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''Can we take a break yet?'' Jake asked.
At the paticular moment, the young trainer found himself walking on a trail with his friend Sophie, and though they had only been walking for an hour , Jake felt like he was about to collapse.

''No, not yet, we should almost be there.'' Sophie replied.

''I don't see why we had to go here anyway, I just participated in a contest, and had a little fight with Sprout.'' Jake said.

''It's not the point, we are supposed to be on the run, hiding, not going out to public areas and make ourselves known, besides, if we stand any chance, we need to get stronger'' Sophie explained.

''Isn't there a better way?'' Jake asked.

''It's the best way I know'' Sophie replied.

''Never knew training your pokemon involved having to walk on a trail for an hour'' Jake grumbled

''Training doesn't involve just your pokemon, the best trainers train themselves as well''

''But why do I-'' Jake stopped talking as there destination came into view.

It was a large field of grass, with a couple of maple leaf trees, there was also a river that had cut through the middle of the field and a small wooden bridge to cross to the other side. The river was quite high thanks to the rain the area had, had over the past few days.

''It's a bit marshy, but this will be a great place to train.'' Sophie said.

''What do you have planned for this training?'' Jake asked, not knowing what to expect after what Sophie had said.

''A pokemon battle of course, how about a 1 vs 1 with two pokemon each?'' Sophie asked.

''Sounds good to me'' Jake replied.

''Alright, three, two, one, go!'' Sophie exclaimed.

Jake quickly grabbed a pokeball from his belt.
''Sprout, it's your time to shine!'' Jake said before throwing the pokeball into the air, sending out the Weepinbell

''Alright, Chikara, I choose you!'' Sophie said before sending out the Gurdurr.

''Sprout, start with a Cut attack then follow up with Wrap!'' Jake commanded.

''Chikara, counter with a Fire Punch, then use Pound.

Immediately, Sprout lunged at Chikara, however before Sprout cold slash at the Gurdurr, she was hit with a punch enveloped in fire.

Sprout skidded back a few inches but quickly charged at Chikara.
Chikara then attempted to Pound the incoming Weepinbell with it's steel beam.

However, just as the Gurdurr was about to hit Sprout, Sprout bounced over Chikara and wrapped him up from behind with her vines.

''Chikara, use Ice Punch to try and break out of Sprout's grip, if you get out, then use Fire Punch!'' Sophie commanded.

''Sprout, keep your grip firm and use Sleep Power, then use Vine Whip!''

Chikara started to charge his fist in ice, but before he could use the attack, the Gurdurr had falken asleep from the powder Sprout had released. Sprout then let go of Chikara before smacking the muscular pokemon with her vines.

''Chikara return!'' Sophie said, before a red light absorbed Chikara back into it's pokeball.

''Sprout, you also return!'' Jake said before returning the Weepinbell into her pokeball.

''Not bad Jake, you definitely have improved since last time we battled, but I'm not about to give, up!'' Sophie said.

''You've also improved quite a bit'' Jake replied before grabbing another pokeball.

''Alright, Willbert, you're up next!'' Jake said, before sending out the Snow Hat pokemon

''Snorunt, Snorunt!'' Willbert chanted as he did a little jig.

''Ampharos Thunder!'' A gruff voice commanded.

A wicked lightning bolt shot through the air, hitting Willbert, and sending him flying through the air.

''What the hell was that for?!'' Jake demanded.

The man laughed. ''Looks like we found you, now just come with us and we won't have to hurt you!'' The man yelled.

''We aren't going to let them take us in, I have a feeling we have another battle ahead of us.'' Sophie whispered.

''We aren't moving!'' Jake yelled.

''Fine then, Shelly, help me take care of these kids!'' The man demanded.

From the brush came a women. She was quite tall, and had silky black hair.

Beside her was a fierce looking Houndoom.

''So, you are the two runaways huh?'' The women asked.

Jake and Sophie were both silent.

''I don't need an answer, the money I'm going to get from this is enough satisfaction for me.''

