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No, you misunderstood; I'm asking if, while under the effects of Guard Swap, each pokemon would think that it's weak to what the other is weak to: For example, if a Girafarig used it on a Scyther, would Scyther think itself weak to bug, ghost, and dark, and Girafarig think itself weak to flying, fire, ice, electric, and 4x weak to rock? And by the same token, would Girafarig consider itself resistant to what Scyther resists and Scyther think itself resistant to what Girafarig resists? (Though that's sliiiightly less important due to the "However, it does not mean that Pokémon can continue to fight even after they’ve taken sufficient real damage to knock them out." clause).

Normally I'd assume no because it's kinda a big deal, but... The move does use massive energy.
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