. Realising that he's being left behind, Wes quickly calls after his newfound acquaintance before rushing forward with Piplup. Soon enough the two of you are walking side by side, silently taking in the awesome atmosphere of the primeval forests. Loud chirpings are heard as giant dragonfly creatures scream overhead while quadruped animals with thick, shield-like heads leisurely feed on the foliage. Bundles of lianas seem to move about the undergrowth with what look like giant mushrooms, and every now and then a herd of humongous, tusked beasts walk by, sending quakes through the ground. Amazed at the sight of such creatures, the two of you take out your PokéDex and begin scanning for information on the magnificent range of wildlife, most of which you've only read about in books, mentioning them as long extinct. "Yanmega. Shieldon. Tangrowth. Parasect. Donphan. Mamoswine." Quite literally, there's nowhere to look where something isn't already happening, but the two of you remain on the course to the desired destination.

Upon reaching the watering hole, both of you can't help but stop in awed wonder. Where the rainforests were impressive, the Drinking Spot has proven itself to be simply beautiful -- a giant lake with waterfall cascading from the height of a full-grown Steelix, forming a rainbow against the diamond-dust spray. The rest of the lake is incredibly pristine, with some of the local Pokémon gathered at the edges to lap at the clear water, and on the few rocks that jut out from the surface various colonies of Water Pokémon, such as Kingler and Cloyster, while once in a while some Seaking and Whiscash leap up from the water before diving back in. Some Phanpy frolic about the shallow bits of coast, spraying jets of water at each other, overseen by a Donphan that looks on lovingly.

By the time you recover from the shock of awesomeness, Chama and Luxio have already ran forward to partake in the joys of the watering hole. Chama jumps into the nearest bit of water, splashing happily with her short wings, while Luxio lays down next to the water's edge and samples some of the water, an appreciative smile growing on his face. It doesn't take long for you to run to your Pokémon, fully intent on joining in the fun, noting both the pleasant ambience and humid temperatures. However, just as you reach the damp coast, a series of violent bubbling starts to appear near the waterfall where the water is deepest, and before either of you understands what might be happening a deafening screech breaks the water surface, followed by a tremendous spiked, spiral creature, sending water spraying everywhere in a most brutal fashion. Chama and Luxio both yelp in utter terror, quickly springing up to hide behind your legs, and likewise you stare in sheer horror. What surprises you about the Omastar isn't the fact that it should be extinct, but the fact that it's as big as an armoured tank. Opening its beak-like mouth, it emits another terrible shriek, and at this the local Pokémon start fleeing for their lives -- the fish desperately start swimming for the shallow waters, the crustaceans and molluscs try jumping in the water and the drinking Pokémon attempt to make for the forests. Screeching louder than ever, the giant Omastar soon proves much faster and stronger than its imminent prey, suddenly shooting its six minor tendrils, which are thick as palm trees, catching unfortunate quarries like a gourmand sampling from a buffet. All too quickly it smashes a captured Crawdaunt against its killer fangs before swallowing the poor lobster in a single gulp, sickening crunches filling the air as the ammonite's mouth makes short work of the shell armour. Meanwhile the remaining victims continue to cry out in fear and pain: one of the Phanpy that had been part of the playing group, a Poliwhirl that was perching on a rock, an Aerodactyl that had simply passed by on air, and a Shelgon and Tangela that had been drinking. Unless something is done, it's certain that they'll be a part of Omastar's six-course appetiser...

Wes and Zac continued their expedition, en route to the glorious Drinking Spot. The humidity of the tropics proved an ideal habitat for Pokémon Wes had never seen before. The boy glanced in both amazement and apprehension as a colony of large Yanmega buzzed passed, only to notice a small herd of Sheildon feasting on the shrubbery. He headed to the ancient group, clutching one of the Fast Balls, only to be dumbstruck by a bundle of vines that could only be that of a Tangrowth. Turning his attention to the Tangrowth, a group of Parasect scurried out of the buttress roots – almost sending the adolescent of his feet! He clambered down to the little Mushroom-backed Pokémon, still fixatedly clutching the quick ball. Suddenly, herds of Donphan and Mamoswine trampled past - the sight of such Pokemon was breathtaking. Wes’ heart was pounding as her shot his Pokedex from creature to creature - he’d never seen such atypical Pokémon. Judging by the mass amount of species, the trainer’s instincts told him they were only moments away from the tropical lagoon.

Catching up to Zac, he turned his attention to the awe-inspiring lake. The noise of the gushing waterfall was more than enough to convince Chama, who didn’t hesitate to dive straight in. Wes made sure to keep a close eye on the baby penguin, all the while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Moving closer to the damp lake-shore, he gave Piplup a content grin of approval as she splashed about innocently. However, this grin abruptly turned into an expression of concern as the deafening noise of bubbling sullened the moment. Upon looking across the wide lake – he saw with panic what emerged to be a ten foot snail-like Pokémon. In sheer panic, the boy abruptly pulled out his Snowball and aimed it at the little penguin – the red beam engulfing and swallowing her.

“Err... Zak?!” he said apprehensively, “I dunno much about Fossil Pokémon – but isn’t that snail a tad... Big!?” the petrified trainer stumbled away from the mere as the sea monster screeched horrendously. He could only watch in terror as the squid-like monster wrapped unfortunate Pokémon in its trunk-like tentacles, ripping them apart in its enormous, beak-like mouth. Seeing a Crawdaunt, similar to his Corphish, being ingested with little effort brought a chill down the adolescent’s spine. Even a mighty Aerodactyl fell victim to the tentacle’s embrace. How such a large creature had come to exist was a mystery to him, he did know he wanted his Pokémon to have nothing to do with such a massacre. Wes tried his best to flee from the lake-side, but his legs had stopped carrying him. Stumbling to the ground, he tried his best to reach for his Pokeballs.

Meanwhile, Zac was orchestrating a bold plan of action, sending two of his Pokémon at the colossal beast. Why would he risk having his Pokemon killed? The boy couldn’t help ponder on this. Zac must have been exceptionally valiant to stand up to the creature on its killing spree. He knew what he had to do. Grasping hold of two of his Pokeballs, Wes chucked them nonchalantly – both cracking open to reveal Totodile and Teddiursa, each eying up the Sea Beast. They both gave Wes a pensive look, showing they where ready for orders.

“You two are the toughest Pokemon on my team, but against this monster... We don’t stand a chance without strategy...” he paused for a moment – staring intently at the giant Ormastar, “Teddiursa, I want you to Bulk Up your Muscles, which should increase the range and power of the Seed Bomb attack I want you to use”. Wes then turned his attention to the small Croc, who was still waiting intently for his orders, “Use Water Gun, then shift things up a gear with Hydro Pump – aim for the shell. And both of you: keep your attacks long range”. The two fighters nodded at their trainer, but Wes could still see that taking down the mighty squid would be no walk in the park...

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