"I'll take Houndoom, you take Ampharos" Jake whispered to Sophie.

"Alright, Lucky, it's your time to shine!" Jake said before sending out the Chinchou.

Lucky took one look at the people around him before shrieking.

"Leave me alone!"

Lucky then hid behind Jake's leg, cowering in fear.

"Come on Lucky, I need you, can you please battle?" Jake pleaded.

Lucky shook his head, refusing to move from where he was.

"Your pokemon won't even listen to you, pathetic!" The man exclaimed.

"Oh well, it only makes our jobs easier, Houndoom, Flamethrower!" Shelly commanded

A intense stream of fire shot out at Jake, almost burning him to a crisp.

"Pom let's go!" Jake said, sending out the Ambipom.

Pom use Swift, then follow with a Mega Punch!

With a swish of Pom's two tails, a stream of stars shot out and assaulted the Dark Pokemon. Then Pom charged at Houndoom before slugging it with muscle packed power.

"Houndoom, use Fire Blast, then use Dark Pulse!" Shelly command.

"Pom counter Fire Blast with a Gunk Shot, then use Brick Break!" Jake commanded before looking over at how Sophie was doing.

She was using her Lucario, and seemed to be winning.

Wait, no he had to pay attention to the battle he was in!

He turned around just to see Pom's Gunk Shot overpower Houndoom's Fire Blast, hitting the Houndoom and poisoning it.

Pom then chopped at Houndoom, resulting in a critical hit.

Houndoom then tried to retaliate with a Dark Pulse, but Pom easily avoided the attack.

"You think your winning huh?" Shelly asked.

Jake didn't respond to her question.

"This hasn't even started, you don't know what you've gotten yourself into, Houndoom now!" Shelly exclaimed before holding up a small stone that had all the colors of a rainbow.

Suddenly, a intense ball of light surrounded Houndoom, and when it faded, the Houndoom was much taller, and had a forked tail. It's horns were now up straight and it had a bone like structure on it's chest with two large spikes on each side.

Jake was stunned, he hadn't seen anything like it before, Jake quickly took out his pokedex.

"No data currently available" The pokedex droned.

"This must be one of those new pokemon, but how did she know about this, the public shouldn't know about this, unless..." Jake thought.

"Jake, we have a problem!" Sophie called.

Jake looked over to find that the Ampharos had also changed.

It now had white wool coming from it's head and tail, with many red orbs, it's horns had also grown slightly longer and the gem on it's head had also grown.

"Jake, I think it would be best if we run!" Sophie exclaimed before running off in to the shrub.

"Alright, let's go!" Jake said before dashing off towards the bridge.

"Oh no you don't, Houndoom, use Fire Blast!" Shelly commanded.

Suddenly, Willbert jumped up from where he was and started to roll, faster and faster and faster before Rolling into the incoming Fire Blast from the Houndoom.

However, due to the big level gap, the Fire Blast easily over powered Willbert, causing him to crash into the mud.

"Ampharos, Dragon Pulse!" Shelly's partner commanded.

The shock wave missed Jake and his pokemon, but it hit the unstable cliff, sending Jake and Willbert into the river, while also fainting Pom and knocking out Jake.

Lucky looked around frantically, before looking at his trainer and Willbert, slowly going out of view.

"I'll save you!" Lucky called before diving into the river to save his trainer, and get away from everyone else.

"Well, they both got away, there goes our money" Shelly said.

"No it's not, look!" The man said.

There on the bank were several pokeballs, all containing pokemon.

"Looks like our target left some of their pokemon behind, the boss will be pleased with this!" Shelly said before going over to the bank and scanning the pokeballs with a small device.

"Joltik, Corphish, Nuzleaf, Plusle, Trapinch, Shuppet and this pokeball should be the Ambipom's." Shelly said.

"Looks like we got quite the haul" The man said before laughing.

"Should we go find the girl?" Shelly asked.

"Not now, this is enough." The man said.

And with that the two left, very satisfied with what they had accomplished.

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