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The round begins with EmeraldGoblin selecting his final champion, the Staryu Tahno. Tahno wastes no time in attacking it's opponent, sending a stream of Scalding water at Vigoroth. Vigoroth releases a chillingly Icy Wind from his mouth, but the temperature of the Scald attack simply cuts right through the attempt, the water connecting with Vigoroth's chest and leaving a noticeable burn. Tahno instantly capitalises on this, lancing a Brine attack at Vigoroth, which connects directly with the burned area, irritating it further and compounding the damage. Vigoroth, infuriated by this, charges towards Tahno and slams his fist into the starfish, the Mega Punch managing to knock Tahno a few feet away from Vigoroth. The round ends with Vigoroth shuddering somewhat, the Toxic clearly taking effect.

Vigoroth did not enjoy that round at all, and is now below the two thirds mark. Tahno is still fresh, but Vigoroth looks to be tiring.
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