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So I just picked up the book after being ''introduced'' to its existence when ADWD game out a year(s?) ago, and my friends' twitters were a buzz about it, and I just got to Tyrion's perspective at the Wall, roughly page 475/1943 (on an e-book). The Raven said ''Fool" ...GRRM's writing, seems very odd to me; and this is from someone who appreciates Tolkien's descriptions.

How GRRM describes things and then forgoes other details, saying they're not important has me looking back a few times, but I'm loving the lore of it, and so much more stuff is happening in the books than the TV series. I also cannot stand Dany. I hate how her chapters are written so far, hopefully her story picks up.

I have to say my favorite character has become Jon Snow. But knowing GRRM logic, I'm afraid of what will happen to him...
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