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So I'm asking this because the description doesn't say otherwise and it sounds like it could make the move... Interesting.

Guard Swap (PS) -- The user consumes a massive amount of energy to attempt to establish a direct functioning link between its mind and the target. Connection time varies based on the complexity of the target’s mind and the cognitive capacity of the user. If the user is disturbed during connection time, the move fails. Once the connection is made, the user expends further energy in order to make both the user and the target feel as though they have the attack absorbing capabilities of their counterpart. As a result, both affected Pokémon will feel like they are taking blows in the same fashion as their counterpart would. This can result in Pokémon fainting before they’ve taken sufficient damage to do so because they feel that there is no way that they could continue to battle. However, it does not mean that Pokémon can continue to fight even after they’ve taken sufficient real damage to knock them out. If either Pokémon is knocked out, or the user’s mind becomes confused or clouded, the attack ends and the user becomes aware of their own state again.
Does this include type effectiveness? Like, would each pokemon feel like they're weak/resistant to what the other pokemon is weak/resistant to?
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