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Originally Posted by kaisap112 View Post
Trading Lv. 1 male Clamperl to DaveTheFishGuy for 1 Rare Candy. Polish him regularly!

*Trade Started!*
Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading a Level 1 male Whismur to DaveTheFishGuy in exchange for 1 Rare Candy.

*Trade Begun*
He'd made it three weeks. He was hatching an egg the next day. And yet here he was to trade for not one, but two Pokémon. Dave stepped into the Cable Club, holding the door open for a few moments so that his companion could follow in. Gytha floated through the entryway, landing delicately on her trainer's shoulder, preferring to ride when indoors as opposed to floating free on the breeze outside. Looking around, he spotted his various trading partners and stepped up to the machine. First up was a regular customer of his, Noriko placing her PokéBall on the panel while Dave did likewise with a Candy. Previously she'd given him Rhys and Twoflower, and now she was doing him another service.

Picking up his new device, he pocketed it for later and placed his second Candy on the panel. His next trade was with Cyrus, a trainer he'd not had much to do with previously, but he'd seen an advert for another Pokémon up for grabs and from what he could tell, no-one else was interested in it. Not wanting to see a poor critter go lonely, he'd made an offer and here he was. Another flash of light and another PokéBall, which he also pocketed. Those done, he went to turn away, only for his PokéGear to beep in his pocket as a text message came through. Someone else had responded to his trade offer, and he watched as a strange girl burst into the building, ran up to the counter and placed a strange item atop it. Knowing not much was needed in exchange, the fisherman reached into his pack and dropped a single Berry atop it. Another flash, and he picked up the large, tooth-like item. Just what he'd need.

Stepping outside, he reached for the first PokéBall and tapped it, releasing one of his new Pokémon. The light burst out, coalescing into the form of a closed shell. Kneeling down, Dave stared at the sealed creature, and when nothing happened he lightly knocked on the shell. It opened a crack before going the whole way, revealing its innards. A small, pink blob smiled outward, a quizzical look in its eye. "Hello! How's it going Clamperl?" he asked, wondering whether the outer case would snap shut or not. Fortunately, it didn't, and the curious creature nodded in return. Dave smiled. Clamperl were something of an enigma, armoured creatures that sat on the seafloor but could evolve into one of two fish Pokémon adapted for the deep sea. Most interesting. Fumbling with his Pocket, he produced the item he'd snatched from the trade machine. A relic of the deep that he'd located by chance in another trainer's inventory. The shellfish eyed it, trying to suppress its excitement and present only curiosity. "You won't need this juuuust yet, but I might as well let you hang onto it until you do. What do you think?" he muttered. The mollusc hopped forward, inspecting the item. Suddenly, with another hop, the shell closed around the Deep Sea Tooth and sucked it inside. Dave recoiled, snatching his hand back as Clamperl opened up once more, the item now sitting within his mantle, a smirk on his features. A grin broke out on Dave's own visage. "I see, well played. Welcome to the team Moist, try to settle in, eh?"

One introduction done, he recalled the conniving Water-type and withdrew his second new PokéBall. Another tap and flash of light, and another small creature appeared before him, this one more pink and bipedal rather than blue and bivalve. The critter looked nervous, anxiously watching him with strange, cross-shaped eyes, looking ready to flee at any moment. Dave tried smiling, kneeling down in front of the Whismur. "Hey lil' fella! It's oka--" at that point he had to stop as he got a face-full of the Normal-type's signature trait, it's huge mouth having burst open with a cry of distress. Though the siren-like wail, he recalled data he'd read about the species, said to cry as loud as a jet engine when startled - and it looked like this one startled easy. "Whismur, it's alr-- Whismur! WHISMUR!" he tried, but there was no way to make himself audible over the crying infant. Besides, these Pokémon had the Ability to entirely ignore sound at their choosing. Great in battle, not so great when trying to get one to calm down. In desperation, he looked to his shoulder. Gytha smiled back, twirling her leaves to take to the air, soon hanging before the screaming baby. Not fazed in the slightest before the window-shattering cry, the Hoppip started to twirl, trying to get his attention, but nothing could distract Whismur now. Sighing, the Grass-type turned to plan B. A cloud of green spores and powders emerged from her body, coating the Whisper Pokémon within moments. Slowly, his cry slowed and faded, the Sleep Powder doing its job as he slowly fell to its slumber. His ears closed up as he rolled onto the ground, the only sound now coming from his mouth being a large snore. "Good job, love." the trainer commended, Gytha beaming at him before turning to pat the sleeping creature. "Just a baby for now, but we'll see what he becomes." Dave noted, scooping Whismur up in his arms rather than return him to his Ball. Gytha floated up to land on his shoulder again. "Sleep well, Shawn. I can't wait until that voice is firing the right way." he muttered, starting to stride away, two new friends in tow.


Trading 1 Rare Candy to Kaisap for her Lv. 1 Male Clamperl. I'll get a big tin of turtle-wax for him, don't worry!

--Trade Closed--

Trading 1 Rare Candy to Talon for his Lv. 1 Male Whismur. Thanks man, I'll take good care of the little tyke.

--Trade Closed--

On a TOTALLY UNRELATED NOTE, trading 1 Bluk Berry to Allishinca for her Deep Sea Tooth. Thanks so much lass!

--Trade Opened--
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